Smart Guide to Get Traffic and Backlinks from YouTube

Have you ever tried creating backlinks on YouTube ??

Let me assume, you simply commented on relevant videos (with your links) or you simply uploaded videos on your own channel and added links in the description. Right??

Or have you done something different? (If so, let me know in comments)

Anyways, did the method you applied helped you? Did you get traffic from your videos or such links? or was it just another headache of ranking videos first and then gaining traffic?

Hmm, enough of questions. Let me come to the point.

In this post, I will be sharing a simple method that I personally have tested and gained results from it.

After this post you will be able to:

  • Gain backlinks from YouTube
  • Get Huge targeted traffic to your blog
  • Potentially get some sales
  • And most importantly, you will be able to build healthy relationships with Youtubers.

Do Backlinks from YouTube Matter?

Yes, it helps !! But I see Backlinks from Youtube as a good Source of TRAFFIC and that’s what I want you to focus on.

I have been getting targeted traffic from YouTube for my blog and it is indeed helping me boost my earnings (through new readers, email subscribers etc).

So, how to get backlinks from Youtube??

How to Get Backlinks from Youtube Videos

Before starting let me tell you that this method works best for the following niches:

  1. Gaming
  2. Bizarre
  3. Funny
  4. Technology
  5. Science
  6. Education

Let’s begin now.

Youtubers want views as much as Bloggers want traffic and that’s where we exploit this method.

The method is about asking YouTubers to link your blog post in their videos and In return you will be embedding their video on your blog post.

Sounds simple?

The steps are as follows:

Identify your Blog Posts

A quite simple step. All you need to do is, make a list of all those articles in your blog that have relevant videos on YouTube.

For example, upon checking my articles, I found out that I have an article titled “How to make Paypal Account in India?”.

The next step I can do is, Check YouTube for the same title.

Well, upon checking, I found out that there are 1000s of videos made on this topic. Another interesting thing I noticed is that both small and big channels have made videos on this topic.

Note it down that such kind of results has the best success rate.

Try to avoid Buying keyword/affiliate keywords as videos on such keywords most probably would have a link in description.

In all, these are the factors you must check:

  • Check the Presence of YouTube Videos on the same Keyword. (At least 50 videos)
  • Avoid Buying Keywords 
  • Avoid seeing those videos which have links in description, such Video owners won’t link us)

And that’s the type of articles you should add in your list.

This thing, as I said can be done in many niches, gaming niche works the best for this method as there are videos for almost every gaming keyword on YouTube.

Back to the point, so I would recommend you to make a list of 10-15 articles that matches search results with YouTube. This will save time further as you won’t have to check the articles again and again.

(I explained this a lot 😛 right??) Moving on…

Finding the Potential Targets

So, you have your list of Articles (keywords) ready, now you have to find those Videos on YouTube that can link back to your post in description.

By finding such videos, I mean making a list of those YouTube videos that have no Blog/Content links in their description and then getting the contact details of that particular channel creator.

Also, make sure that you pick only those videos that are good and later provide value to our audience (if you embed them).

Let me continue with my example, so I opened a YouTube first page result of the search term I showed above. Here is how that video’s description looks like:

As you can see, the channel is VERIFIED. So it means that the channel is not a joke and the creator is focusing on creating good videos on it. Also, such channels won’t be having videos with incorrect data/methods. So, it’s a plus point for us.

Another thing to notice down is, the likes !! 90% Likes. Another good point for us.

And lastly, check the description, no blog URLs found !! It means that the person is most probably not owning a blog in the same category. This is what all you need to check before picking a video.

Following the same method, make a list of 10 videos for each keyword/article of your blog.

Once your list is ready, move towards the next step.

Finding the Contact Info

Getting the contact details of any channel is not a tough task as most of the channels always mention links to contact them.

Here’s how you can get the info:

  • Check Video Description: You can find links to thier social accounts (FB, Twitter) where you can contact the channel owner.
  • Check Channel About page: Almost every active channel owner adds all his contact info on this page. Have a look…

As you can see, multiple contact details can be found on this page.

So you should not face any issues in finding the contact info of any channel owner.

Now comes the main part !!!

Contacting the Video Creator and Sealing the DEAL

Before contacting anyone you must understand the fact that this method gives equal benefit to both the YouTube Video creator and the Blogger.

So it’s not something hard to crack !!

What’s the plan??

  1. You Contact the Youtuber and ask him to add Your blog post link in his Video Description
  2. In return, you offer the Youtuber an Embed of his video on your blog post
  3. This way it’s an equal exchange of benefits.

To crack this !! You have to be powerful enough with your words to convince the YouTuber.

I just stick to 1 crucial point and that always convinces the YouTuber. And that point is…


I always try to convince the YouTuber with the fact that “More Embeds means Better Ranking of Videos or More views”

Even Brian talks about Embedding Videos in his article about YouTube SEO!!

And in fact, it has been discussed numerous times that the more the number of embeds a video gets the better will be the rankings on YouTube.

Trust me, any YouTuber will love to see his Videos getting embeds on different blog posts.

By the way, embedding a good video to your blog post will not cause any harm, in fact having a video in your article that explains the same thing will help your readers and eventually make your blog post more valuable. So don’t think that embedding a video can cause issues.

How Will this method help you??

If you manage to get your link in the description of any good video, you may end up getting regular traffic. There are certain niches where viewers of the video check the description and click the links present on it.

See, these are the click stats of the link present in the description of the video I showed above. 200+ !! A good number, imagine getting such FREE views to your blog.

Many can become your regular readers, some may even subscribe to your lists. There can be many benefits. And yeah, all for FREE.

And even if you fail to get traffic, you still will be getting a backlink from YouTube. Though nofollow, but remember, there are quite a few benefits of such no-follow links.

So, did you understand the concept???

Anyways, to make things easier, I am including an Email Template that I used for the same. 😉

(But yes, I need social signals first 😛 )

My Personal Email Template that always gives Result



This is Iftekhar Ahmed from “SITE-URL” !!

We just started the website and soon will be ranking on google for our keywords. Currently, we are ranking on page 2 and 3 for various high searched keywords.

On this regard, I have an offer that can benefit both of us. SOMETHING ABOUT THE KEYWORD. We have noticed that some channels (including yours) are putting up various rumors and other videos related to “KEYWORD”.

You must be knowing that more number of Embeds a video gets, the better will be its ranking on Youtube. So we are ready to embed your videos, provided, you add our link anywhere in the description.

All we will do is, make a complete article on our website by embedding your video. You will just have to put our link in the video description.

This will help you get

  • Views
  • Better Ranking on Youtube
  • Subscribers

This is a 2-way sharing that benefits both of us. I am already doing the same for my ______ site and it helped a lot. The ______ Channel we promoted got good increase in views, subs and rankings.

We hope to do the same with you.

Waiting for a response 🙂


Here’s the response I got 😉

Sorry, I had to blur out many things to keep privacy.

Anyways, as you can, the guy directly said a YES to me.

So you can see this method working for me. And if it worked for me, then you should try out as well.

I guess you should doing this right away. 😉 Do share the results with me.

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