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Hi bloggers, Its been long since we published the first Interview of Mr Jordan Delozier- Founder of SEOCLERKS. So I guess we should again come up with some more interviews of some of the best bloggers and founders. This interview features Vinay Goud of ALLTECHTRICKS who is one of the top blogger from India.
Meet Vinay Goud of ALLTECHTRICKS



Q. So to start with, tell us about yourself, your background?

Firstly I would like to Thank Iftekhar for having me here !! Myself Vinay Goud, a part time blogger and an  engineering student. I am from middle class family.  From childhood my parents wanted me to study well so that it can fetch me a good job in MNC’s or any Govt Company. So till my +2 time I spent most of the time with books and my friends.
Later after the end of my first year engineering, my father got me a laptop as a birthday present which changed my life 🙂


Q. How did you get into the world of blogging?

The only reason I am into blogging is because of my bro Imran Uddin ! Whom you know very well as founder of All  Tech Buzz and All Tech Media. 


Q. Every blogger is inspired from someone. Who is your inspiration? 

Yes! The answer is same Imran Uddin ! Truly speaking I didn’t even knew the term blogging 2 years ago. But because of him I came into this online world, making my life much easier and comfortable. Next I admire Neil Patel, Mark Zuckerberg and list continues.


Q. What are the various monetization techniques you use on your blog? 

We Use Adsense, Sponsor posts, Direct advertisers and SEO services. Recently we also launched Blogging coaching which is getting huge demand day by day throughout the world.


Q. What are your future plans?  

As you know we recently started company ALL TechMedia. We want to make it one of best SEO and advertising company in India and then in all over the world.


Q. Where do you find ideas for your posts? 

Yes this one’s a good question. If you work alone it’s always difficult to find post ideas. Here we work as team so we don’t face such problems. Everyone has some ideas and they all put them as blog posts.


Q. How do you feel to be a part of a new company ALLTECHMEDIA?  

Yes! Its awesome ! As its new we are working hard to develop and get into a good position as soon as possible. Now if someone if asks me what I am doing? My answer is Chief Operating Officer of All Tech Media ! which is more professional than normal term blogger.


Q. Can you share some of your great moments of blogging? 

There are many such moments but here I will share 3 experiences.
  1. When my Friend Ramesh went to IIT Chennai for an event, the people over their asked about All Tech Tricks and Me ! When I Gave my first income ($1854) to my MOM as my first income.
  2. Featured in National and local media.



Q. Organic traffic or social traffic. Which one do you prefer? 

I always prefer Organic Traffic but safe side keep social media as secret weapon. We have more than 2 Million Likes on facebook alone but because of Zuckerberg new rules page reach is almost down by 80%. So I can say managing both is important.


Q. Link Building- This thing seems to be an easy task for you. Any secrets?

Link building is like a Drug! 😀 Do in a way which works and How much is required. If you do more than what you really needed then you are inviting google penalties. No Secrets for link building for long term blogs, Quality Matters but for short term niche blogs there are some simple tricks.


Q. Any tips you would like to give to all the newbies looking forward to earn money from blogging?  

Don’t depend on just a single source of income, try to explore more ways. As I said many times, if you want to get success in any field (not only in blogging) there are 2 ways. First one is, you must be an expert in that field which can make your work simple, Second is getting guidance from people who already well succeeded in that work ! Many people I had seen in my career would lose hope if they are hit by Google penalties and quit blogging. My advice to those kind of people is “Don’t give up” and when you are about to give up think one why did you start the blog at first
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