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Happy Birthday iftiSEO: 2 Years of Blogging!!

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2 years !! Again, it all started with you !! My readers, my subscribers, my friends and all other bloggers who inspires me to blog. iftiSEO is now 2 years old and it also marks my completion of 2 years in this wonderful field of blogging.

IftiSEO turns 2 🙂 – Your Benefit Our Happiness

If you wonder how it all started then do read my first birthday post where I’ve written on how I started this blog.

So what have we done in the second year ?? What have I done in my 2nd year of blogging ?? What have iftiSEO achieved in its 2nd year ?? Having all these questions ?? 😉

Well if you are my follower on social networks then you might be knowing about my (and iftiSEO’s) achievement. Here’s all what you need to know about our 2nd year.

iftiSEO Migrated from Blogger to WordPress

blogger to wordpress

Since the very beginning my focus have always been on providing unique and quality in depth articles and guides that must help my readers. This is where I had my focus on, and it really gave great results. With me trying to improve the quality of the blog, the first thing I had to do was Migration !!!

I mean from Blogger to WordPress CMS. Yes, we migrated our blog in July !! My business partner Karan Wyas did the migration for me. iftiSEO currently is currently on DigitalOcean server. I recommend DigitalOcean 5$ droplet to every blogger starting a new blog. The setup takes time but its one of the best places to host your site.

Problems faced during Migration !!


Umm, yes there were few. Let me just list it !!

  • iftiSEO was using IntenseDebate commenting system on blogger but I wanted to use the default commenting system in WordPress. So I changed the commenting system to default WordPress, and doing this had me lose my previous comments (around 500+ valuable comments lost 🙁 ). I tried many methods to export my comments from IntenseDebate but there was never a direct option to import that file format comment on WordPress. I finally managed to recover only around 100 of my previous comments. Sad huh ??
  • Another problem we faced were of tags, labels and categories !! On blogger I had many labels so I couldn’t simply afford to change them in categories. I rather made all categories manually and allotted them to all posts one by one. Well I couldn’t find a better option!!
  • We had multiple authors in blogger and I did really wanted the same authors in my WP but the import plugin was taking way too long (or stuck) to get that thing done. As a result all of the guest posts were also named under my author tag. It wasn’t a problem coz guest posts were few and were of my good friends who never had any issue with this problem.
  • Even after reading multiple guides online and after consulting many good bloggers, I still was not convinced to change my permalink structure from https://iftiseo.com/year/month/post-name to https://iftiseo.com/post-name. I was really worried and was not sure of the redirections I had to do. So iftiSEO is still with its same permalink structure as of blogger default.
  • I don’t remember any other problem that I faced !! and even if I did, “Premium tricks by iftiSEO” Facebook group always helped me solve it within few minutes. Cheers to the group members 😀

Let me not put more of migration in this post 😛 after all its the 2nd birthday of iftiSEO and not a migration guide. So anyways, here is everything I use for iftiSEO.

iftiSEO is running on VOICE theme by themeforest. I really love this theme and I am happy to see many of my friends using the same theme after my recommendation. This theme simply can suite all niches.

voice theme iftiseo

With many CDNs available in the market, I picked Cloudflare free CDN service for my blog and its doing its job really well.

The plugins iftiSEO uses are:

  • Akismet
  • Bloom
  • Easy Pricing Tables Premium
  • Jetpack
  • Monarch
  • Pretty Link Lite
  • Social Locker
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Smush
  • WP hide post
  • Yoast SEO

iftiSEO 2nd year – A Quick Look !

A lot happened this year ! I achieved many targets both with iftiSEO and my other blogs. You might be having the question of my Income or iftiseo.com income? Right 😛 ??

Well I never have montized iftiseo.com to its full potential. The only aim from this blog is to bring the best SEO guides for all the readers and so the earnings from iftiSEO alone are not very high. However yes, I sold the ad slots for 400$ to multiple companies for 7 months which fetched good. Other than that, sponsored posts always brought me good amount. iftiSEO hardly accept any paid/sponsored posts now!!!

So that’s the income from iftiSEO !! And in the future as well, it will be very much the same.

My earnings from other sites ?? Well all I can say is, its in 5 figures $$$$$ 😀

iftiSEO also gained a good boost in rankings on Google, with almost every guide ranking on page 1 which itself is a great achievement.

Some of the posts worked so well that it really did well on social media and had a lot of interaction. One being my latest post on “The Sweet Steal Technique” with over 90 comments in just a week. Here are the top 5 posts that you MUST read on iftiSEO

The Sweet Steal Technique: Guide to Boost your Blog Traffic ( A MUST READ FOR ALL BLOGGERS )

How to Increase Adsense Earnings – Best TRICKS

13 Tools to Generate Killer Content Ideas

Make Money by Event Blogging without Ranking your Blog

Multi-Niche Blog – Complete Guide to get Started


iftiSEO.com 2nd year in Numbers

iftiseo in numbers

Starting with the post breakdown, the blog now has 128 posts divided into 19 categories with 615 comments (excluding the ones I lost during migration). The number of posts for the second year was low due to the fact that I never wanted to put up content that’s already available on the internet and also due to the fact that I got less time due to my second year of engineering.

iftiSEO dashboard

The primary source of traffic is from Google, with 42.98% organic traffic, the rest being from social media, direct and other referrals sources. However the search traffic has been over 78% from the past 4 months. Really cool sign for me 😀

The alexa rank (which I really don’t care) is around 27,000 worldwide. Advertisers still ask for this thing first !! Don’t know why, huh !!

