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IftiSEO Turns 1!!!


One year, One Community, One Family, it all started with you!! 21st January 2014, well this date is very special for me as it marked the beginning of this very blog iftiSEO.com. Yes guys, iftiSEO is now 1 year old and this post it to share my journey of blogging through iftiSEO over the past 1 year. All credit goes to MY READERS who always supported me. 




iftiSEO – Your Benefit Our Happiness !!! Well the name was kept after my nickname “ifti” and SEO was added as my main aim was to share SEO related content through it. To be honest the name sounded quite odd for like 2 months and then I got used to it and now I really love my choice.

iftiSEO Turns One


Started without a custom domain on November 2013 with absolutely no knowledge about blogging or SEO, the main aim was to teach others about the various SEO techniques and online earning methods along with my own learning. And by 21st January 2014 I was confident enough to take a custom domain and mark the real beginning of my blogging journey. I still remember I had no source (paypal/Credit card) to buy the domain and my friend Rohit Chugh bought the domain for me. I would like to thank him for his support during my initial stages.


I really had no idea of SEO, blogging, Internet Marketing or anything related but I had the interest & Passion and that’s what kept me moving, I started reading various blogs under my niche and that helped me learn a lot.


I cannot name the blogs as there were many which I followed regularly. By March-April I was very well aware of all these terms related to blogging and I statrted understading SEO. And now it’s the most interesting thing for me.


One more thing that kept me and iftiSEO alive was facebook, I saw various bloggers uploading their success reports, income screen shots and traffic stats regularly and that really kept me up every time. hehehe!!!
Within 5 months the blog was very well established under the eyes of Google and I started sensing authority of my blog as my posts started ranking for many top keywords with high number of searches. This in turn increased my blog traffic and ultimately my Alexa rank.


I know Alexa ain’t any factor to determine a blog’s success, but its what advertisers look for and with an Alexa under 100k I started getting mails for guest posts and sponsored posts as well.



So sponsored posts and paid reviews brought the first income of iftiSEO, though the first was for just 35$ but later it increased upto 200$.


Here’s my first Sponsored post payment snap. 🙂


iftiseo sponsored paid review income snap
You might be thinking about adsense on iftiSEO, well it was banned in the very first month which I was never ready for. Google called it “INVALID ACTIVITY” which I never understood as I never tried to violate any of the Google Adsense Rules. Moreover they banned my domain which meant I can never use AdSense on iftiSEO again but it wasn’t an end for me. This opened up various other opportunities for me and I started focusing & learning Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, etc etc and that helped me double my income in less than a month.


Today the stats of iftiSEO are quite good, getting a good traffic, Alexa under 30k, Regular Advertisers etc


Well blogging on iftiSEO wasn’t the only thing I did in 2014. I tried many other money making techniques from affiliate marketing to YouTube CPA. Many tests and experiments failed while many were a charm for me.

iftiSEO Achievements in 2014


iftiSEO Achievements in 2014The first year was really phenomenal for iftiSEO and for me as it came up with many achievements and rewards. I would Like to list some of my individual and my blog’s achievements.


Firstly, this whole journey brought a massive change in me. Improved my writing skills, communication skills, technical skills and as a whole I improved my overall skills. With a powerful community of bloggers around, I was always supported by everyone and it helped me build relationships with the people of my community. I made many new friends from around the globe an it really makes me feel good.



The numbers are increasing daily and I’m really happy to see the rise. Moreover iftiSEO.com also got featured on many blogs under various titles. I’m listing out some of them.



I also got interviewed by many bloggers and that was again a big achievement for iftiSEO.



Many of you would still ask me about my earnings last year through iftiSEO and other blogs, well I can’t reveal it completely but yes all I can say is its a 6 Figure income in Indian Rupees.


Event Based Blogging

Event Based Blogging iftiSEOOne thing that I always wanted to try was “EVENT BLOGGING”, as I saw some of my blogging friends making huge amount of money through it. So I decided to give it a try and the event I picked was “FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil”, Karan Wyas from itechcolumn a very good friend of mine was my partner for the event.


Since we both were die hard football fans, it was not a tough task for us to make a blog on it. Writing content was no big deal for us while the off-page work did needed some hard work. But ultimately the hard work and dedication paid off and we ranked globally in over 100 countries with many keywords like


“FIFA World cup Live”
“World Cup Live Streaming”
“FIFA world cup 2014 live streaming”


And many more!!! We got over 30 million page views from the event and this made us a very huge amount from AdSense, Infolinks, Direct Advertisers and some other ad networks.


Some of the snaps from the event:


fifa world cup blog traffic
Analytics Report of FIFA world Cup blog excluding Final


Real time traffic snap of final
Traffic Snap just before the Start of the World Cup Final


The link to our domain was: www.fifaworldcup2014brazil.com
So in all, fifa event being my and Karans’ first was a huge success.


We then also covered some other sporting events throughout the year and made a good amount money. So Event Blogging was a huge success for me and my event partner Karan Wyas.Moreover we are also doing some more events this year and January itself has brought me over 2000$ 🙂


“Premium Tricks by iftiSEO” – Facebook Group

Another important thing I did was to launch a Premium blogging group on Facebook. Yes I’m talking about “Premium Tricks by iftiSEO” a secret yet a free to join group where me along with many other bloggers share their secrets to success and some really quick tips and tricks that can boost your overall figure.

Premium Tricks by iftiSEO
Premium Tricks by iftiSEO group LOGO


The group is really a success with many people taking their blogs to whole new level, moreover I many bloggers earned over 1000$ through events after constantly following all the tips shared in there.


I have already posted 5 Open invitations to join the group and on this occasion I will be posting one more invitation on facebook. (Check my facebook profile on 22nd January 2015)

Must Read on iftiSEO


So these were some of the best posts of iftiSEO from its first year. My aim was always to help my readers and newbies to get started with their blogging and SEO journey effectively with less obstacles. And I believe our tag “YOUR BENEFIT OUR HAPPINESS” suits it well.

Plans for 2015

There are many plans that I already have made for iftiSEO, first and foremost I will be increasing the number of posts by taking it to atleast over 10 articles a month.

One more thing that I have planned is, to get into affiliate marketing in deep and try to increase my affiliate revenue.

The most improtant of all is, to post QUALITY and Unique content for you (my readers). I will try to post more secret strategies, case studies and tricks to increase the overall performance of your blog.

Final Thanks

Well thanks again for being a regular visitor of iftiSEO.com

I guess with a great first year full of achievements and success, its time to celebrate with the Penguins (Not the google Penguin, I mean the Penguins of Madagascar) hahaha!!!

Enjoy the video 😉


Do leave your thoughts about our one year journey 🙂 and thanks for being a regular reader of my blog. Subscribe us for regular updates from us. 🙂 

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