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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day !!! Well if you are an Internet Marketer, you must be knowing about the significance of these 3 days. Not only you get huge discounts but you also get unlimited opportunities to bank some real cash !!

In this post I won’t be promoting offers (I may add few 😛 ), rather I will be teaching you all on how you guys can promote various black Friday offers and make money.

So here’s what you will be learning in this post:


So are you guys excited ??

I will try to pour all my knowledge in this article to make it one of a kind. I also wish that I complete this article before this year’s black Friday (as I get too Lazy at times)

Note: I will be writing this post focusing on Black Friday, the same is applicable for Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving day.


Types of Offers you can Promote on Black Friday

Before starting, let me share with you the different category of services/products that you can promote on Black Friday.

  1. Domain & Web Hosting (THE BEST)
  2. Amazon Offers
  3. SEO Tools and Plugins
  4. Themes
  5. PC Softwares
  6. Membership of various Websites (stock photo sites, forums, etc)
  7. and the list goes on…

No matter what niche you are working on, there will always be a product to promote. Just explore the different affiliate marketplaces to find the best offers.

I will be writing this post specifically for blogging and IM niche bloggers !!

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How to Find Offers to Promote ?

Knowing offers beforehand is something that can be very helpful. It not only gives you time to plan the promotion strategy but it also gives you a good head start. So the question in front is, How to find best offers to promote during black Friday ??

A big question !!

Well If you are a good affiliate marketer or if you have signed up to all big affiliate networks then its not really hard to find offers to promote.

Keep an Eye on your EMAIL

Most of the companies share their respective black Friday offers with their affiliates via email.

For Example,

Have a look at these 2 emails !!

I got these last year from Bluehost and Hostgator !! You can see the dates, they sent the offers much before blackfriday.

Bluehost sent me mail on 23rd Nov (Black Friday 2015 was on 27th Nov) while hostgator gave me good amount of time by sending their offers on 16th November. The email had the offers, coupons and banners that were lined up for Black friday and cyber Monday.

bluehost blackfriday
Bluehost BlackFriday Email to Affiliates


hostgator blackfriday
Hostgator BlackFriday Email to Affiliates

Hostgator later mailed the Flash Sale details with sale timings !! It included all the offers that were about to go live on the site. So keep an eye on such mails as well. 😉


Check Out your Affiliate Dashboard

Most of the companies send emails but it may happen that you fail to receive or maybe you miss it.

The next option then is to check the affiliate dashboards of the networks that you ought to promote. Most of the times, you will be able to find Banners related to Black Friday being added in the dashboard.

Get an idea of offers from those banners and start working.

Get offers By Simple a Google Search

Sometimes you can also search for previous year offers and predict offers for the current year.

This will not give you the exact offer details but it will help you in building your content or marketing strategy.

Just search for : Niche/product/service Black Friday 2015. 

Here are some deals that I found from last year articles !!

black friday 2015 deals

This way you can also find new offers that you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

how to find black friday offers

Another last year post !!

how to find black friday offers

As you can see !! I’ve got many offers from last year !!

I can keep an eye on these products and promote it this time. 😉

You can do the same to find the offers/products that you can promote. Quite easy, Right ??

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How to Write an Article that Converts ?

Before starting, let me remind you that a lot of companies have such affiliate policies that don’t allow sharing of affiliate links directly through social media or emails. Therefore I recommend you to make good blog posts where you can promote the offers using your affiliate links.

Now there can be multiple methods to do so,

Single Master Affiliate Page (SMAP) Content Strategy

This is my favorite method.

I recommend making a master page that should be designed well and have the best offers listed.

No need to review the products, just write 2-4 lines (that can also be eliminated). Thrive page builder is a good tool to make such pages. 

black friday demo post layout

The advantage of writing article using such layout is that it covers multiple category offers instead of a single offer. It looks good and is highly shareable as well !! 🙂

Let me list some key points before moving forward :

  • Do not write big paragraphs.
  • Add your Affiliate links multiple times in the article.
  • Use Buttons, GIF, Banners in the articles.
  • No need to review the product completely.
  • Do not confuse the reader by putting multiple offers of a single product.
  • Your Blog Post Title must match the offers that you promote.

Individual Product-Wise article

This comes handy if you are looking to get organic traffic by ranking the article. Most of the authority blogs does the same, you can follow the same. For example you can write individual posts for Bluehost, hostgator, studiopress (or whatever you promote). Make sure to keep the article well formatted with affiliate links and buy now buttons.

