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I am back with another big guide where you will get to create an Ultimate client funnel !! Let me first gather some of your attention. Are you running a Website development company ? Or are you a freelancer doing website development/SEO Jobs on various platforms ? Or are you looking to get some website development/SEO jobs ?? And most importantly are you looking to make some bucks by doing simple works of your skill ?

By the way, the things that I am considering under Website development are:

  • Setting up a Domain on the host
  • Website setup on WordPress
  • Theme setup and installations
  • Static site development (any CMS)
  • A WordPress site development

I just mean, all the stuff required to setup a website to a first basic state !!

NOTE : This method also works with other skills like Logo designing, Content writing etc.

So are you good in it ?? Being a blogger most of you are very well aware of how these things are done !! Right ??

photo development web

If your answer is yes !! Then believe me, I’ve got some hell lot of projects waiting for all of you. YES ALL OF YOU. You don’t have to create any GIG or SERVICE (as you do on Fiverr/Seoclerks). You don’t have to wait for people to find your service and order. You don’t have any limits on how much you can charge !!

Finally let me list the benefits of this method. (It takes time to get this rolling)

  • Make 100-10000$ Monthly !!
  • This will boost your Brand value
  • No waiting time, direct relations !!
  • No middlemen in this method.
  • You can hit jackpot anytime 😀

Sounds interesting ?? I Can sense the interest in you. After all I Have to always start off my post by building and gaining some good interesting readers.

Step by Step guide to create your Ultimate Client Funnel

The whole idea is find local business owners from USA (and some other countries like Canada, UK etc) and proposing a website development (or logo design or anything) deal in front of them.

Most of the local businesses/shops in (USA like Hair salon, car customs, tattoo shops etc) don’t have a website (logos, content etc). And those who are having, are not having the best they can get. Most of the sites these shop owners have are simple websites with outdated designs, low quality, no logo, no content and zero appeal !

With everything going online, everyone love to get their business website built so that they can show their presence online. This is the best time for doing so, many people are spending huge money just for building a website for business !! However they find it difficult to get the best deals, moreover they don’t usually get time to look for finding best solutions to having a good quality website. However if they get approached by developers, they show great interest. And a lot of them turn into customers. Now these deals can be worth 100$ or worth 5000$ or maybe more. It all depends on the business type, owner and online potential.

However you cannot simply start doing this without much knowledge !! It doesn’t work easy unless you know completely on how to crack such deals. That’s what you will be learning here with me on iftiSEO !!

Note: I will keep this guide detailed since I want each and everyone to understand everything.

This all sounds interesting right ? Confused ?? 

Lets get started !!! So here’s the list of activities involved in this process.

Process cycle client iftiseo

  1. Finding a Business Category
  2. Making a List of Businesses
  3. Outreaching them
  4. Getting the Deal Done
  5. Repeating again and again !!!

Lets start with step 1 !!

Note: I will be explaining by targeting USA !!

How to Pick the Best Local Business Category


50% of part is done as soon as you pick the BEST Local Business !! Some businesses can do really well while some will make you feel that this complete method+guide sucks !! So be careful and give good amount of time doing research.

Our aim is to find local shops !! But what kind of shops ?? That’s the main question here. Here are the points you should consider while picking a category !!

  • The business should have some sort of Online potential.
  • The Business should be common + medium sized with lots of customers
  • Locations of the businesses.

That’s all what I have in my mind right now.

The main thing to consider is the Location of Businesses !! Like every other country, some states/cities of USA are more technologically advanced than others and hence are more suitable for us since it will be easier to convince the owners. I am not a USA resident and therefore have absolutely no knowledge on the status of different states of America. However based on some research here are top 10 cities to begin with !!

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Miami
  3. New York City
  4. Dallas
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Chicago
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Houston
  9. San Francisco
  10. Detroit

However if you are from USA, you know it very well 😉

After all this you must still be having a question !!  how to find businesses ?? Have this question ?? YellowPages is the answer. Yes I know there are many alternatives to YellowPages (YELP can be used as well) but I would like to stick with one. I will be using YellowPages to show you how its all done.

