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BlogX 2016 Recap: Experience, Highlights & Photos

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There are many events that take place throughout the year in India, most of them focuses on marketing, branding and startups !! However, recently we had an amazing event which was focused specially on Blogging !! Yeah I am talking about BlogX 2016 which took place on 5th August at the JW Marriot Hotel in New Delhi, India.

The event was organised by a good friend of mine Manmeet Singh Mahal. In this post, I will be sharing all my experiences of BlogX 2016 along with lots of photos and videos.

BlogX – What is it actually ? 

blogX 2016

Blogx is a conference of bloggers which is started this year and it attracts bloggers from all over India to network with each other and learn from the industry experts. Check out this entire post to get to know exactly what happened in BlogX 2016.

Let me just keep it straight 😛 as I know most of you are here for just the photos, names and the videos !! The videos will be added to the post as soon as they get released by the official blogx team.

BlogX 2016 Highlights

BlogX 2016 had many great speakers who shared a lot about blogging, SEO and content marketing based on their own experiences. Let me list all of them in a random order 😛 :

and then we had some young stars !!

  • Vivek Kumar
  • Abhishek Jain
  • Atman Shah
  • Evan Derek
  • Yugansh Chokra
  • Chiranshu Monga

and not to forget, the host – Abhishek Jain from

Apart from this, BlogX had a huge crowd of bloggers from various parts of the country. It was first time that so many bloggers from different cities all at a single place. 🙂

Coming back to the event !!

The event was started by the welcome note from Manmeet Singh Mahal along with the other event advisers.

blogX 2016
Start of Blogx 2016

Sequence of Events:

1. Parveen Singhal

BlogX started with Parveen Singhal who shared “10 Secrets about WittyFeed and how they create viral content!”. The most interesting part was his future plans for wittyfeed in making it an ad free medium !!

parveen singhal from Wittyfeed
Parveen Singhal from Wittyfeed

I also had a short discussion with Parveen and will be soon visiting the Wittyfeed Headquarters (which to me is one of the best working space in India).

2. Jon Yau

The event then proceeded with Jon Yau !! Umm, confused, well this guy bought the domain for $250,000 !!! Yes that’s a quarter of a million and he invested it to buy just a domain.

jon yau at blogx
Jon Yau at blogx

As his session progressed, he shared all his experiences of buying this particular domain and then building it from scratch.

I would recommend you to read this article by Jon : How to ask your wife for permission to spend $250,000 on a domain name

3. Ankit Oberoi

Next came the turn of Ankit, who is the CEO of Adpushup !! A tool that can maximize your AdSense earnings by optimizing the ads and the placements. I will definitely try Adpushup and will be reviewing it for all of you.

ankit oberoi from adpushup
Ankit Oberoi from Adpushup

Ankit shared some really useful tips on how to optimize Adsense to get the most out of it. He also took some really interesting questions regarding ad placements and helps us learn the small differences that can cause a big RPM shift.

This was then followed by networking/lunch break !! And this was the time people got to interact with each other. I met many of my blogging friends for the first time and had lots of fruitful discussions.

A lovely view it was !! Every blogger under a single roof, discussing with each other and sharing their journeys !!

4. Jitendra Vaswani

After the break, Jitendra Vaswani took upon the stage and talked about ” “Solid Success Parameters That A Millionaire Blogger Lives By” where he put a strong focus on self branding. Jitendra has great branding skills and has build a solid reputation outside India due to his networking and branding skills.

jitendra vaswani
Jitendra Vaswani speaking at blogx

5. Panel Discussion

It was then followed by a Panel Discussion. I was a part of this discussion alongside Danish Wadhwa, Divya Rai, Om Thoke and our superb panel host Gurpreet Tikku. The panel discussion was titled as “Blogging: Kal, Aaj aur Kal”, which means “Blogging: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

blogx panel discussion
Me Speaking at the Panel

6. Preet Sandhu

Soon after our long discussion ended, Preet Sandhu took over the stage. With so much and energy and confidence, Preet took attention of all the attendees. She shared her journey as a women blogger and also the difficulties she faced as a blogger. Today Preet is a big known blogger in the Indian blogosphere and is truly an inspiration to all the female bloggers out there.

Apart from her own journey, she shared some useful tips on how “A piece of content can change your life” 

preet sandhu speaking at blogx
Preet Sandhu taking up the stage

7. Young Stars sharing their Journey so far

Next was the turn for young stars !! Blogging has no age, one can start blogging from any age and it was well respected as the event had honored the young bloggers from India. The youngest blogger present at the event was Atman Shah, his age is just 13!! Other young stars were Abhishek Jain, Chiranshu Monga, Evan Derek, Yugansh Chokra and Vivek Kumar.

young stars at blogx
Young Stars at BlogX

Every one of them shared their journey and some of them were truly emotional. Hats off to all of them and a great thanks to BlogX for bringing up such stars in front of the entire audience. 🙂

8. Kulwant Nagi

And then came the turn of Kulwant Nagi !! Everyone in the audience were waiting to hear Kulwant share some genuine and actionable tips, which he did superbly !! Kulwant spoke on “How to build a 6 figure blogging business in the long run with thriving audience?”. It was amazing to see how he grown up to become such a successful marketer in the online industry.

kulwant nagi at blogx
Kulwant Nagi with his speech

After the end of his Speech, Manmeet along with the BlogX event organizers were called upon and the event was ended by a thanking message from Manmeet Singh.

blogx 2016 - manmeet
Wrapping up

Overall it was an amazing event, first of its kind in India. BlogX is promised to take place every year and I will look forward to attend it again.

And As I said earlier, most of you are here for the images !! So here are some more stills from the event.

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    Thanks Ifti

  2. Hey bro, i know that you dont know me but i am a blogger from bhopal itself. actually i also want to join such events but before that i want to build my name so that most of the people will be able to recognize me.
    Working hard to bring up the dream come true 🙂

  3. OHhhh. Missed the Summit this year.. Hope to attend the next time it happens in india. Thanks Ifti for Sharing this.

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  7. Nice Iftekar. I went to the Affiliate summit in The Leela gurgaon on 1 and 2 september. That was my first ever event. met jitendra and harsh agrawal. I didn’t knew that there is something called BlogX. I will have an eye on it in future inshallah.

  8. Hey, Ifti yet another great one. Loved attending there. One thing you missed about Chandu Chadra Shekar live updates from BlogX.
    It was great to meet you. 🙂

  9. It was a great opportunity for me that I attend the BlogX Bloggers Meet. It was my first meet. I like very much. Thanks a lot for share things about BlogX.

  10. Although, I have seen many photos, posts from BlogX 2016 shared by many bloggers on social media sites but didn’t find such complete description of the whole event.
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