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Hello Guys, Welcome once again to IFTISEO review series. Today we will be featuring a new Email Marketing service INinbox.

Before Getting started let me ask you a question, Do you have any Email List ?

If no then you must build one and yes don’t worry about the cost, because today the service I will be reviewing in this post is really affordable.

What is Email Marketing ?

Email Marketing is simply sharing your newly posted articles or any service or even your businesses to your subscribers who are potentially your customers. Every blogger tries to setup such campaigns for their own blogs or sites but due to some problems they never get positive results. Many of them can’t afford Email marketing services due to their high cost.

I myself couldn’t afford such services, but now I have found a perfect solution to it. Yes it is INinbox Email marketing service.

What is  INinbox ?

INinbox is an easy to use Email Marketing Provider founded by Tim Bekker with the aim of providing affordable email marketing service to the users who seems to be struggling in it. 
They provide all Email Tools at a very low industry price and I’m sure you will never regret buying their service. 
Here is a small introductory video by them

Features Of INinbox

Email Marketing: Most of the tools online are quite complex and confusing but with INinbox you will have absolutely no difficulties as they have a very simple and easy interface to work upon. Some features of their Email Marketing service are listed below. 
  • Broadcast Emails: With this feature you can easily schedule your Emails. 
  • One Click Duplication: Easily renew your sent messages instead of starting all over again.
  • Built in Professional HTML templates: Choose any template from a long list of cool professionally designed templates.
  • HTML editor: Easy to easy HTML editor by which you can make any changes accordingly.
  • Track Sent Emails: You can easily track various metrics like clicks, opens, views, forwards etc.
  • Conversion Tracking: Track your Audience behaviour easily.
  • No More Lost Mails: All of your mails will be sent to the INBOX directly, not into spam or junk folders.
Features of INInbox
99% Sucess to Inbox

Features of INInbox
Track your campaigns
Features of INInbox
Broadcast your Emails
Contact Management: INinbox ensures 100% satisfaction and thus it has a lot of additional value added services, one such service is contact management which allows users to manages their list in a well organised manner. Some great features are listed below.
  • Subscriber List Management: Import your contacts easily. View individual user details like demographics, history, opens, views, clicks and a lot more.
  • Make Filtered Lists: Create lists by filtering your original lists to improve total efficiency of your campaigns
  • Add Gravatars: Easily add gravatar’s for individuals to make it look more friendly.
INspired Support:  A team of professional experts are always ready to assist you in case of any problems or questions that may come to you. With their Email Marketing Blog you can easily learn various new things related to email marketing. 
There are a lot of other great features that I haven’t listed above, here are some more.
INinbox other features
INinbox Other Features 


I guess by now you are very well satisfied with the services and features offered by INinbox, but one thing may be revolving in your head. PRICE?? You may want to hug me after seeing the pricing of this awesome service. Whatever your size is, you fit in!! 
There are 3 options to opt from. 

INinbox pricing
INinbox pricing
Free Box: It’s Free. Yes you are reading it right, it is totally FREE OF COST. You don’t even have to enter your card details to join. This package allows you to manage 2000 contacts (That’s a lot for a newbie) and you can send upto 20000 emails. It isn’t over yet, you can get more emails credits by referring the service to your friends.

Big Box: It will cost you just $3.95 a month and I bet its quite affordable for everyone. Send unlimited emails monthly with a storage capacity of 5000 contacts, this is perfect pack for a growing business.

Sky Box: My favorite, I will surely buy it soon for my upcoming projects. For just $9.95 a month you get everything, manage unlimited contacts and send unlimited Emails too. Best for big business owners who are still looking to expand their networks.

Magento And INinbox

Now both Magento and INinbox will work together. By just connecting Magento email plugin with your INinbox account you can easily sync all your E-commerce contacts from Magneto to INinbox. Here is a snap showing how it works together. 
Magento And INinbox
Magento and INinbox

Final Words

We Highly recommend INinbox marketing service to our readers as well as other bloggers looking forward to expand their networks through Email marketing. It is the best service available right now and you are just a click away from joining. Sign up for a free account from here. (Affiliate Link)  

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