7 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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To be a great writer, you need skill, creativity, and commitment. Notice how innate marketing abilities are not on that list? Writing and maintaining an interesting or entertaining blog does not require special marketing skills. But writing SEO-friendly blog posts absolutely does. If you’re lacking in SEO writing skills, these 7 tips will help you get started. Before you know it, you’ll be writing SEO enhanced blog posts without even thinking about it.

7 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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1. Plan Your Message

Think very hard about the message you want to convey to your audience. What message do you want them to remember? What are the main points of the post?

Google prioritizes high-quality content. And your audience is more likely to engage with and share posts that really resonate with them. Also, a well-planned post allows you to add a relevant call to action and incorporate links in the text.

2. Break Up The Text

Break up your writing into paragraphs. Don’t let everything run together. Use headers for the paragraph and sub-headers or bullet points to further divide the text.

Our brains like white space. 😉

We are also more likely to keep reading if we don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount we have yet to read. If you are not sure that you are structuring your post well, get writing assistance from professional writers at NinjaEssays.

Another way to break up the text is to explain to readers how the post is structured. Tell them “first I will explain this, and then I will show data on X, Y, and Z, and finally, I will ask for your input.


3. Link to Other Content

Adding links to similar websites does several things for your article (from an SEO standpoint).

First of all, it makes your article more relevant on Google because you have linked to other reputable and highly ranked websites.

Second, it makes you more credible to your audience. Credible articles are shared more frequently, and frequent sharing will organically improve your SEO.


4. Post Frequently

One of the oldest SEO tricks in the book is to post every day. Google ranks active websites much higher than inactive websites. Posting every day shows that you are an active user. It also gives your readers more opportunities to comment on and share your posts. The more comments you receive, the higher your search results will be. And around and around we go. 🙂

5. Optimize Your Images

You should already be adding images to every post because people are more inclined to trust and be interested in content with images. People are also more likely to purchase from a business with attractive pictures on its website.

But beyond just adding photos, you need to optimize them for SEO. Size the photos so they are large enough to see, but small enough that they won’t take too long to load (long load times will hurt your SEO score). Also, include keywords in the photo tags and descriptions.


6. Make Your Posts Shareable

The primary goal of making your blog posts SEO friendly is to make sure they are viewed by the maximum possible amount of people.

Further, the goal is for those people to like, comment on, and share those pages. So, it’s vital that you make it very easy to share the content. Use a website like ShareThis to easily add, “share,” buttons to your main page and each blog post. You can add buttons for all the major social media pages or for your preferred networks.

7. Use Keywords Wisely

You need to use keywords – This is an unavoidable fact of creating SEO friendly content. But how and where you use the keywords matters.

First, you want to use them as unobtrusively as possible. You do not want to litter/throw them throughout the blog indiscriminately. This will look ridiculous. Readers will know you are writing for a computer algorithm. This is known as “Black Hat SEO.”

You should follow “White Hat SEO.” Keywords should make up about 1-2% of your text. You should also include keywords in the title, headers, URL, and photo tags. While it used to be fairly simple to get your website to rank well in Google search results, that is no longer the case. The algorithm is smarter, choosier, and far more complex. 😛

Final Words from the Editor

You need to tackle SEO from multiple angles. If you follow these tips, you will not only maximize your blog’s visibility and SEO score, but you will also impress your readers with better, more readable content. And isn’t that the whole point of your blog in the first place? 😉

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Ahfaz Ahmed is a young entrepreneur who writes on various topics related to Graphic and Web Design. He has worked on many blogs and also works as a Freelancer. Apart from blogging, he is also a graphic designer and a web developer.

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    I understand the fact that its necessary to keep your blog active, i would rather recommend keyword subjects and evergreen posts. with these, whether or not you post daily, you’ll have visitors and active blog comments.

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    1. Well, I agreed.

      As we need to Focus on Off-Site components too so I think we should update 1 in a week but here is the strategy that I do with my money making sites:

      Before publishing an Article, write 20-30 which be ready with all aspects and let it be with you.

      Now in Starting Publish 7 Articles everyday only 1 article.

      For next week publish 2 more but in a week, publish 2 articles for a week and do it twice, if you had 20 then you are left with 5 articles, or if you had 30 then 15.

      Now keep updating your blog with 1 article in a week and rest of the days focus on off-site SEO.

      But Rember to write 20-30 articles before site launching.

      In short: Start updating daily then update twice in a week and after 1-2 months with this planning update weekly with only 1 articles. It would be work for sure 🙂

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