I have just recently started building email lists and currently iftiSEO get over 35 new subscribers per week. Will be improving this surely.

A breakdown of my social accounts:

iftiSEO Facebook Page – 4738 Likes. (+55.3%)

iftekharrm twitter profile – 6192 followers. (+118.3%)

Google+ Profile – 990 Followers. (+18.7%)

Facebook Profile – 1,98,631 Followers. (+0.3%) 

Instagram – 2621 Followers (joined recently)

A good increase in numbers ?? I really work a lot on my facebook and twitter profile to keep its reach high. Facebook really drives huge traffic to the posts shared on facebook profile and page.

Here are the most shared content from iftiSEO between Jan 21st 2015 and Jan 19th 2016

iftiseo most shared content

So these were all the numbers that I can share. Apart from this, iftiSEO got featured in multiple blogs. Here are some of listings that I found.

Best Indian Blogs: List Of Most Popular Bloggers In India

India’s Top 10 Inspirational Bloggers And Blogs:Gems Of India

Best Indian Tech Blogs: List of Most Popular Blogs in India

Top 50 Indian Bloggers to follow

Top Blog Quotes By Best Bloggers

 Moreover I was also interviewed by many bloggers. Here are some of my interviews that you might like:

Iftekhar Ahmed & Karan Wyas Interview: How SEO Changed Their Life

Interview with Iftekhar Ahmed from iftiseo

Interview with Iftekhar Ahmed – Making 7000+ USD in a Month


What else I did in my second year of Blogging !!

In the mean time, I worked on multiple different blogs (events, micro-niche, long term) that fetched me a lot !! Here’s a list of things I managed to do in 2015!!

  • Started over 15 new blogs under different categories.
  • Broke my own record of single day earning. One of my long term sports blog earned me over 7000$ in one night during a match.

iftiseo sports long term

  • Did few blogging-SEO webinars on youtube. You can watch them here.
  • Mentored 3 people who are now earning in 4 figures monthly. 🙂 Will be doing more in the coming year.
  • Cracked some high CPC niches that started giving me an RPM of 50-150$

high rpm blogs iftekhar


  • Travelled to Mumbai to attend BNLF meet (Blog Now Live Forever)!! An indiblogger event, my first !!! Met some of the best content writers, marketers and authors including Jeff Bullas, Christoph Trappe, Bruce Dickinson (this guy is awesome) etc. Also met many of my close blogging friends like Karan Wyas, Jitendra Vaswani, Rahul Bhatia, Gaurav Jaggi, Sanket Rathod, Vinay Goud, Nitin Singh and many more. Cant list them all… :p However let me put on some pics from the event!!

bnlf iftiseo 3

bnlf id

iftekhar ahmed with Jeff Bullas and other bloggers

bnlf iftiseo


bnlf iftiseo 4

bnlf event

There are many pics, You can check the complete album here 😉

PS: I was about to skip this event but someone really insisted me to go 😉 Thanks !!!

  • Also Took my Secret Facebook Group to a new level. “Premium Tricks by iftiSEO” group is now a home for 1000 bloggers. The group is one of the most active group on facebook with almost 90% of queries getting solved within 24 hours of posting. The members are really active and are always ready to help others in the community. Many success stories have came out of PTI and the group has been linked by many blogs as one of the best mastermind group on facebook for marketers and bloggers. Proud to run such an active community of bloggers. Here are some posts that mentions Premium Tricks by iftiSEO FB group.

premium tricks by iftiseo logo

10 Smart Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Best Indian and Worldwide Blogging communities: The list.

How Bloggers Can Benefit By Joining A Mastermind Group?

I had lots of fun blogging during my second year !!!  Can’t list everything here 😉


Targets for 2016 and the third year of iftiSEO

I have many targets for this year !!!

  • Post 15 in-depth guides on iftiSEO. 😉 and atleast 4 posts per month on iftiSEO.com
  • Improve search traffic and social presence of iftiSEO.
  • Start Affiliate marketing via paid traffic !!!
  • Another Important target is to start reading more and more books. Inspired by Kulwant Nagi and I will surely achieve this.
  • Setup 1 or 2 amazon niche blogs that starts making at-least 500$ per month. And then to scale it up 😉
  • Start Experimenting with CPA and Facebook Ads.

Umm I guess that’s all what I have in my mind right now… The only thing that comes in between is my studies, so it will be a good challenge 😉 Lets see what happens.

Anything left ?? I pretty much included everything but if you still have some questions, you can put up in comments 🙂

Enjoy the song 😉

About The Author
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed is the owner of iftiSEO.com and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging etc. He has worked on many blogs and also works as an SEO Analyst.

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