9 Simple Hacks to Get More Email Subscribers for your Blog

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Worried about how you are not getting enough email subscribers to your blog?

If that’s a yes, then you are not alone. Most bloggers (even if they have good design, great articles, and decent traffic) suffer from the same issue.

In this article, I will show you 9 clever hacks on how to turn visitors into subscribers and that too with a proof that it works. These tips aren’t just any random tips, you’ll get to see live proof of how other sites are implementing it and rocking their email marketing campaigns.

Sounds great?

Let’s start.

1. Write Exclusive Guides Which Are New To The World

Content is the king.

Whether it be growing traffic or gaining new subscribers, you will be needing Quality Content.

You can write guides that can add a very high value to your blog. Many blogs are just focused towards publishing big guides. 


Well, People want to read Exclusive or complete guides from which they can get enough ideas and techniques. If you can write such guides then you can attract lots of new subscribers to your blog.

Let me give some exclusive post ideas here so that you can also start writing such exclusive posts.

  1. Iftekhar Ahmed has written a post on Sweet Steal Method on this blog. That post is working very well for him and it is definitely helping him to attract new subscribers and new audience time by time.
  2. Brian Dean has written an exclusive post on Link Building which is of great value. Due to this one post only, Brian is getting huge amount of traffic and subscribers.

So the key to getting new subscribers to your blog is to provide exclusive post which contains facts, real case studies, numbers and working techniques. Those posts must be the unique to the world in a way that it can only be found on your blog.

2.  Utilize Old Content of Your Blog Smartly

Blogging is all about content and its promotion. If you can do it well then you can get lots of money, traffic and everything else you want.

I am sure if you are blogging for quite long time then you will find good amount of content on your blog. You just need to use those content smartly to get Email Subscribers to your blog. One of the ways to use old content of your blog is to put them together and show them to your readers when they come to your blog.

You can make one unique page on your blog where you list down all your Best Blog Post which are exclusive as well as of high quality. Once you are done with it, you can promote that page via various ways and get more and more subscribers for your blog.

Let me give examples so that you can get clear idea.

  1. Swadhin Agrawal has a epic page on his blog called the blogging mastery guide. This page not only lists a huge number of blogging tips which garners a lot of praise from his readers but also has a prominent “get the free training” button which funnels the visitors into his email list.
  2.  Darren Rowse has created Start Here Page on which he has put everything is necessary for any blog to implement.

These two pages have one additional benefit and that is, they reduce the bounce rate and time spent on site. Both are highly necessary to get good rankings for your site.

Above two are just the examples of utilization of old content. You just need to check them wisely and get ideas from them. Once you are done with it, you can start creating your own such pages and attract lots of new audience.

3. Provide Exclusive Deals to Your Readers

This is one of my favorite method to increase Affiliate Conversion and Email Subscribers…!!!

This is a method that any Affiliate Marketer can use.

In this method, you just need to provide Exclusive deals to your readers. In those deals, you can promote your affiliate product at less price than other affiliate marketers.

Have you seen that Iftekhar is promoting Bluehost Hosting deal of $2.95/month with Free Domain which other affiliate marketers are promoting for $3.45/month? So as a reader, anyone will surely go for the $2.95/month deal.

One more such example can be Cyber Monday Deals page of this blog. On this page, Iftekhar has mentioned all the great offers with Huge Discount. You can also create such Landing Pages to promote HOT Deals ☺

This way, you can increase your affiliate conversion as well as Email Subscribers.

4. Create PDF of Your Posts

This is the most efficient way to promote your post and get new Email Subscribers for your blog. You can simply make PDF copy of your top notch blog post and post them on your homepage. Your visitors will get them when they fill Email Subscription form. This way, they can get Exclusive PDF Guides and you will get new subscribers.

Let me give you Example here ☺

  1. Ahfaz Ahmed is giving Free PDF Guides on his Home Page. He has made PDF guides from his Top Posts and then he is promoting them on his Home Page. Check the below Image to get the idea of it☺.

