Being a College Student, How Do I Manage Time for Blogging?

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One of the most famous questions that I face!!

And to me, it doesn’t make much sense…

Why?? Well, continue reading πŸ˜›

What does a College Student do if he’s not into Blogging?

Let’s just assume that there’s a student pursuing engineeringΒ (irrespective of what year he is in) and is not doing any blogging or internet marketing stuff!

What will be his daily routine?

He must be attending his college in daytime. Maybe 5-8 hours.

And what about the time left, the time after he reaches home, the night time and all the free time that he gets???

He might be going out with friends for movies, or maybe just chatting with his girlfriend(s), or maybe browsing facebook/youtube or even some porn

That’s his daily schedule….

TRUST ME it is!!!

And Yes, there will be days when he has to work on his college projects, assignments or exams… But to be honest, that’s just a small amount of time as compared to what he gets during his entire college year…

So !!!

Most of the college students just end up having fun, enjoyment, etc after their day of college. And being honest again, it’s not a bad thing at all. After all the kid has been studying in college πŸ˜›

Where Does the Difference come?

But then, there’s another sect of students!!

The ones who have some extra/different goals or you might say Passion towards something different.

Blogging and Internet Marketing is one such thing!! Something that attracts a lot of students (engineering students). I am one of them (proudly).

The reasons might be different from person to person, some get attracted to it by seeing the amount of money one can earn while some like the fact that they can help others and make a good name for themselves.

However, in this context, It doesn’t matter at all…

Irrespective of why a student chooses to blog, it’s more important to know and realize the fact that how a student approaches towards blogging.

The student before starting blogging, had lots of time after college which he always used to spend in “not so useful” activities.

But, once he starts something, in this case, blogging (or internet marketing), he will automatically change his habits and schedules.

  • He will himself stop wasting time after college.
  • He will slowly stop going out on regular basis.
  • He will not waste time on stalking girls on facebook.
  • He will not spend his entire time watching Youtube or movies.
  • He will be more focused towards his blogs and other online assets.
  • He will work more and maybe even spend full nights writing posts.

In all, he will develop a habit of utilizing his EXTRA time in a more better manner.

Though he might still not have a proper/regular schedule but he still would be more focused on “Blogging”.

You cannot expect him to give a proper answer to how he manages his time for blogging, instead, you should understand the differences that I explained above.

My Final Words

It’s really funny to see people asking me many times that How I manage my time!!!

Like seriously, being a student, am I that BUSY???

Hell No….

I make myself busy by doing WORK, by doing blogging, by doing internet marketing, by helping others, by running my group, by doing all what maybe not all engineering students don’t do.

And if you still wanna talk numbers…

Let me put some…

  • Morning 7 or 8 AM to 5 PM – Breakfast, college, back to home!!!
  • 5 PM to whenever I sleep – Time that makes the difference. Every student (unless some special case) have this time with no tasks assigned. Its all about what one chooses to do during this time….

That’s how I manage my time.

I still don’t have any specific time slots for my blogging work but I do keep track of what task I have to finish and what I have to do next day.

Hope this piece helps you.

Enjoy Blogging !! πŸ˜€ And yes, do subscribe for great updates πŸ™‚

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  1. The best time for blog writing now also that looking to covid 19 that we have time to write so many blog per day we can write 2-4 blog per day in this time we have much time improve or make better content for blog and so many digital marketing agency are giving tips about same .

  2. Very nice article. I understand that we waste a lot of our time. And yes during btech most of our time is wasted. So you said it right. Use your time towards building your blog.

  3. Hi Iftikhar bro, thanks for these great tips these are very helpful..
    Study and work smart, but blogging is something that makes you curious about your work everyday you wake-up with new goal and passion to achieve it..

  4. Hi Iftekhar,
    Thanks to you to share your experience and thoughts on your blog. I have the same situation and totally confused how can I run my blog. But I got an idea how can I do this.
    S0, happy to see you again for sharing this experience.

  5. What you wrote everything is true! but time spend in college varies from student to student, i spend almost 13 hours in college including my 60km travelling distance.. πŸ˜‰

  6. Very well said, Iftekhar,
    if one is really ambitious about blogging he will find the time. He will even spend a night writing a post instead of looking movies. All is possible if we love what we do .
    Thank you

  7. Nice post… I manage blogging 3-4 times per week in evening time between 6 pm to 8 pm. During work, I recommend not to waste time on FB & Other things…

  8. Hey Iftekhar,

    Great post!! nicely explained on how you can use the free time to do some productive things, that will help to add an extra skill and dimension in the career.

    thanks again for sharing.

  9. it is same case with the peoples who are doing full time job, and blogging & internet marketing. i still find it difficult to manage my time, the thing is, I get short span of time in between my tasks. so blogging task can not be completed in short span of time thus it takes lot of time to do even single task of blogging. btw good article πŸ™‚

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