The Sweet Steal Technique: Guide to Boost your Blog Traffic

THE sweet steal technique

Finally, I’m back after a long exams break !! 🙂

No matter how good blogger you are, you will still struggle to get traffic to your new blog. Well, I struggled a lot initially !! But after a few experiments I’ve finally managed to crack the code and now I never have to wait for months to start getting search traffic. The technique I will be sharing with you guys in this post can very well double or triple your traffic in a short period of time.

Isn’t it great ?? 

So I call it “The Sweet Steal Technique” !! You’ll understand once you read further 😉

Here are the list of things that you will learn from this post

  • How to increase search traffic on a brand new blog.
  • How to create a traffic base for your blog.
  • How to increase blog traffic 
  • Step by step guide to Sweet Steal technique.
  • And a lot more !!

Umm !! Interested to read further ?? I’m sure you are. (I’m also good in mind reading 😛 )


How to Increase a New Blog Traffic ?


You might have started a blog !! You might have also posted some awesome articles on it !! but you still fail to get search traffic to your blog. 🙁  This happens all the time (okay most of the times ) !! Right ??

The solution to this is to create a base/foundation for your blog.  By Base I mean some articles that are not very much directly related to your target niche or keyword but still of very high searches.

For example, If you have a look into my first posts on this site, you will find articles which are completely off track. You will find posts which are not related to SEO or blogging. I posted articles on “How to get Facebook likes”, “How to invite all to fb page or group”, “List of best funny websites” etc. Such articles started giving me search traffic and its what helped me gain more traffic and confidence (yeah seeing traffic motivates me to write more and more). 

By doing this I made my traffic go to over 200 search clicks daily from first weeks itself and even today these posts work out to be the best.

A lot of questions might be popping out in your head like How to find keywords or topic for such articles? How to get this thing done ?

Read the next part for it !!

Introducing “THE SWEET STEAL TECHNIQUE” – Step by Step Guide

Your competitors are your best friends in helping you boost up your site traffic


Things required: 

  • Ahrefs account (Free accounts works as well) 
  • List of your competitor websites.
  • Common sense 😛 

Follow the steps and see magic.

STEP 1 – Collecting Competitor Website URLs

This starts with making a list of your competitor websites and blogs. While making a list of your competitor blogs, it is advisable not to include very high authority websites. Now there can be multiple ways by which you can find your competitors. Let me dig it for you.

NOTE: If your blog is new, then make a list of competitor blogs that are new as well or those which are not quite popular (though you can include big ones too, but it will not help you every time). This is important and you need to use your brain while making such lists.

1. By networking & following social media. 

Facebook, twitter and other social networks will help you a lot in knowing who your competitor is. If you are in networks with different bloggers on social media, you will very well know about who posts articles under your niche. This thing is quite understandable and does not require more explanation.

2. By searching for your targeted keywords and picking up links of ranked urls. 

If you are working on niches and keywords which are less known to others then it will not be easy to find out competitors using your social media feeds. In that case you can very well use google search. Just search for some keywords that you are ranked for (or that which you want to rank for) and hit the enter button. Make an excel sheet containing all the competitor URLs. Also make sure you don’t add any really big website to your list.

If I want to make a list of competitors for iftiSEO, I will simply search for a keyword that falls under my site category and then make the list of sites that gets ranked. For example, let me search for “How to Increase Adsense Earning” (just a random search term with good amount of searches)

comp analysis - sweet steal technique

The next step will be to make a list of blogs ranking for this keyword. Avoid big blogs or the blogs that rule the niche. So I will be noting the following sites in my excel file:


I avoided shoutmeloud and some other big sites. You can also make use of a metric called DOMAIN AUTHORITY (DA), avoid sites of DA more than 35 (if your DA is in 20s). This will help you exclude some sites that are hard to outrank keeping in mind the fact that our site is new or doesn’t have much authority.

Note: You can also list the big sites if you want to apply the sweet steal technique on your old sites with good traffic after all this technique is mainly to boost traffic. 

3. By using online tools and sites. 

If you don’t want to follow the above two methods then you can try this. Simply use websites that show competitors and note all of them. The drawback of this method is that it will be giving you a lot of extra competitor URLs which will not be helpful to you as soon as you start with the technique.

I personally recommend you to follow step 2 and avoid this. I’ve mentioned this just to let you all know about this method of collecting competitor URLs. 

The different tools/sites that you can use for the same are:

  1. Alexa
  2. SimilarWeb
  3. Spyfu
  4. SimilarPages

Following the above methods, make a list of around 15 competitor URLs (More are better). It’s really easy and hardly takes 15 minutes, so do it carefully and with common sense (yeah).


STEP 2 – The Sweet Steal Begins here 😉


Now once we have the list of our competitors, we will now spy on their keywords they rank for and find out the posts that gives them highest search traffic. (Spying is not at all a blackhat thing)

So how do we do this ?? 😛 Umm, it was kinda complicated before !! but Ahrefs made it damn easy with the new positions explorer. I love this tool !!! 😀

I know what question you have !!! You are probably thinking about the price of it and moreover you are now a little worried since you think will you have to buy it ? 😛 right ?? (mind reading 😛 – or am I really talking to you 😛 )

If you have a paid ahrefs account then its really a plus point, but if you don’t !!! No problem.. The free version will work as well.

