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10 Best PINTEREST Tools for Social Media Marketers

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Are you a social media marketer ?? Well if yes, then you must be knowing about the power of different social media platforms. Pinterest is no doubt one of them. But most of us fail miserably on pinterest. We often fail to get repins and followers on our images and ultimately we neglect the plaform as a whole. So here you will get to know about 10 tools that will help you to make your profile shine on pinterest. These pinterest tools will help you come up with the best images and later on will help you to track every possible data to optimize your statistics.

Pinterest is possibly the most visually-attractive social media platform on the web. When you have so many other online communities to implement in your marketing campaign, Pinterest may be the one you neglect. That’s not a smart move to make.

Maybe you don’t see the business values in pinning images, but the fact that this network has millions of users who are ready to repin your awesome content should be enough to convince you to start using it.

The point of using Pinterest for marketing purposes is to share aesthetically pleasing content that will attract many viewers, who will click on the images to visit your website. The marketing activities related to Pinterest will mostly be based on creating lovely photographs, images, graphs and infographics, and pinning them on the platform.

10 Best PINTEREST Tools you must Start using

As every other online marketer, you probably rely on different tools that boost the effectiveness of your campaign. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to make your Pinterest campaign successful. They will help you develop nice “pinnable” content, but they will also save you tons of time. Check out the most awesome Pinterest tools you should start using today!


Best Pinterest Tools for Creating Images

Before you start using tools for promotion, account management, and establishing a base of followers, you need to focus on the most important aspect of Pinterest: creating pinnable images. You can’t just take random photos that will present you as an amateur; you need to create lovely images that people will pin to their boards.

You can include this visual content in the blog content you publish. If, for example, you write a post about memorable movies, you can create a collage of the characters from those movies, which the readers will be able to pin. If you have a website focused on fitness activities, you can take your own photographs and edit them to perfection. Then, you can add a motivational quote over them. Motivational posters are huge on Pinterest.


Here are few pinterest tools you can use for creating lovely images:

  1. PicMonkey

When you want to share product shots or anything else related to your business on Pinterest, you have to make the photos really special. Photoshop is an unnecessary expense and struggle when you have PicMonkey – photo editing software that will help you add the element of uniqueness to your visual content.

This is not a tool specifically built to be used for Pinterest, but you can definitely pair it with this platform in your social media marketing campaign. The custom effects feature is lovely because it allows you to save a combination of effects and continue using them when you edit photos, designs, and collages. Thus, your website will get images with consistent quality, and your Pinterest board will be really unique.


  1. Pinstamatic

With this Pinterest tool, you can incorporate different types of content into a single visual design. First of all, you can use Pinstamatic to recommend your website to Pinterest users by pinning an appealing screenshot. You can also create an image with a quote, or a sticky note that will present a brief message to your followers.


The Spotify Track feature enables you to craft a pinnable image of your favorite song and its album artwork. The other features include: creating a pin of your Twitter profile, adding dates and location maps to your Pinterest board, and adding captions to your photos.


  1. Piktochart

Although Pinterest is a visual social network, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to photographs and images. You can still tell a story and share valuable information related to your business through infographics. This type of content is extremely popular on Pinterest because it’s easy to process and it offers many details without demanding too much time to go through it.


If you’re like most marketers, then you don’t have impressive design skills. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a lovely infographic. Piktochart gives you the templates you need; just experiment a bit with the tool and you’ll be developing awesome infographics in no time.


  1. Canva

When you’re using Pinterest, it’s important to create images of the right size. Canva is an awesome tool for that purpose. It enables you to edit your images and make them beautiful, but you’ll also adjust them to fit the most suitable form for Pinterest. You also get tons of templates and great design tips that will help you elevate your Pinterest game.


In addition to Pinterest graphics, you can also use Canva for creating cards, brochures, posters, infographics, banners, presentations, photo collages, and other types of visual content that will make your website look cool.


  1. Stencil

People love sharing images with quotes on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter whether you include a motivational quote, a really smart quote from a famous author, or an excerpt from your latest blog post; it will be pinnable when you feature it over a nice, relevant image. You’ll surely get a great number of repins, but you’ll need to keep this campaign consistent in order to give your audience what they want and increase the awareness for your brand. Don’t forget to include a subtle logo or a link to your website somewhere on the image.


