Advanced Web 2.0 guide: A Complete Ranking Strategy

advanced web 2.0 guide

If you’re on this page from a Search Engine, you probably already know what Web2.0’s are, and are just confused a bit about it. Or if you’re here directly from Social Media then there’s a possibility that you don’t know what Web2.0’s are, well in any case let me take the liberty of explaining what it is in brief to you.

10 years ago, the guys who started their blogs or sites, didn’t have to worry about rankings. All they had to do was, write a post, and forget about it and it was ranked.

Well, it isn’t the case anymore, back in that age there was no competition, yes almost 0 competition for most of the keywords, and that’s why those blogs are ranking even today because they acquired their rankings at a time when there wasn’t competition + they now have a domain age of around 10-12 years, right?

But now, that just simply won’t work. Writing a quality post is good, and as Neil Patel says, content length is one of the most important aspects of getting content ranked too, but writing a “quality, long post” and waiting for it to rank in Google in the next 231223 days isn’t really the best success strategy out there.

And backlinks don’t work anymore, atleast not those typical “Hey Admin, Great post, really liked it” kind of comments. You need to take it up a notch.

Before reading this 3800 words+ guide, let me tell you a secret, read the guide in full and by no means miss the “Over to you” section, that’s the last one, I’ve got something special for you over there.

What Are Web2.0’s, and why you need them ?

A very good question indeed, and I always feel it’s better to start from the bottom. So…

what are web 2.0 sites

Web 2.0’s are just websites, websites built on Free, high Authority, Top level domains, which let you build your site on a subdomain on the TLD . You get your site for “Free” that’s the best part about it. These sites function on User Generated Content, meaning these sites let users create, edit and generate the content for the platforms.

A good example is, the user or the owner generates the content and manages the site right?

That was “what” web2.0’s are. But why do you need them? What’s special in them? The specialty is, Web2.0’s Gain authority super fast! Meaning, if you know how to do it, then your Web2.0 will gain immense authority in no time, and then you can pass a lot of other metrics, including the authority and trust to your primary site.

Another reason why Web2.0’s are my favorite is, these links are extremely powerful, that being said, you are the owner, and in-charge of the backlinks you give yourselves from the Web2.0’s, and not any other third person.

I’ll explain the benefits later, but for now it’s safe to say that Web2.0’s are like owning a Condo, rather then renting an apartment.(Wow, my examples have begun to be impressive ! Just kidding )

Okay so for the time being, you now know that Web2,0’s work, they can greatly boost your SERP ( if done right, ofcourse. And that’s exactly what I’m covering in this piece) , and that they’re free! Right?

But hey sweet talks don’t prove anything, right?  so here’s a Live example for you to show how easily you can rank your Web 2.0, and as you might already be knowing, if you get a do-follow backlink from a Google top result, your SERP is going to be skyrocketed !

Web2.0 ranking a site.,

See? Those blogspot blogs are ranking super high (4th and 5th position ) for such a broad and profitable keyword. And I can write it down for you that, those links are for sure passing some link juice to another site.

So now probably you do believe that it does work ! Right?

What treasures do Web 2.0’s hold for you :

Why should you invest your time and efforts into Web2.0’s? I mean after all they’re just subdomains, right? A total waste of time. Think Again !

  • Fast Authority:- First of all, because of their strong “parent domains”, they acquire authority quite fast. Meaning you can get your Web2.0 ranked on the first page of Google in less then a week if you know how to do it right.
  • Free:- Secondly, they are free ! Normally, people have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a single do-follow link from a Top ranking keyword domain, right? But in this case, you can get your Web2.0 ranked, and then pass a link to yourself totally free !
  • No limit:- How many do-follow backlinks would a guy owning a Top rank on google for any certain keyword give you? One ? Two? Three? Not more then that for sure, but guess what, with your Web2.0’s, you can pass out as many links as you wish to !
  • No Penalty, Ever ! :- This is the best of all the above ! One of the major drawbacks when you go for PBN’s or Web2.0’s is that, you’re afraid that you’ll be hit by the next Google update that rolls out, well guess what, this isn’t the case anymore. Why? If an update rolls out, and you’re hit by the penalty, all you’ve to do is, delete the links, simple right?
  • You’re the Boss:- This is just like a summary of all the above points. You control the backlinks, their number, their diversity and when and how to edit or remove them.

So that was about it. How about getting some real shit done? I’ll show you how to create a Web2.0 on tumblr, and then you can follow the same steps, on all the other Web2.0’s you want to create, cause the basic layout is about the same on all of them.