So How to start ??

Open up ahrefs positions explorer and the excel file containing the list of your competitor URLs. 😛

ahrefs positions explorer

Enter the first URL from your list and hit enter (The free version gives you only 5 searches daily, so use it carefully). Let me put up my competitor URL in there… ummm, lets put (I asked Kulwant for it)

Sweet Steal technique 1

Lots of data !! Beautiful 😀 . Well, Kulwant is really doing great. Great stats. 😀

So what do we see here,

  • Organic Keywords & Paid Keywords – It’s a good figure to know about your competitor site.
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic – This is never exact, but this gives you an idea of how much traffic a site gets. Put on your blog URL and see how much it shows. This way you will understand how close the data is, and moreover, it will also help you guess the traffic of your competitor blog.
  • Top 10 competitors – A useful info.
  • Graphs & Positions Heatmap – Helps to learn about the competitor in detail. (However, our focus is not on it)
  • Top 5 Organic keyword and pages – This is our focus !!!! Let’s start.


Sweet Steal technique - keyword data

The top 5 organic keywords are the keywords which give your competitor the highest traffic. Volume is the rough estimate of the number of searches that particular exact keyword get. This doesn’t include the partial match keywords. The top 5 pages give you the list of your competitor’s best performing posts.

So with the above data, bloggingcage is ranking #5 on the keyword “buy backlinks” and gets the highest traffic on this post (from the search engine). 

So the next step for you is to make a list of these keywords !! Perform the same search for all the competitor blogs from your list and note down all the top 5 keywords along with volume. (Volume will help you know about the number of searches a keyword gets)

Let me search for some more competitor blogs. 😛 ( I love to know about what my competitor blogs are ranking for). Just have a look at the snaps !!


Sweet Steal technique 6

Sweet Steal technique 3

Sweet Steal technique 7

This way, you can get a list of all your competitor keywords that they get traffic from.

Now since we took only those competitor blogs which are of the same authority as ours, we can easily work on the same keywords and get ranked on page 1 (who knows we might even outrank them – I did many times 😉 )


Step 3 – The Implementation Step

So I can easily note down at least 5 keywords from the above sites. Here are the keywords that I got. 

  • How to start a porn site ( oops 😛 but yes its kW) 
  • Free Websites to Watch Movies online
  • Best blog names (and all variations)
  • Network Marketing quotes (and variations)
  • Freelance writing jobs for beginners
  • LSI keywords

Follow the same process to get your list of keywords. So we have the list of keywords now !! Now what ??

The next step is to start picking keywords one by one and posting articles on it.

So start posting QUALITY (yes, this is a must) articles on all the keywords you have collected. After posting around 5-6 articles, your traffic can be increased to a very good amount. You will see your posts start to rank for the same keywords and with some social signals, content marketing, promotion etc you can even outrank your competitor.

Keep repeating the steps and you can take your site to the next level. Make new competitor lists, this time with more DA and follow the same. 


Quick Tips for the Sweet Steal Technique

I guess you have got the basic idea on how this technique works. Right ?? But as usual, I still have some more tips that can maximize the results.

  • Always collect those URLs that are new or of the same authority as yours. Its because their keywords can be easily ranked by your site as well. (I tested this and will be posting a case study of this where I increased my new blog traffic by upto 80% in just 2 weeks)
  • Make sure that you post quality articles for a selected keyword. On page SEO must be done carefully.
  • This technique will work on all niches and categories.
  • You can also look for keywords ranking in Google UK, France, Canada from the options given beside search button.
  • If you have paid account of ahrefs, then also make use of other features as well (new keywords, organic keywords.) Here is a list of all organic keywords of one of my competitor blog.

organic keywords

By having a paid account, you can get more keywords from a single competitor site. Moreover you can also have a look at your competitors new keywords from the new keyword feature. Here’s how it looks,

new keywords - sweet steal technique

So if you have a premium subscription, you can enjoy many extra benefits. The free version gives you only 5-10 keywords per site and allows you only 5 searches per day.


Conclusion – THE SWEET STEAL TECHNIQUE !! What are you waiting for ?


I hope all of you understood the technique and will start implementing on your blogs. So basically we are sweetly stealing the traffic+rankings of our competitors (not one but many competitors 😉 ). If you manage to rank for their best keywords, you will be getting an instant hike in traffic since we are only writing on those keywords which we can rank for and those keywords that bring traffic to our competitors. I hope you got the idea.

So, Isn’t it simple ?? Do share your thoughts to it as well ? And yes, I will be soon posting a case study of how I increased the traffic of one of my blog by upto 50% using the same sweet steal technique. So do wait for it as well, and yes by the way how’s the name – THE SWEET STEAL Technique ? 🙂 😉

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