10 Benefits Of Blogging For Kids

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Blogging is always helpful to all forms of life, and today we are sharing some benefits of blogging for kids. Surprised!! But yes, blogging does help kids in many ways and after reading this post I’m sure some of you will encourage blogging among kids too.

10 Benefits Of Blogging For Kids

Keeping this post small, here are 10 Benefits of Blogging for kids.

Develop and Improve Writing Skills: Blogging is all about writing and the more the children will blog, the more they will practice writing specially reflective and creative topics.

Improve Communication Skills: One of the greatest benefits of blogging is to increase the ability to communicate effectively with others. It enables them to express their thoughts more clearly.

Interact with different peoples and cultures: Blogging has no boundaries and kids meet children with all walks of life and from different parts of the world.

Understand social responsibilities online: It is important for kids to remember impact they have online and the consequences that result from their action. It helps them to learn how to handle the responsibilities.

Explore hobbies and other Interest Areas: With blogging kids will be able to explore a wide range of hobbies and interests online.

Improve Technology Skills: Kids who blog will have an upper hand to participate in the latest technology advancements.

Develop Stepping Stones to a Bright Future: Kids involved in blogging will have skills developed that will help them later in life either related to career or with their overall technology and marketing skills.

Learn How to deal with Comments: When kids learn how to respond to comments, whether positive or negative, it will help them address criticism and problem solve solutions.

Engage in Social Media: Kids will learn to engage in social networks in a different way. Becoming part of communities will again help them in a number of ways.

Develop Social Skills for Life: Children who blog often have more experience developing the social skills necessary to get along with other individuals and groups of people.

There are many small kid bloggers in this blogosphere and you can find them all over. One of the youngest blogger is Betsy Lou aged 6, who blogs in her own blog The Adventures of Betsy Lou.  She started blogging when she was 5 years old. She even have Adsense Ads running on her blog. Here is her first Post. So its time to get your kids into blogging. 🙂 

Reference : Dr Patricia Fioriello

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