Ahfaz Home Page (PDF Example)

5. Provide Value to Your Readers

This is a must for any kind of success in blogging. If you are not providing value to your readers, they will never come back. Value can be in terms of quality content, exclusive deals, respect, latest information etc.

If you are providing good content, new deals, encourage your readers to do more, reply to all the comments, solve queries of your readers then there are high chances that they will automatically subscribe to your blog.

You don’t need to tell them that “please subscribe”…!!! They will subscribe by their own wish because you are adding values in their lives.

6. Add Sign Up Forms Wherever You Find Suitable

I am sure you must have heard the saying:  The More, The Better.

You can follow the same while adding Sign Up Forms on your blog. You can add them as per your need. Initially, you may need to apply trial and error techniques (split testing) but once you get the idea where to put Sign Up form, you can surely get hell lot of subscribers.

You can put Sign Up forms in sidebar, after post, in between post content or on home page. You just need to find out the place from where you can get good results.

Let me give some examples here too ☺

  1. Brian Dean has kept Subscription box on the Home Page with his own photo. Check the below image to find out how it looks.

Home Page of Backlinko

  1. Iftekhar Ahmed is keeping Sign Up form in the Sidebar and at the end of each post. Check the below image to get an idea…

IftiSEO Sidebar

There are many great tools which you can use to manage your Email Management. One such tool is GetResponse which is the best Email Management tool to manage all your Email Subscriptions. You can buy and use that tool smartly to increase your subscribers.

7. Create One Page Called Subscribe Here

On a Blog, there will be different pages called Home, About, Contact us etc. You can add one more page called Subscription. By adding this page, you are giving your readers one more option to subscribe your blog. This is a great way to increase subscriptions on a blog.

The idea here is quite simple: Your readers should be able to find subscription box easily. Add more and more options for the subscription to increase subscribers on your blog.

One good example of Subscription page is Subscribe Page of HubSpot. You can get enough idea about creation of your page from this page.

8. Choose Your Wording with Great Care

Words can make or break any relation.

Yes, this saying is true when it comes to Email Subscriptions. Have you ever seen Sign Up Forms where you will feel bit thoughtful for not signing up? I am sure you must have seen it.

You should use your words wisely when showing the Sign-Up form. Some words may work while others may not. So you can try and experiment with your choice of wording and go with the one that performs the best.

Check the Below Image to get idea about how Neil Patel is using Words on his sign Up Page:

Good Wording

9. Launch Course via Mail

This is one of the easiest way to increase your Email Subscribers. You can start a course in which you can send reading material in some time gap to all your Email Subscribers. There are many people who want such kind of courses. You can get a good number of subscribers by using this way.

You can use tools like GetResponse or Mailchimp to send such emails over some period of time. By doing so, you can increase your readers as well as subscribers.

Let me show you one quick Example:

Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud is putting Course offer after each post. This way, he is giving readers the chance to subscribe and learn from courses. It is indeed a great way to increase subscribers.

SML Example

Wrapping things up:

I hope you liked these 9 tips to turn your readers into your raving fans and have them subscribe to your blog instantly. All these 9 strategies work well for the blogs I’ve mentioned and these are sure to work for you too.

Make sure you add a lot of value in your blog posts and the pages where you have the opt-in form placed. This should lure them into signing up for more.

Don’t forget to optimize and keep testing to see what works. One strategy working for a said website doesn’t have to work for you too. That is why testing is the key.

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Let me know if you’ve any doubts regarding the implementation of these tips. I’ll answer to every comment and help you get more subscribers for your blogs.

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  1. Really very nice tips to increase Email Subscribers of bog.
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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us. I had recently started a blog and was looking for a way to increase email subscriber. I had received only 5 subscribe in last two month. Hope this works for me.

  3. I was aware of some of these tips, but others were new for me.
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  4. Just started a new blog, will try to use most of the tips you mentioned above. Thanks for this amazing post.
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  5. Hi Nayan!
    I was aware of some of these tips, but others were new for me.
    Very well explained, I loved the article.
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  6. Hi Great Ideas with different successful personalities. I never think about subscribers. I have to improve it by using these methods. Thanks for sharing

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