Creating a Tumblr Web2.0

Go to Tumblr, and SignUp (Which is pretty easy, and free ! )

Now, after completing the SignUp process, you’d be taken to your dashboard, which would be looking something like shown below. Focus on the option highlighted in the screenshot.

tumblr account

Yes, you need to click on the small [+] button, that’s the button to create a new Tumblr blog.

After clicking on it, you’d be taken to this page, where you need to play the real game. So let’s work on filling the form up…


So, fill in a title, and a URL. For now, just take this as an example, worry not I’ll be explaining the whole science behind selecting the right keywords and title and getting your blog ranked in the coming up sections . This is just to explain that you have to make use of your Title, and URL in those fields.

For eg. in the above post I am making the Web2.0 for my latest, 7000 word long, detailed article on Affiliate Marketing Guide, ( Which apparently was also appreciated by Neil Patel in his comments !) . So I’m keeping the URL and Title related to the keyword I’m targeting, right?

So that’s it, you click on Create Blog option, and your blog is all set and running.

Ofcourse you need to fill in new content, but that’s a whole different story, this above part was just a basic sneak-peak into what you’re going to do and where to start. So once you’ve created the blog your Web2.0 is ready, now we can move on to more pressing matters.

“Get it ranked” kind of Content-science for your Web2.0’s.

This is the most important part of all, the content.

This is what will decide the fate of your 2.0, and your keyword. So here’s what kind of content exactly you need for your 2.0, and where to get it from.

Just getting an EMD URL, and setting the keywords won’t work, you need to work hard to make Google actually believe that it’s a legit site and worth getting ranked. As I already said, it’s not 2000 anymore, so it’s harder to fool Google right now.

So the best way to fool the Search Engine Giant, is to not fool it. Didn’t get me? Meaning, instead of “pretending” to work hard, actually do work hard, actually make your 2.0 worth getting ranked and it will be ranked, simple as that. Although there are shortcuts and that’s what I’m discussing over here.

Keep the below discussed factors in mind when next working on your 2.0 and everything should be fine!

Unique Content:-

No matter if it’s long term, short term, Event blog or a niche site. Nothing beats your competition like Unique content. So, get google what it’s hungry for.

The point is, Google just loves Unique content, content that has not been seen anywhere. I know it’s a bit hard to come up with Unique ideas and sentences and research for each and every post, but try to atleast keep it as fresh as possible.

Content Length & No. of posts:-

You don’t need to write Essays on the certain keyword, you just need enough content to make the site look legit, and not something short term.

As you might already know, content length is a major ranking factor, but you don’t need 5000 word long articles to rank a Web2.0’s nope.

300-500 Word articles are fine ! Yes, but they need to be good enough, don’t worry by the end of this section you’ll understand what “good enough” means for a Web2.0

And try to include atleast 4- 5 articles on every 2.0 , this gives google the idea that it isn’t just a site you created with a piece of content, and left forever, instead that it’s a real site with some page weight atleast.

Related Keywords:-

Ever heard about LSI ? Or the Rankbrain update?

If yes, then good you can ignore this section, if not keep reading. Rankbrain update from Google was just the update which made Google almost into an A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

Meaning, now Google can detect which word means what, what are the similar keywords of that keyword, in short it can sense what you’re talking about.

And after this update, Keyword stuffing was almost banned. Using the same keyword again and again now hurts the pages, more than it helps. So instead, switch to LSI.

Meaning, switch to related keywords, don’t worry Google will understand it.

For eg. if you need to target “ Make Money”, you can use keywords like “Get rich”, “financial stability” etc, because they all technically mean the same thing, right? And google has the power to detect it.

So instead of stuffing your article, start using related keywords . ( And hey, this isn’t just about Web 2.o’s, you should start doing this on your long term blogs too.)

Build Authority:-

This is the part that will tell Google that your site is rankable, that the data you’ve put is worth trusting and it isn’t just another ghost story you spun up by yourself.

For that, you need to link to  high authority sites, sites like Wikipedia, Google News etc from within your article.

Well, if you’re writing a fact about something, always try to incorporate Data, Quotes, or Images, and use sentences like  ” according to Wikipedia, 98% of ………” and in that sentence, insert your link to that site.

It’s a clear indicator that you’ve proof of what you’re writing, and Google trusts such kind of sites, so make good use of it.

Some sites you can outlink to:-

  • Wikipedia
  • Lifehacker
  • forbes
  • HuffingtonPost

Photos , Images & Videos:-

Anybody can copy paste hundreds of articles a day, well that won’t just work here.

It’s important, that you integrate some Media files, like images or videos with your articles on the 2.0’s . This tells Google that your pieces aren’t full of all crap, and they have a variety of formats, making it more trust worthy.