Open up YellowPages.com !! (Sometimes it doesn’t allow you to search if you are from outside USA, in that case use a VPN or HOLA extension)

yellow pages

Now its time to start our search !!

Let me make it easier for you !! Here are some categories that works best with this method !! 🙂

  1. Car customs
  2. Tattoo Shops
  3. Local Dentists
  4. Hair Salon/Spa
  5. Car Parts
  6. House Cleaning related shops

There can be many more !! You just have to try with them to find the best category !! There’s a lot to explore 😀

How to Make a list of Shops !!

By making list I don’t mean just to collect the shop names !! We will be needing as much info as we can collect. Here’s what you all can collect in your lists.

  1. Shop name
  2. Shop Owner/contact person name
  3. Email id
  4. Phone number
  5. Website link (if exists)

You can add more data to your lists, but make sure you have the above data for each shop !!

Let me walk you through with it !! I have searched Car Custom shops in Los Angeles !!! (YES I DON’T USE AD BLOCKER 😛 )

car customs la iftiSEO

Don’t just start noting the shop information !! Its always good to sort the list by Rating !!

yp iftiseo guide

You can see “website” link under every shop that have a website !! Now you can do 3 things from here.

  1. Make a list shops that do not have any websites (Mostly The ones which do not have any website link)
  2. Or you can even make a list of shops that have a low quality website (Old design, non responsive, outdated, unappealing, etc)
  3. Or you can make a list of shops combining both the above 2 types of list !! (I’d recommend this for the start)

Once you open up any shop link, all the necessary details will be displayed. All you need now is to copy it in your list.

iftiSEO guide to get clients YP

So how to make a list !! Let me show you a basic template of Excel file that you can use. Download it below.

excel template iftiseo

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Download Template


Make your list by adding all the details of the different shop/businesses you select !! Here are some points to keep in mind while making your list:

  • I recommend to collect 10-15 shops info each from atleast 6-10 cities. Thus you will have a list of 50-100 shops with all the required info.
  • Ignore all those shop that have a good website or a website on WP (this means that they already have someone working for them)
  • Don’t make list of small shops that don’t have much potential on having a website.
  • Try different types of categories, don’t just stick with one. It may take time to find the best.
  • Try other alternatives of Yellowpages if you are not getting comfortable.

I guess I wrote enough on list building !! Its all upto your level of smartness now. The better the list, the better the potential !! Let me take you to next step.

Sending out Mails to Business/Shop Owners


Now that we have a good list of 50-100 shops its time now for sending out a mail !! This part is also very important, even if you have a good list you can fail to get clients !!. A good mail is what you require here.

I am not a very good email writer but I will recommend you to follow the given points while writing out the mails:

  • Write a good subject !! A good subject line will do half the work for you. (Tip: You can include shop name in subject)
  • Write an email that is not too long and at the same time not too short !!
  • Address the receiver by his Real Name or his Shop name !!
  • Try to convince the receiver the need of a GOOD website
  • Do not mention high prices !! Avoid mentioning rates in the first mail itself.
  • Clearly mention all the services that you can provide him/her.
  • Make them feel that you are the cheapest in the market.
  • If you are really in need of quick money, you can quote the cheapest prices (below the avg prices). They won’t turn down easily.
  • Depending on the type of business, you can send them a hello first and wait for their reply.
  • Do not include links in your mail. Add only if necessary.
  • Have a good email signature setup to your mail account.

If you follow all the above points I am sure you will write a great email !! Just be smart in it 🙂

I don’t usually leave a topic without giving enough examples 😛 !! So here are some email templates that converted for me and can convert for you too. However I’ll suggest you to edit these before using.

Enter your Email Id

Enter your Email Id

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I hope you liked all the 4 templates !! Well they are not perfect, but always remember PERFECT doesn’t works in getting clients !! The more natural language you use, the better the results. Try the above templates or just WRITE your own email.