Titles can be like:

  • Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Deals
  • 70% Discount on Bluehost Black Friday 2016

Category based Articles

And the third option is to make posts covering one category each !! You can make a single article covering all hosting deals, one article covering all theme offers and so on !!

Titles can be:

  • Best Black Friday 2016 Hosting Deals
  • Best Black Friday 2016 Theme offers

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Different Ways to make money on Black Friday ?

There are multiple ways by which you can earn money during Black Friday !! And that’s what I will be discussing down below. 🙂

Excited ??



Make money on Black Friday using Brand Influence

Are you are getting good amount of engagement on your social media posts?? If yes, then it means that you have good influence and therefore people like to engage with you on your posts. Guess what, the same influence can be used during black Friday to make some money 🙂 .

Many people earn money during Black Friday only by sharing the best offers on social media. This is possible only because they (or their brand profile) have a good social media influence.

So if you believe you have some influence, you can try out this method. But wiat, what do you have to do ?? :/

Well, Its simple !!

Share on Social Media !! 😛


Share your Black Friday blog posts on your social media profiles. A lot of your followers will open your link and can end up buying what you promoted.

I have personally tested this on my facebook profile. (I get upto 1000 unique clicks on every link that I share on my facebook profile and a lot of them converts to leads).

You can do the same provided your profile gets good engagement too.

The points that you have to keep in mind are:

  • Just share a single blog post link that contains all the offers instead of promoting multiple black friday blog posts.
  • Don’t spam by sharing again and again. Keep a good time interval in between.
  • Use all your social media profiles, even the dead profiles revive during such events. :p
  • Do share on Linkedin as well. Not many people share their links out there, so there might be a chance of your link getting good views and clicks.
  • Share using your Facebook Page as well.
  • Be the first to share. As many people does the same, its always good to share first.
  • Share some out of the box offers as well.
  • Don’t only promote what others are promoting, try promoting new products and services.

I’m 100% sure, you will get good number of sales using this. I may do the same this year, and if it works, I will definitely share my reports with you.

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Make Money on Black Friday using your Email list

Ahaa !! Though I am not a good player in email marketing but I am still a big fan of it. Email marketing always proves to be a powerful weapon to convince your readers/subscribers to buy from your link.

Using email list to drive traffic is what most of us do !!

But have you tried sending out an email with offers to various products and services ?? I bet many of us don’t !! And those who does, must be knowing the fact that mails with offers in subject and content have a much better open rate as well as click rate.

Why ??

Because your subscribers and readers love offers !! In fact they might be subscribed to you just because your email subscription widget had text like “Get more offers”.

Got the point ?? Well that’s the primary reason why emails with offers, discounts, coupons gets clicked much more than the traditional mails which only let them know about your latest blog post.

If you are confused on how to do email marketing, then I will recommend you to sign up for Get Response. Its simply the easiest email marketing tool that can help you send great designed emails and also helps you track each and everything about your email campaigns.

So with this being said, you can now easily understand the benefits of emailing during black friday.

You don’t really need an extraordinary template for your email. Just use simple words, write a short description, use some words that excites the buyer in them and you are good to go.

Well if you are a regular reader of my content, you must be looking for some more details or maybe an example 😛

Here’s a demo email that you can send out to your email list.


Subject: Special Black Friday Offers for you !!

Hello Name, 

Hope that you are having a great weekend !!

I just wanted to tell you that I have some special Black Friday bonuses and offers for you. The offers include hosting, themes, plugins and many more.

The offers last only for few hours… 

Click here (link the text with your blog post) so that I can take you to Offers page specially designed for you. 




I think the message is clear 🙂

You can also create landing pages for Free using getresponse. I do the same and it helps me get some extra leads and sales. I will be coming up with a guide soon.

Lets move onto the next method !!

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Using Social Media to Make Money on Black Friday

Not everyone gets good engagement on social media !!

Are you one of them ?? If yes, then there’s absolutely no problem. You can still try various other methods to get affiliate sales during Black Friday !!

Here are the things that you can do:

  • Run a Sponsored Ad on Facebook promoting your Black Friday Blog Post. Make sure to target the correct audience and optimize the ads for the best click rates. You may have to spend 50-100$ but it can be totally worth if a single sale generates you that much amount of money.
  • There are numerous groups on facebook, promote (share) your blog post on as much groups as you can. Just make sure to share only in relevant groups.
  • Tweet your Blog post URL multiples times a day using all the possible event related hashtags. Do the same on Google Plus.
  • You can also offer some services in return to those who buys from your link. Let me explain this !!

