How to Find Upcoming Trends & Events for Event Blogging

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Hey Iftekhar, can you suggest me some upcoming events or trends that I can cover on my blog?

Hey Ifti, Can you suggest low competition trends/events?


Well, I get such type of messages almost every day. Everyone wants a list of trends or events for event blogging or other micro niche blogging purposes.

In this post, you will learn how to find events for event blogging and also how you can find keywords for your multi-niche sites.

You may call it a short keyword research guide. 😉


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Twitter Analytics – A Keyword Event Discovery tool for Bloggers 

My first question is, do you use Twitter ?? Are you really active on it??

Because if you’re, then you must be knowing about Twitter Analytics.

It’s simply a tool that shows you your Twitter stats, you can check the number of followers you got in any particular month, you can check the biggest follower you got, you can even check the number of tweets you were mentioned in.

It is very useful if you are focused on improving your Twitter profile, so do a thorough check of it. 😉


How to Find Events using Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics also offers some extra tools that can help you find new untapped events for your event blogging or keywords for your regular sites.

Without wasting more time, here’s how you can use it to find upcoming events.

  • Open Twitter analytics
  • Once you are in, you can see a tab called “Events” in the menu. Click on it and you will be in.

  • This will open up the overview page of Events.

As you can see, this shows the upcoming big events from around world.

Most of these events may be known to you, but if you go to the events tab, you will be amazed to see a long list of various upcoming events that you can work upon.

It displays a huge list of all upcoming big events with extra details like Date, category and the location of the event/happening.

The duration tells you the event duration and the location tells you the country where the event is famous or celebrated.

The audience size can also be used as an indication of how big the event is. Do not confuse Audience size with the Google searches, this size simply means the approximate number of people who tweet about the event.

Same way if you are into entertainment or movie niche, you can directly head over to movie tab to look for all the big upcoming movies.

Isn’t this great??

Now you have got a huge list of new keywords and events but how to pick the best one and how to use twitter events feature effectively??

Finding the Best Events & Keywords

The first thing you must start using is the filters provided by the tool.

If you are looking for an event to make a complete blog about it, then you must straight away use the date filter and find only those events that are after atleast 1 month.

This is because it takes time to rank an event blog and I always recommend starting events 3 months prior to the event date. This way you get the time to update content and do proper off-page rather than just blasting all the links at one go.

Let’s try finding an event;

The date I am writing this post is 7th August 2017, so let’s check events that are in November 2017.

A huge list of events.

Upon checking this list I see many Non-English events that can be covered as well.

Anyways here are some events that I can work on,

  • Latin Grammy Awards
  • American Music Awards
  • NRJ Music Awards
  • Corona Capital

Also, if you do a good research you will find most of the event untouched by bloggers (Event bloggers). So it can be pretty much easy to rank them.

I also checked a few events manually by doing a simple Google search. Some of them came out to be really less competitive with many search results being Facebook pages, twitter tags, etc.

You know the rest, just do proper research and find out some new keywords/events.

Keyword Ideas for “Movie” Event Blogging

I’ve shown how you can find upcoming movies using the tool, well, here’s how you can use it effectively.

Find upcoming movies and publish a set of articles related to it on your blog. You can easily attract tons of visitors because what happens is, movies are something that makes up multiple long tail keywords after a release. For example, some movie based keywords are;


  • Watch “Movie Name” online
  • “Movie Name” Download
  • “Movie Name” Collection
  • “Movie Name” Box office Collection
  • “Movie Name” Torrent (I am not promoting torrents here, I am just listing out the keywords)
  • “Movie Name” wiki
  • “Movie Name” Online booking
  • “Movie Name” near me
  • “Movie Name” tickets


You can find more movie related keywords using keywords planner. 😉

Just search for any old movie name on keyword planner to get more keyword ideas.

Now go ahead, either make an entire blog on any upcoming movie or just cover the same on your multi-niche/entertainment blog.

I hope you got the idea of how it works?

I don’t see any need to extend this post, so here are some final tips from my side;

  • The tool is best for Multi-niche blogs. Start using it properly and you will see the results
  • Try working on some Non-English events as well.
  • Do use Keyword planner to get a complete overview of any event you find.
  • Click on any event name to find more details of it.

There are more ways to find trends and events, but this one is really easy as you get a wide range of trends/events at one place.

That’s it for this post. You can always comment to share your views about the post. 🙂

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