How to Build a Strong Brand Image for Your Blog

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Many of you who are in field of blogging must be admiring big guys like, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Harsh Aggarwal, etc. Most of you promise yourself to build a strong brand image for your blog, one like your mentor’s. But, after struggling few months you also join the crowd of hoards who make nothing great than lame excuses!!

You sit back thinking!! How a very good percentage of those offering outstanding quality content, makes a difference in fierce competition. Your thinking goes more deep and you pop up with an idea, AHHH!!! they do it with help of experts!!!

If you are among one of these, than my dear friend i would say #PLEASE CUT THE CRAP OUT HERE.

GROW UP!! Be matured to understand that you are blogging for your readers, not for your examination in-charge, that you need to be expert in the field. JUST GO CALM! Blog what your heart says, write for your readers and you will find yourself on the top one day with your OWN FAN BASE (* Your Readers). ๐Ÿ™‚

Well!! I know you are finding out answers on, how to build a strong brand image for your blog?

Don’t worry! As I told you just write for your readers and it will be made your way to brand your blog. But YES! apart from that there are very small factors which need to be worked out, to establish your blog as a brand in itself!!

Well, you must be worried about, how to figure out that your blog or website stands out of the crowd and attract visitors? Is my blog branded?

REALLY!! Instead of thinking about blog’s branding, just focus on building a website and create content which is actually WORTH IT! Practise what you preach, this will surely take you to top. ( *Here, I am contexting your readers , WRITE for readers as they are the one who decide whether to make you a brand or not!!)

Build a Strong Brand Image – My very own tipsย !!


In addition to content there are many other factors that add ons to the process of BRANDING of your blog. So, just not wasting much time let’s move ahead to a find out how to build a strong brand image for your blog.

<<<PS: I ASSURE YOU, after reading this (what i am going to discuss NOW) you won’t look up to anyone’s face to ask about branding of your blog. >>>

Lets figure out what all is needed, Continue…..

1. Discover Your Own Writing Style

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

When mentor’s themselves claim, “CONTENT IS KING” then who are we to deny the fact.

YES!!! Content is a BIGGEST factor and a laystone of brand in making. Oopss! i got that wrong, it’s not just, ‘Content Is King’ RATHER Quality Content Is King‘.

When we talk about Branding of a blog, than not just we are taking care of ‘Quality Content’ but also we need to focus on our writing style.

I find most of the people just copying the articles and revolving them a bit and CLAIMING that as a ‘Unique Content’. If that way you want to move ahead than MIND MY WORDS you can not make your own space in this digital world.

( Are you saying, Errgg!!! Content Writer is not an expert, uhh rather than just a normal writer!!!)

YES I AGREE! Content writer is not an expert in a field, rather we all search out stuff in search engine and present it to the readers. Instead of this daily practise and following the trend of copywriters, just make something unique and discover your own writing style.

Guys, When it comes to branding a blog, you should focus on your writing style. A unique style of writing always attract readers.

Your content is the voice of your thoughts, of your blog, this is the reason why people will approach your blog and spend time reading your articles. In order, to build a strong brand blog, you really work on your own writing style.


  • Whether you will write short and crisp articles or highly researched and long articles?
  • Whether your content is going to be brash, burnt and direct to the bone?
  • Whether you going to write a controversial content or stick with basic norm?
  • Whether you want to follow the footprints of Brain Dean or stay out of face offs?

The day you will find answers to these questions, you will find a unique writing style for you.

REMEMBER! You should work with aim of providing quality content to readers. Your blog should portray your ideas and thoughts which are reflected in form of a creative style of writing.

2. Plan A Unique Posting Style

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

After a unique style of writing, follow a unique posting style. (*Brand is always emerged from ‘Unique’ Ideas.)

You must have noticed biggies like Brian Dean, Neil Patel has their own style of posting articles. Do you know, Brian Dean posts just 30 articles in a year and he manages to get thousands of subscribers each year to his blog.

So, here what i mean is, you have to decide whether to give your user viral content each day or whether you want to help them giving highly researched articles once in 15 days or a month.

Whatsoever you doing, JUST REMEMBER ONE THING, Make such a style of posting, that your readers should wait for your piece of writing. That’s how you make REAL READERS for your blog.

<<<Here, I want to quote something REALLY IMPORTANT, It is as important to make readers as to gather their email id in order to reach them later. Optinmonster is the best plugin to gather the email list of readers. I am using this tool for my websites, and TRUST ME! its a must have tool and adds up in creating a brand image for your website.>>>

*Read Here : Optinmonster Review : Why It Is Must Have Tool For Blogging ?

Coming back to topic,

In the meantime, just find out that sticking to a posting style is where the challenge comes. Your readers should be intimated with when they can expect next useful post from you. AT LAST, Branding is all about consistency.

3. Unique Design Of Blog

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

Presentation is way beyond everything. If you present a thing well, definitely it lays an impact on a person.

