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How to Change Font Properties Blogger Blog



Hi friends today I will be sharing a method to change your Blogger blog font properties.


There are millions of themes available for blogger, most of them responsive while some old ones are not responsive. One main problem that we blogger’s face is that we can’t change our font colour easily. Most of the modern blogger templates don’t support blogger built in template editor too.  The  default blogger template and all other template don’t have any option to change font attributes of your blog easily. Many people just change their templates due to the fact that they don’t like the font properties of the template like font color, font size, font family etc.


Moreover, due to this serious issue I get many requests by new bloggers on how to change font color, size or any other attribute. So in this post I will be clearing everyone’s doubt
So in this post I will be explaining you how to change your blog posts font colour, type and font itself. Also I will be explaining how you to change the post title font colour and other properties.


After reading this post you will be able to:


1. Change your posts font properties like color, size, family etc.


2. Change your blog post title font properties.


3. Change the mouse hover color of a link.


So, let’s get started. It is recommended to make a backup of your template before making any changes.


1. Firstly open your blogger template page and click on edit HTML.


2. Then press Ctrl+F, a search box comes. Search for “body {“ as shown in the snapshot.


3. You can see your template code. All you need to do is change the attributes according to your need.For Example, if you need to change your post title font color all you have to do is just replace #4690B3 ( in our case ) to any color code of your choice. You can make attractive colors from our Hex color code generator given below
post-title a{  color:#0A3854;  }  —-  Means the color of your Post Title Font.
post-title a:hover{ color: #4690B3; }  ——  Means the color to display when you point your mouse pointer on your Post title


post-body {……  ——  Means the Font setting for your content. You can change the color code to change your fonts color, you can also change the font size, family and other attributes of your font.


There can be many changes done by making changes in this section of your template


4. Done, you have changed your font property, now just save the template and open your blog. You can see the changes. Happy Blogging
So now you can set all the font properties of your choice and make your blog look more attractive.
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