For example, if you are promoting Hosting offers. You can offer services like, Free WordPress setup, Free domain setup, free logo, free XYZ plugin, Free Theme etc. A lot can be offered in return to the buyer.

This is what most of my Indian friends are doing. They usually provide services (at times they even offer some cashback) to those who buy from their links. I’ve seen one of them making 3000$ last year by just providing some cashback + services.

Believe me, this is much easier than ranking a blog post of Black Friday Offer. 🙂

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Make money from Black Friday Event Blog

Event Blogging is on a high !! Most of the newbie bloggers are starting their journeys by making event blogs, while many bloggers are making their complete living by earning through event blogging.

On a short note, Event blogging is basically making a dedicated site for any particular event and ranking it on top of google for most of the high searched keywords. This way, event bloggers get huge traffic during the event and thus they make huge amount of money (Usually via AdSense or affiliates).

You can do the same for Black Friday !!!

Yes, you can, but don’t be in a hurry. Since this is a very huge event you must first understand the things that will work and things that will just waste your time.

Its a common observation that the more targeted and specific your site is, the better will be the outcome.

So instead of making a black friday site that covers everything, go for building a black friday event blog that targets a particular set of products/services.

Here are few Black Friday related keywords with domain ideas that you can make your Black friday Event Blog about.

  • Web Hosting and Domain Offers  (
  • Softwares, Themes and Plugins Offers (,
  • Amazon based Black Friday event site (
  • Walmart, Target, etc Keywords targeted black friday site.
  • Black Friday Electronic device offers related blog ( , )

And a lot more !!! You just have to do the searching. However from the above list, #1 and #2 gives the best results.

Its mainly because a lot of webmasters buy Hosting and domains during black friday (cyber monday) !!! Its all because of the lucrative offers that these hosting companies come up with during black friday. A lot of people search for such offers on Google and end up buying from any site that they visit !!

Moreover these companies pays upto 200$ per sale which is quite a good amount.

For example, Bluehost pays 100-120$ for every sale to affiliates !! During Black Friday, they come up with offers upto 80% off and with the same commission rates !!

If you  rank your site or article for terms like “Bluehost Black Friday offers”, you can easily get 10-50 sales. And each sale will generate you 100$ !! That’s some 1000-10000$ we are talking about.

Same goes with Hostgator, iPage, WPengine etc !!

So my recommendation will be always to make a Black Friday event blog targeting Hosting offers and discounts.

Softwares, Themes and Plugins are also sold at ultra cheap rates during black friday !! So you can also try making a site that focuses on themes or softwares !!!

The success of such blogs usually lies on how early you start working on it !!

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Earning from Long Term Blogs During Black Friday

If you have long term blogs then you can easily use them to promote offers during Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

The advantage of using your long term blogs instead of event blog is that it can be ranked easily (as compared to any brand new blog). Your blog’s authority and age factor will help you outrank the new blogs.

Most of the pro-bloggers are doing the same. If you check or even any other big blogging website, you will find them promoting offers via blog posts during black friday.

black friday posts
Black Friday article on Shotmeloud

You can do the same and bank some cash (provided you rank) !!

Now this can be done in 2 ways !! Either you make a single blog post covering all the offers and affiliate links or you can write individual blog posts for each product/service.

I will suggest you to make a page first, which should contain all the offers altogether (use the layout I gave above) !! And then make sub-articles of various products/services.

Ranking the content will depend on your content, on-page, site authority and the backlinks. But if you have a big blog with good amount of links and authority, you can easily outrank others.

2 years ago, I ranked one of my former site on page 1 for Digital Ocean (hosting) Black Friday related keyword. It brought me 5 valid sales 🙂 All I did was, posted good content with affiliate banners!! Rankings were all based on the authority of my site.

So this way, make use of your long term blogs during the event.

One friend of mine made 4000$ during Black Friday 2015, a complete case study can be found here.

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A Final Conclusion $$$$

So I explained everything that people are doing !! Now its your turn to do the same. No doubt the competition is always high, but it can still be achieved.

Do share your case studies and stories related to black friday earning in the comments section. I may include some. 🙂

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