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  1. As we all know that udemy is online free learning platform and we can learn lot of things from it. Nice blog post shared keep the good work going.

  2. Awesome resource! It also give me a good idea of content I can create for my audience too:)

    How many hours did you spend reseraching the discounted courses?

  3. Wow.. Thanks for this great article.. I want the first course but its price is too high.. is there any way to get it for free or maybe $10… Please lemme know..

  4. A great handpicked list, Iftekhar!
    A much better platform with 100% professional courses is lynda. Though the number of courses are less on lynda, but unlike Udemy, you just pay for membership on lynda and get access to all professional courses available on the platform. After my Udemy account got hacked and I lost my 3k+ courses, I’m in love with this platform called lynda. It’s a must try to all readers.

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