Giveaway 6: Free Seoclerks 5$ Coupons For Everyone

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Hi Friends, it’s good to be back with yet another giveaway for my readers. It is once again sponsored by SEOCLERKS.
Giveaway 6: Free Seoclerks 5$ Coupons For Everyone
Free Seoclerks 5$ Coupons
So By now I hope most of you have joined SEOCLERKS after reading my Success story and other giveaways organized by us. So, this time this giveaway is for ONLY those who haven’t joined SEOCLERKS yet. This time you don’t have to join via any widget or so, it’s very direct this time. Eager to know???

Well this time we will be giving 5$ Seoclerks coupons to all those who joins it under my link.
If you are still wondering about what is SEOCLERKS, then here you will find all your answers.
Steps to get SEOCLERKS 5$ Coupon:
  •  Join SEOCLERKS under our Affiliate link. (Compulsory) and follow us
  • Leave a comment below about the giveaway.
  • Join our Mailing List from our SIDEBAR “subscribe us” widget.
  • Share this post or any of our post to any 2 Social networks using our sharing widget.
NOTE: This Giveaway is only for those who are still not a member of SEOCLERKS

Steps to redeem your Coupon:
  • Send us your SEOCLERKS user profile link to [email protected]. It can take up to 5 days before approving your request.
Do not CHEAT:
Do not try to make multiple accounts to get the coupons, we have a complete team of SEOCLERKS moderators who will be tracking each and every user IP. If you found guilty all of your accounts will be suspended permanently, so keep it clean.
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  1. Thanks.
    Joined using the given link.
    Followed you.
    Message sent in FB, may be it went to others box.
    Waiting for the coupon 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Giveaway , followed all the steps as mentioned
    -Join using provided link
    -Followed on SEOCLERKS
    -Already Joined mailing list
    -Shared to twitter & G+
    Hope for recieve the coupon soon,Thanks

  3. Hai IFTISEO,

    Thanks for conducting 5$ seo coupon.I had completed all steps to eligible for the giveaway.Iam waiting for my coupon.

    Sarybil Elder

  4. Thanks for organising giveaway.I joined under your affliate link,followed your profile on seo clerks & subscribed to your mailing list.

  5. Hey iftiseo, User name cmhconsultancy here. I did all of the above and a little extra, thanks in advance for the coupon. Do have a Great Day!

  6. Just Signed up with your affiliate link & follow you. waiting for coupon. Your blog is very good for new bloggers.

  7. Sir Thanks for giveaway, It is awesome for starter. you are helping starters it is best thing.

    I have completed all step easily as you instructed.

  8. HI, I’m so happy for finding a giveaway with such positive ratings!
    I hope to see results soon.
    Thank you so much!

  9. Thanks for the givaway. Just signed up using the affiliate link and followed all the steps. Now waiting for the coupon

  10. Thanks for the SEO Clerks giveaway. I just signed up using your link..

    Waiting for coupon..


  11. Awesome giveaway i love to have it and i already had shared this on my social profiles 😀

  12. Hello Ifti, I’m new to blogging and this is the first time I’m participating in Giveaway 🙂 BTW this blog is very useful to me! Thanks for the share! And don’t forget to send me coupon to me asap! Thanks 😀

  13. I signed up using your link, subscribed to your mailing list, followed you on SEOclerks, shared your one post on facebook (sorry, I only use one social network so cannot share on two socials). Email sent to you. Thanks for this giveaway, waiting for your email.

  14. thanks for the giveaway. Just signed up using the link..

    Waiting for the coupon.

    Keep going with such useful stuffs..

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