So send your Mail to all the email addresses that you collected in your list. It normally takes 3-5 days before replies start rolling it.You can also use STREAK for Gmail to track the mails you send. Its really a handy plugin to use !! It will tell you if your mail is read or not !! And a lot more options 😀 A must use with this method.

Also note that not everyone will reply you !! If you send 50 emails, expect a reply from 5-15 people only. However you can expect more if you manage to write something really cool and appealing in your email.

Getting the Deals done


The whole process of making a list of 50 emails and sending mails to each of them will hardly take 2-4 hours. And if you manage to crack 2-3 deals, its really worth the time spent !!

Are you thinking on How much you can make with a single deal ?? Well it all depends on the requirements !!

If you have good number of quality WP themes, a good hosting deal and domain coupons, you can save a lot at your end.

For prices you can see what people are charging on fiverr and other marketplaces for the same. Based on those observations, quote a good price tag. I will recommend you to keep a low tag initially.

Have a look at these services on fiverr !!

fiverr service

fiverr service

There are some people on fiverr who provides these services for just 5$ also. However not everyone knows about it, moreover those services are not really good in terms of quality !!

It all depends on your conversations with the buyer/client !! I have seen people making 1000$ out of single deal. Once you convince the person, you can always let him know about the extras that you can provide. You can use these features in your service to get more Cash !!!

  • Logo Design (well most of the businesses might be already having, still its good to mention)
  • SEO Service (Just explain the buyer that his business website will come up for search terms related to his business)
  • 1 Year Hosting ( You can mention this if you wish to provide him hosting using any of your coupon or deal)
  • Pages with content (Its good to mention exclusively that you will create all the required pages with content.)
  • Premium Theme and design (Mention it and try to get some more money from your buyer. Its profitable if you own many themes)
  • Full support for 1 year (Add this as a service)
  • WooCommerce (If the business has potential to sell online, you can add this in your services)

I hope you can do the rest part of dealing with the client yourself !! Its not that hard then. 🙂

Just a final math for you !!! Well this is just to make you feel good 😀 I am talking of ideal numbers here. If out of 50 mails, 10 replies you and 3 converts !! Its a really great deal. And if you charge 100$ from each of them, its an easy 300$ for you !!! think of the numbers if you scale this up.

Its easy to process 50 mails a day !! Repeat the process 5 times a month !! You can get upto 10-15 clients. 1000-2000$ waiting for you.

Note that the charges of website development are high in USA and you can really charge high if the business is big!! The best part of this method is that you can try this unlimited times with unlimited number of businesses worldwide !! Not everyone will be doing this, so the competition will be really less. 🙂

Rinse and Repeat


Once you do this 2-3 times, you will get to know what types of businesses works and what not. You will also get to know the best cities to try. You will also have a good experience with your mails !! This will help you scale up and get better conversions.

Also note that you can use this entire process on different services apart for website development !!! If you are a logo designer, you can simply use the entire process to get people to buy logos from you. Many shops out there are with poor logos or even with no logos. A huge market is waiting for you.

Not only logo services, but also Content writing services. There are many shops, businesses out there with sites that have no content or outdated/poor content. You can use the same process to provide them content. Interesting right ?? 🙂

So as I said, this can be done with many services !!! Just use your brain and you have a huge market to sell 🙂

After reading this, many of you will feel that they can make more money by doing something else. Well yes, But !!!!

  • This is specially for those people who have skills but are not able to get clients due to overcrowded marketplaces.
  • This is for people who are spending full time online and still failing.
  • This is for people who are looking to make just 100$ !! This one is for those who are looking for some part time works !!
  • This one is for people who make accounts on Fiverr, upwork etc but still fail to get sales due to high competition and low rating !!

People fail to rank their services on these sites and end up making multiple services with no sales. If you are one of them, then stop doing that And try this. A smart work here can do wonders for you. 🙂 


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