In order to grab attention of readers make your blog design more unique by putting a simple and attractive website layout. ALWAYS FOCUS on simple and elegant designs in order to make the readers click on your desired direction.

NO I AM NOT A WEB DESIGN EXPERT! but yeah one thing i know is, readers get attracted and feel convenient to hang on at simple layout websites. It’s a proven fact that websites with multiple designs are always quite confusing.

The crux of using a unique blog design enables your visitors to have an awestruck experience on your blog. Visitors should know when they are still on your blog and when they have left your blog. You can use premium themes available in the market, but REALLY a customized theme is always a best. (One I like the most ๐Ÿ™‚ )

4. Branded Logo

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

Logo is the identity of a blog. Design it in a way to make it expressive just like it speaks all about your blog.

AGAIN THINKING! ( *I am not a graphic designer!!)

Who told you to design it yourself? Just hire a skilled designer and get it designed for your blog. #CHILL it’s not that expensive, you can find many logo designer online.

So, coming back to topic!

Yeah! unique logo is an identity to your blog, just like Quicksprout (Neil’s website), ShoutMeLoud (Harsh’s website), iftiseo (Iftekhar Ahmed) etc. As i told you earlier, Logo of your blog should be a true representation of your blog values. Why? Yeah, because your blog’s logo will be a unique symbol of your blog authority in the blogosphere.

5. Who’s Behind The Blog!

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

I remember the old times, when i stepped in to this blogging industry. I worked as a content writer for some blog in my initial times. After sometime, i realized, HELL WHAT AM I DOING!! Who knows me as a writer to someone’s blog? What is my identity?

I left the job as a freelance writer and started writing from my own blogs, there i started gathering a fan base for myself where people started knowing me, Who I am? What I have done? They started taking interest in my upcoming blogs!! And things changed in no time!!

UNDERSTOOD!! What really makes a difference. If you want to make you and your blog stand out among the crowd than tell readers, ABOUT YOU and your ideas behind starting a blog.

If you are successful in making readers to your blog than TRUST ME, they are always interested about who is behind the blog. They go and checkout all information that you have provided in ‘ABOUT US’ page of your blog.

Therefore, ‘About Us’ page on your blog is extremely important to build a strong brand image for your blog. Make sure that your ‘About Us’ page should include your blogโ€™s mission, vision and its objectives. You can take a look at the about us page of in order to get a better understanding of how your about page should look like.

6. Set A Trendy Hue

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

Experiments leads to inventions, so keep on experimenting with your blog appearance. Try some bold pops of unexpected color in order to rejuvenate your blog giving it a new life. Some Bright neon hues are extremely popular, fun and lively.

You can try out some really amazing, colors which will be a real branding to your website. BUT, Don’t overdo it as valuable information is more important for users.

MY OPINION, Lime green is a great option as it links or calls to action in sites with dark backgrounds. An Onion Pink do wonders to the sites with white backgrounds.

7. Add a Video

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

Video are nowadays becoming one of the must-have visuals elements for websites. WELL!! You need to have these fancy tools to capture a little bit of attention in order to boost your website aesthetics.

So, add-on a few seconds video to showcase your website ideas, portraying the real picture about its creation. Show something really unique about your website with a bit of text or call to action.

Keep few things in mind,

  • Try to keep the video short so that your blog loads quickly.
  • Do not use sound as auto-play sound can irritate the readers.
  • Use an image that engages large number of readers and is easy to understand.

8. Associate with other strong brands

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

If you want to grow fast and take your website to another level than MOVE FORWARD and try to associate with big brands (Authority Websites).

**I am not just saying it BUT I MEAN IT. Doing this can adds up to your website personal branding. Association with biggies in blogosphere lays a great impact in mind of the readers.

^.^ THINKING!! ( ! How to do this association? ๐Ÿ™ I am just a newbie. )

If you thinking in this way than HANG ON! Trust your talent. Create a quality blog with quality content and showcase your website model to big brands.

Ahhh!! You asking, “How to do this?” Hang On>>>

Okay! So, just write a nice guest post for whosoever you want to linked up with ( * Like one Iย am writing for Iftekhar ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and submit to the blog owner. By the mean time! wait till the time the concerned person have a look at the one.

That’s how you can GO ON connecting with biggies of blogosphere.


So, that’s how you cover a journey of a normal blog to a website ‘BRAND’. While winding up the things, i just want to make a SHOUTOUT to all those bloggers/non bloggers sitting behind the screen.

HEY GUYS, Just don’t read it and sit back!! It’s time to take action. This is all what you REALLY need to do to make your blog a well established BRAND. Better if you take a right step at right time.

Build A Strong Brand Image For Your Blog

This was all with the topic, i hope i laid justice to the today’s topic. I am assuming you guys must have got a valuable information on how to build a strong brand image for your blog. If you have any suggestions than step forward and drop them in the comment box.

Hope you all have a nice day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hey Sazia,
      I wish you luck in your journey to branding of your blog. Logo is a identity of every brand and it is as important for a website as any other thing.
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