Infact, you’re going to get considerable amount of traffic even on your Web2.0, so in order to avoid pogo sticking In case you don’t know, Pogo Sticking is when users arrive on a site, and hit the back button because the content wasn’t relevant, or interesting, which is a negative ranking metric) you need to make sure that the page looks interesting and worth reading.

Another aspect to keep in mind while integrating media files on your articles is, don’t follow the same pattern every time, like don’t always just include a cover image, and an image in the next paragraph. Instead, break this up. If you’re including an image, in an article on the first paragraph, include one in the last, in the next article.

Do it as you wish, the only point is, diversify it, make it look different and real.

So, that was about what kind of content you should put, but just content can’t get you ranked either. ( Ah duh ! I thought it was easy! ) always keep in mind that, there’s nothing called free bread, so there are certain other angles you need to cover before actually making your web 2,0 live, and scrapping the benefits off it.

Getting the 2.0’s Indexed !

Hey guess what, those multimedia things will help you get indexed faster too ! Specially if you include a video in there, I don’t exactly know why it’s so, but maybe Videos are a priority for Google, so make sure there’s atleast 1 video content in the articles.

And additionally, tweet your 2.0’s on your twitter, no matter how absurd it sounds , it does get it indexed immediately.

Update your Web 2.0’s Regularly

I said you need 4-5 posts minimum on the 2.0′,s right? But make sure you don’t create all of them in a day, it will just be a waste. Instead, 1 post on a 2.0 in the week is fine, this way by the end of a month you’ll have completed a 2.0, and in a natural way.

Also it would tell Google that the site has not been forgotten about, and is frequently updated.

You can also post more posts, and update it more frequently, but the point is you have to keep the trend up, yes Google monitors it. Meaning, if you create 4 posts today, and leave the site for a month, even a 5th grader can identify it as spam.

So just keep the continuity, if you’re posting 2 posts a day in a week, make sure you do so for the whole month, or till the site gets ranked.

Important Pages to Create for your Web 2.0

It’s not just the content that can make your Web2.0 Google famous, there certainly are other aspects you can’t ignore. And these aspects are important, not only for your 2.0’s, but also for your long term blogs.

There are certain pages that you blog must have, in order to prove that it’s not a scam, or a short term blog rather a long one.

  • About Us Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy

About Us Page-

You already know what an About US page is, right? It’s the page that contains your story or probably about your company. It’s an indicator for Google that there is a real guy who’s responsible for the contents on the site and that it’s not another anonymous site.

Hey wait, you can’t just go along and write “Hey Guys, I’m Mr x. and I was born at place Y” in all the about us pages, you need to keep it clean too, clean and diversified, and here’s how to do it.

  • Names:– While creating your web2.0, don’t use the same name on every Web2.0 . This tells Google that the same owner is not operating those sites, and so it’s not a scam. But using the same name would definitely trigger a spam alert.
  • Picture:- Make sure there atleast is one picture of you ( or just about any picture, because Google doesn’t have eyes), but make sure the Image is named something like:- AboutUsImage.jpg , yourname.jpg. Meaning, if you’re just putting any random picture of a cat or a dog, it doesn’t matter, but make sure it sounds like wpengineteam.jpg or in my case, Evan.jpg , the relevancy of the image name to the URL or the Web2.0 keyword confirms to Google that your About page contains an image, and it’s either your or your companies.

Again the point is, include whatever you like, just make sure it looks real.

Contact Page:-

Guess what? Contact pages are more important then you think ! Not having a contact page triggers a Spam alert to Google , while having the same greatly reduces the chances of your site being penalized.

For eg. if you checkout a site with OpenSearchExplorer, if the contact page is missing, it’s flagged as a “spam factor” so I’m pretty sure it’s important.


A contact page of course guarantees that there is a way to contact the owner or the webmaster, and thus if there’s any issue there is somebody who can be contacted, and thus it’s valued so much.

Well, certain guidelines follow even for your Contact page, so make sure you follow them all:-

  • Have a working Contact form, for sure.
  • Have the contact page accessible from all the places on the Web2.0 .Meaning, don’t put it in some corner that it shows only on some specific pages or locations. The best way to overcome this is to put it either on the Top bar, Menu bar or the SideBar.
  • It’s best if you can have a separate page for the form, instead of some pop up or just a link, meaning try to have the page something like or whatever format your 2.0 might be supporting. If it doesn’t support an additional page, then just create a new post, and use the Title:- Contact , and put in your Email Id ( Any Email ID actually ) and stuff.

Privacy Policy:-

Every site you make, will use some stuff from the User, either with or without their knowledge. A popular and common example of “stuff” is “cookies” . Sites use Cookies in order to speed up the next session load time for the users.

