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Whenever someone talks about monetizing a blog, Google AdSense and Infolinks are the names that comes first to our mind. We all are very much familiar with Google AdSense, there are 100s of guides online about “How to get AdSense”, “How to get good CPC” etc, even I wrote some articles around a year back regarding the same. So today I won’t be going into AdSense, instead the main focus today is Infolinks, which I believe is one of the best In-Text advertising network. A complete Infolinks Optimization Guide 2015 is what I have for you all today. Also Read: Stuck at Adsense: 5 Robust Alternatives


I’ve been using it for over a year, and till date I have no problems with it at all. I always got paid in time and the eCPM I get is also quite impressive.


Quick Overview of Infolinks

Infolinks is a trusted In-text advertising program which offers publishers with a variety of options to monetize blogs and webpages. One more cool thing about Infolinks is that, it can be used with Google AdSense.


Getting approved is a very easy task and setting up ads on your blog is more easier. You can refer to some videos or other blog posts if you want to learn how to integrate infolinks on your site.


Well you might still have the following questions in your mind!! Let me answer it here itself to keep you off from any sort of confusion


What is the minimum payout ? 
50$ is the minimum payout


What are the different payment options ? 
Infolinks offers you various methods for payout.
  • Paypal (The best way)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card
  • eCheck / Local bank Transfer 
When do you get Paid ? 
Infolinks pays you on NET45 basis, it means that you will get paid after 45 days. It usually pays on 16th of every month.
One more question that I come across regularly on my SEO group is, Do we have to get approved for every blog individually to show ads ? 

Well yes, you have to get your blog approved separately. However its not a big deal getting approved, just submit your URL and you will getting approval confirmation mail in 48 hours or so.
So this was just a basic overview of how things works and some common FAQs. Now let me take you to the optimization part, for which you all asked me to write this article.


My Earning Reports from Infolinks 🙂

Well before starting with it, I would like to share some of my reports to show how good this network is. Moreover I always use infolinks on my event niche sites to maximise my profits.For me, I have earned over 500$ in a week also with this network and sometimes 10$ a month. In the end it all depends on your traffic.


Random Month Earnings - JUNE JULY 2014
Random Month Earnings – JUNE JULY 2014


JAN 2015 - 20 Day Full Report
JAN 2015 – 20 Days Full Report
June Payment Infolinks
June Payment Infolinks with 10$ being Cut by Paypal

And I just got my January 2015 payment on 16th March. Here’s a snap.

Infolinks proof jan 2015


Optimize Infolinks Ads for the best performance

So this is for what you are here!!  🙂


Integrating and Optimizing Infolinks ads is not a tough task and can be done very easily, the results for me have always been great.


Infolinks offers you various ad products to choose from:
  • intext
  • infold
  • intag
  • inframe
  • inscreen (New)
 Infolinks Ad products list


It is often heard that infolinks ads make your site spammy as they add many link ads and the infold ads looks creepy as well. Yes, its true but you can control everything and that’s a great feature offered by them. 


Let me now take each ad type and list its best method or way to optimize. 🙂


And yes don’t worry or bother about the Optimization Status that gets displayed for your site, it shows Max optimization only if you enable all ad products and display the maximum number of ads, however that won’t be a good thing to do as it will make things look creepy and you may lose trust from your readers.


  • InText
Optimize intext Infolinks Ads 2015


InText ad is the simple link ad that appears on your page, by default it is set to 12 links per page no matter how much content a page have. So we have to change this a bit!!
Apply the following changes: 
  • Show only 5-7 Links per page if your pages contain 500+ word articles, or just set it to 4-5 if your posts are short. This will make the links look genuine and will attract clicks, moreover it will not affect your internal links CTR.
  • The default Link Sytle of Intext ads is Double, straight away set it to Dotted. This will again attract more clicks.  Infact this is the first step I do whenever I integrate infolinks on any of my new site. (Most of the time this confuses the user between intext ad and internal link) 
  • The third most important change you need to is, change Link ad color. Having a link ad color matching with your theme color will help you a lot. Apply the change and see the difference yourself!!
Optimize intext Infolinks Ads 2015
So these are best possible changes you need to do with your intext ad unit. You are half done already!!! 🙂


  • InFold 
Optimize infold Infolinks Ads 2015


This ad unit is something that I don’t like much specially when a majority of traffic is from mobile users.


So my recommendations for this unit is that if your site gets 35% or more mobile traffic then don’t enable this ad product, coz it can simply harm your SEO and rankings. 


How ?? 
Well this ad unit is a small pop up or a layer (as infolinks say) that comes up from the bottom of your screen. On PC it looks fine and can be easily closed but on mobile devices it covers 1.5 Cm of your screen and many a times users simply close the page due to that. 


However if you are using it, make sure to change the ad unit color to your theme color so that it matches with it.


  • InTag
Optimize intag Infolinks Ads


Well this ad unit is quite good, and if placed perfectly can do wonders. Make the following changes:


  • Instead of displaying it on Top or at bottom, set it to Top & Bottom.
  • Change the number of lines from 2 to 1. 
  • Change link color to your theme or page color. 
Optimize intag Infolinks Ads


The automatic placement of this ad is perfect but still if you feel or if you want to change the position of this ad product, you can simply select Manual, get the ad code and add it wherever you wish to display.


  • InFrame
Inframe Optimize Infolinks Ads


This ad unit again makes your site look heavy as this add up two extra add frames on both the sides of your site provided your theme is of box layout, it doesn’t work for full width themes.


I would recommend not to use this ad product. 


  • InScreen 
This is a new ad product launched by infolinks team and it just completed its beta test. I liked this ad unit very much and it impressed me a lot when I saw the choices infolinks offers you to display this ad.


Since Its a new ad unit, I myself haven’t experienced much with it, but yes I used it once in January 2015 and the results seems to be good enough. The best recommendations for this ad unit is to set the ad trigger to EXIT only. Set it to also Internal pages only if you don’t care about your viewers.


Inscreen Optimize Infolinks Ads


What CPM will you get ?

Well this question still remains in mind, what eCPM rate will our blog get!! So let me tell you, that infolinks gives you the best possible rates depending on your traffic. If your traffic is based on Asia, India and Pakistan to be more precise, then you may get 0.2-0.8$ per 1000 views which is somewhat more than any other in-text add network that works on CPM and if your traffic is from USA, Canada you may get upto 5$ or more with this optimization. You can see my January 20 day report where I got a CPM of 2.80$ average which is pretty well for the Asian traffic I got, (yeah it included Australia to a great extent).So it all depends!!

Final Conclusion

So, howzatt!! Cricket World Cup fever !!! Are you following it as well ?? Which team ?Well jokes apart, I have tried and I guess successfully added everything about infolinks from my side. I added a copy of all steps and optimizations I follow to get the maximum out of this great ad network. But yes, You still have one doubt that I can sense, but can’t figure out 😛 and that’s the reason we have this comment box below. Ask it below and I will try to answer it as soon as I get it. 🙂

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Moreover your response on Facebook shows it all. 🙂 I hope it will help you all, here’s an embed of my Facebook post where I announced I will be writing this guide.

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  7. Good point for anybody who want to optimized their infolink. I just got approved for my new site and I almost disconnect after seeing 12 infolink ad on one page. Your article helped me a lot. Thank you.

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