8 Insane Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

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8 Insane Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Are you still dissatisfied with your traffic from Social Media?

Do you want massive traffic from Facebook, Twitter etc. just like the pros?

If the answer to any of the questions above is YES, then READ ON. This post might be amongst the best ones you’ve ever read!


Let me tell you that viral content on social networks has higher ranking chances! You might completely disagree with this point and demand for a proof.


This is what I found on one of Rahul Kuntala’s blog posts:

Ways to Boost Your Social Media Traffic


HAHAHA! I got you, right?


Are you serious about getting more social media traffic now? Let’s get started then!


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1. Don’t let your content suck!

The same old stuff! You all know what I mean……….


Just keep in mind that CONTENT IS THE KING! Your blog isn’t a blog if it lacks worthy content!


Your content should have something that your audience can’t resist sharing.  You might have read that “If your content sucks, so will your traffic!” But I would say that “If your content sucks, so will your social engagement!”


To conclude this point, I would say that write something that is WORTH SHARING!


2. Make your content easy to share

Where would your audience go if your blog doesn’t have buttons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc?


Sometimes your readers would change their mind if those buttons are absent!


You would surely regret that, won’t you?


I won’t stretch this point for more. You should get those social buttons on your blog. They remind your audience to share your content and also make the content shareable with just a click!


3. Share it yourself

You can’t force your readers make the content go viral. You need to do a bit as well!


Make sure that every post you write is shared on each and every social network you’re a member of! Your followers on social media should stay updated with your latest updates!


That is the reason why they followed you, right?


4. Be everywhere

If you are a Facebook user, you can’t just expect massive traffic from over there itself, there are many potential users out there, on other networks!


Each and every problogger promotes his/her posts on each and every popular social network!


However, that doesn’t mean that sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn would make your day! There are many other networks, with a better traffic potential, like Pinterest and StumbleUpon.


I still remember once Jon Morrow mentioned that he got massive traffic from StumbleUpon.


You should never underestimate the power of social media!


5. Use Social Exchange

There are websites like JustRetweet and Triberr that help increase the reach of our blog posts, by giving a share for a share or something like that!


The method is advantageous as you sometimes get shares from the pros.



All caught up, folks! There is no more to say on this topic.


6. Link to ProBloggers

This point might raise a question in your mind.


Hey Yashraj, how can linking to pros benefit me?

The answer to this is very simple.


Take this post as an example. I linked to Rahul Kuntala and Jon Morrow over here. He would surely receive a trackback if using WordPress. But if I inform him via email that I have mentioned their articles with a dofollow backlink and ask for a share in return, how can they refuse? A share won’t cost anything to them.


I got this concept clearly when I read Divyansh Peswani’s post. You might want to have a look at it too.


We all know that shares from pros can bring in massive traffic! I can see the smile on your face now!


7. Share other people’s content

You can’t expect a one way flow of shares. You must share other people’s content too!


By this point, I don’t mean to say that you should keep on sharing the posts of the probloggers only. Share the posts of the new guys as well. They are most likely to return the favor.


Don’t forget to notify the bloggers that their content has been shared around. Also, ask for a titsy-bitsy endorsement.


8. Give a call to action

What motivates you more to share a blog post – the content or the final words?


You might say the content, but actually the final words of your blog post motivate you more.


If you have been a keen observer of my writing style, you might be knowing that I ask my readers to comment my blog post in a certain way, which is termed as “call to action”.


Here is how Darren Rowse defines call to action in one of his blog posts:



This is what Ana Hoffman puts below her posts to motivate others to comment:



Perhaps its one of the key ingredients of a probloggers’ recipe to make their blog posts go viral.


My Final Words

These were only 8 tricks for boosting social media traffic. There are still more, yet to explore!


I am sure you know something I missed.  So why not share it with me! I shared 8 points with you, its time to add a point, right?


Hurry up! I am eagerly waiting for your comments!
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