I don’t exactly know how this works but I’ve talked to some really Top level guys about this, and they all recommended setting up a Privacy Policy page on the Web2.0.

I know it sounds complicated to some of you, so just head over to any Privacy Generator Tool and it’ll let you generate your privacy policy for free ! All you need to do after that is copy paste it on your page.

That was about what your Web2.0 should look like, now let’s work on the basics, meaning some thing which need attention, and it’s better if I clear them right here.

Web 2.0 URL selection

Okay so you’re targeting a niche, let’s say Hunting Knife. Alright?

Now, you can create as many 2.0’s as you like for it, but, using the same keyword for all the 2.0’s will just ruin it. Meaning, if you go for and , it just won’t work.

Instead, make sure the links are diversified , and remember the thing I told you about LSI’s. Meaning, if you can’t come up with new ideas, using something like the below examples would work too, infact it would work better then using the same keyword a hundred times:-


So you got that clear? Now, you don’t always need focus keywords in the URL. Meaning, you can also target extremely specific keywords. Something like:-


Here again the point is, to make Google believe that all the links you are receiving aren’t from a very narrow spaced keyword, because Google is intelligent enough to sense lot’s of things, so just keeping it as natural as possible will do the trick.

Web 2.0 Linking Strategy

Wow, finally the treasure you’ve been waiting for, right?

How would you exactly link to your main site, in order to reap the benefits of all this hardwork? Because link building strategy has changed a lot, and I mean a lot over the years and now something as slight as a wrong placement of the link might scrap it off all it’s benefits.

And as MattCutts’ popular saying goes


So let’s cut the chase, and here’s the story, always link to your money site in the first paragraph of the articles. Well, you’ve done considerable hardwork, so I suppose you deserve that !

Anchor Text Variation:-

While linking, try to use a Variation of keywords as the anchor text , this is a very important step that you don’t overcrowd the same keyword with links. Here’s an example of how you should go about it:-

Example keyword:- Wp Engine Review

  • Wpenginereview ( Exact match Anchor text ).
  • Review of Wpengine + (related text )
  • fast web hosting (related, broader keyword ).
  • hosting for wordpress image sites (very specific keyword )
  • Click Here ( Generic Keyword )
  • Get Wp Engine ( Generic ).

And now let’s work a bit on internal linking, when creating a 2.0 , do make sure you link to other articles of the same 2.0 keyword, this is an indicator that the posts are related, and it gives Google a strong sense of the total central idea of the 2.0 , and also it’s a good practice as far as Google is concerned.

Of course, don’t miss that thing I talked about linking to Authority Sites in the earlier sections !

Web 2.0: The “Ghost” mode

Well, Google knows your ID’s, right? And Specially Gmail ID’s. So first of all, try not to use GMAIL to create the Web2.0 accounts.

But again, I talked to some leaders and even they said that there’s no fixed answer to the above confusion, but what’s wrong in playing it safe? So make sure you choose Unique and different ID for each 2.0

You can use the same ID for “one keyword 2.0’s”. Like you can use the same account for a set like “ ” “” etc, but when you’re targeting another set of keywords, use another ID for all the 2.0’s on that keyword !

Or if you’re feeling bold, go out and use the same ID’s, and let us know the results in the comments, if you succeed I’d be more then happy to update this post for you.

List of Sites to create potential Web2.0’s


Over to you

So here’s the complete blueprint of what you must be doing in order to get success with Web 2.0’s

Advanced Web 2.0 blueprint

So that was pretty much of it Folks ! I hope I did cover almost everything you need to start building your 2.0’s .

Oh and another thing, that “2.0’s and PBN’s don’t work”  is bullshit. It’s like  a way of keeping the competition down. Go out and try it out, if it’s gets penalized, you’d still be in control right? So just remove the links then, but there’s only  a very rare chance of it getting penalized if you did it right.

Let me tell you, there will always be people who’ll tell you it doesn’t work, there will always be people who might have failed on this thing, but you aren’t them, right? And the funny thing is, Google isn’t yet perfect.

Meaning, your friend might get totally screwed on his 2.0 and you might get a skyrocket success following the same strategy, because it depends on a lot of other factors which we can’t cover or understand basically, after all Google is hundreds of Millions of lines of codes, it isn’t always easy to fool around , right?

Oh and if there’s something I missed, or if something still isn’t clear, do make use of the comment box over here, I  try to  reply to all the comments no matter how many, which I picked up from Neil Patel, if a guy of that level can reply to hundreds of comments a day,  without getting tired, then I surely don’t have an excuse.

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