There are several online tools that allow you to combine images with quotes, but Stencil is possibly the simplest one to use. It includes over 50 great templates that enable you to create your visual content without any effort. If you don’t have your own photos, but you do have a quote you would like to share on Pinterest, then you can pick a relevant background image from the huge library.


Tools for Managing and Monitoring Your Pinterest Activity

Pinterest can be a really time-consuming activity. At first, you assume everything is easy: you find interesting visual content online and you pin it to relevant boards. Yes, that’s what normal people do, but you’re a marketer, so you should know better. You definitely need a strategy!

Your target audience wants fresh content on a daily basis, and you should keep delivering it to them. You’re not focusing on collecting interesting photos from the Internet; your main goal is to gain a base of followers and keep them engaged with new images on an ongoing basis. When these activities result with tons of website traffic, you’ll understand the importance of Pinterest for marketing.

The only question is: how much time is enough for Pinterest? Thanks to the following tools, you won’t need a huge chunk of your day to pin content and monitor the activity on the network.


  1. Buffer

It’s really important to share content on Pinterest when you know that most of your audience is out there. Otherwise, your pins will end up buried among all other content your followers see in their feeds. Whenever you find something interesting to pin or you intend to share content from your own website, you can schedule a pin with Buffer.

You can also use the tool to schedule repins if you don’t want to spam your audience with too many photos you find interesting when browsing your Pinterest feed. You can develop a schedule that will share these posts on regular intervals, so you’ll get better chances to keep your audience happy.


Scheduling pins is not all you can use Buffer for. The tool is also great for getting the statistics you need. You’ll know how many repins, comments, and likes each post attracted, so you’ll figure out what type of content your audience prefers.


  1. Woobox

When you start using Pinterest for marketing purposes, you’ll notice it’s not that hard to get repins, but it’s difficult to get followers on your boards.

The easiest way to establish a large base of followers is to benefit from your current community. Yes, we are talking about Facebook. As any other online marketer, you’ve probably been using that network for a long time, so the brand already has a base of followers there. You can install Woobox as a tab for your Facebook fan page, which will display your Pinterest boards and pins.


Since your audience knows what you share and they like your content, they will click on that tab and they will follow your Pinterest boards. Since you’re a marketer, you won’t just install the tab and wait for everyone to visit your Pinterest profile. Of course you’ll share a call to action on the social media, so you’ll get new followers on your boards in a matter of minutes.


  1. Pin Search

This is a Google Chrome extension that can perform a Google image search on any picture on Pinterest. Why would you possibly do such thing? One word: competition. It’s important to investigate the campaign of your competitors, so you’ll know how to deliver something better for your audience.


You can use Pin Search to learn where the pins of competitive brands are coming from. You’ll get tons of information about the designer, photographer, and author who created the picture. Plus, you’ll find similar images that you can use as inspiration.


  1. Pinterest Analytics

When you’re ready to start a Pinterest campaign for a brand, you are aware of the fact that you’ll invest considerable amounts of time and resources into it. You need to achieve the optimal balance between time, cost, effort, and measurable achievements.

How are you going to measure the effectiveness of your activities?

With Pinterest Analytics, of course! This is a classic Pinterest tool that all businesses should use.


First of all, the tool will help you distinguish your best pins.

Your highest-performing content indicates the type of pins your target audience likes, so you’ll focus on delivering more of it. Pinterest Analytics also informs you about the way people interact with your Pins from different devices. You’ll also see how your website visitors use the Pinterest button to pin content to their boards. In fewer words, you’ll get all metrics you need to measure the success of your campaign and start creating better pins.


  1. Viraltag

This tool is being marketed as “the complete visual marketing suite for brands.” It allows you to schedule pins for Pinterest, as well as posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter. In that aspect, it’s similar to Buffer. However, Viraltag also includes an advanced browser extension that allows you to pick images from any site and repin them directly to your board.


The advanced features of the tool include post cloning, image editing, and bulk uploads, as well as a social media calendar that you can share with your team. The tool is integrated with Canva, so you can easily create pinnable content and share it on the Platform with no effort. Plus, you can search through the library of stock and user-generated photos if you’re looking for something interesting to pin.


The Marketing Potential of Pinterest Will Surprise You

Pinterest is an intuitive platform that will deliver your pins to the audience that’s interested in such content. All you need to do is start using it, and you’ll soon notice that it’s one of the most powerful online marketing tools out there. It’s important to use the right tools that make the platform even more effective. With the 10 suggestions above, you have a great starting point!


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