Launch Jacking Guide: The Event Blogging of Product Launches

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Hola Peeps!! It’s been a while since I last published an article on iftiSEO.

Well, today I am back!! And I am back with a technique that can make you thousands of dollars every month.

It is Launch Jacking!!

And to be honest, it is not very difficult.

Finding a simple and easy to rank Keyword is not so easy for most of the bloggers. Even after applying Sweet Steal Technique, many bloggers fail to make money from their blogs.

Well, after this article, the case should not be same for everyone who implement this guide properly.


Anyways, let’s get started!!

What is Launch Jacking?

Hundreds of internet marketing products are launched every month!!!

Not only internet marketing niche but every niche witness new products regularly.

Launch Jacking simply means setting up an affiliate site (or funnel or article) days or months before a product launch. Being an early promoter, you can easily rank on various product keywords which can help you earn commissions for each sale. 

In simple words,

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”760″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#2901ba” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Launch Jacking is the event blogging of Product Launches!! [/mks_pullquote]

For example,

If a product XYZ is scheduled to get launched 3 months from now, you can simply understand the product and write an article about the product on your blog. Being the first will help you as you will be easily ranking on top positions of Google. Once the product launches, you can easily get free organic traffic which most probably will convert into a sale, thus making you a commission.

I hope you got the point!

But wait, don’t just close this article assuming that you learned everything. 😛

It is still not that easy. There are many things involved in product launches and you should be knowing about everything.

This guide will help you with all the steps required to start making money by doing launch jacking.

How To Make Money by Launch Jacking?

So how to start?

Well, first off, pick a Niche.

To be frank, Internet Marketing Niche has the highest number of product launches. But you can also do some research and find out other niches.

If you find something apart from Internet Marketing niche, the competition will be much less. So do some research on this. 😉

Anyways, in this article, I will be showing Internet Marketing Niche.

Once the niche is decided, the next important thing is to find the list of upcoming products.

How to Find the List of Upcoming Products?

A product can be launched on a Platform or it can be launched directly. Finding products that are to be launched on a platform is much easier.

Some common product launch platforms are;

(Make sure to join all these networks)

You can also check some Product Launch Calendars to get the dates of any upcoming product launch. I recommend you to follow these 2 sites;

Then there are sites where new products are promoted (hunted) by people.

  • ProductHunt
  • BetaList

If you open them, you can find many upcoming (or recently launched) products.

Anyways, if you check these sites you will easily get a list of 100s of upcoming or recently launched products.

However, having the list of 100s of products will not help you. You will have to do a proper research before selecting the product.

And for that, you need to focus on the following pointers;

  • Who is launching the product? A well known product creator or someone New?
  • Past History of product creator? Did he/she had big launches before?
  • What is the product about?
  • Is the product required in the market?
  • Cost of the product? Is it something under $100 or is it a very costly product?
  • Is the product worth according to you?
  • How does the sales page look like?
  • Commission Amount?

These are some things that you should consider before picking the product. Many of thisinformation will not be available easily but atleast make sure to know about the product and its creator.

In Product launches, there are some names who regularly do $100-300k first week launches. So try to find upcoming products of such creators.

Anyways, that’s how you can select the product.

Once you pick the product, sign up as an affiliate from the product’s official site. You can find affiliate/jv page linked in the footer or you can simply find the product on the platform where it will be launched.

Once done, you are ready for the next step.

Exact Match Domain or a Long Term Blog?

Once you have the product, this is the exact question that will hit your mind.

And to be honest, the answer of it depends on your personal preference.

If you do a Google Search of any  previously launched product name you will see most of the results being from blogs that cover other launches as well.

Here’s an example;

StockKosh is a recently launched product. Upon doing a Google search, you will see that 7-8 results on first page are from existing blogs.

Perform a search for other product names and you will notice that majority of people are writing reviews on existing blogs.

Now its upto you.

What will I recommend??

Well, if you have a good team of writers and website developers, you can build single domains for each product. But if you don’t have such resources, then go for a single domain.

Note: If you have a similar Blog, you can use it for Launch Jacking. It will be better as your blog might already have a good authority

Build a blog around product reviews and start posting QUALITY articles on various products. It may not bring results all of a sudden but if you maintain consistency, you can easily start seeing good number from 2nd or 3rd month onwards.

To find out more about how such sites can be made, just open the list of previously launched products and search for them on Google. You will come across many blogs that are made only for this purpose.

How to Write Product Reviews on your Blog?

Quality is one of the most essential factors here. It is because, even if you rank, you will not get sales if your content is not appealing to the audience.

How to do that??

Well, once you pick the product, go to its official site (sales page) and curate as much content as you can.

Apart from this, most of the product owners provide many resources for Affiliates. Just look out for Affiliate page or JV page of the product. On that page, you will get email swipes, articles, banners, and many other creative ad copies that you can use in your review article.

Here’s an example of affiliate page of a product called TrafficRevival.

You can find JV pages of almost every product. These pages contain everything that an affiliate needs before promoting a product.

You can find;

  • Commission Stucture
  • Email Swipes
  • Ad Copies
  • Bonuses (That you can provide to your Visitors who Buy from your Link)
  • Funnel Details
  • Affiliate Contest (Most product owners run an affiliate contest during launch where they give away from $100-$5000 to top affiliates)

So, to write content, make sure to use all these details.

Apart from this, you can also include videos and images to make your article better.

Bonuses (incentives) can also make your visitors buy the product from your link.

First of all, most of these products come with a lot of freebies. Make sure to include those in your article. Moreover, you can collect some more products (with free distribution rights) and add it as an incentive for your visitors.

Most of the blogs are making sales just because they provide huge bonuses.

Every blog that you find will have a bonus section in their reviews.

So, here the things you need to include in your article;

  • Product Description
  • Features
  • Videos explaining the product (You can embed official Videos)
  • Uses and Requirement
  • Pricing
  • Bonuses

That’s it!!

How to get Bonuses to Give Away ?

There are quite a few ways by which you can collect Bonuses to give away.

1. Collect from JV Pages of products

Yes!! Go to JVZoo, open the list of some older products. Go to their JV pages and collect Bonuses. Those bonuses are with full rights and you can use them further.

2. Collect from Other Blogs

Search for JVZoo Product names on Google, open the search results and collect bonuses from them. I did this for 5-10 minutes and got over 10 items that I can give away to my readers as a Bonus.

3. Search for PLR items on the Web

You can use various search footprints to get Bonus products. Start your search with “PLR Bonus”.

These 3 methods are more than enough for you to collect 100+ bonuses!!!

Just make sure to be unique with your Bonuses as well as presentation. In the end it also comes down to your smart thinking. 😉

I will leave the content part here!!!

How to Rank Launch Jacking Blogs?

You have your website ready, its time for you start building authority to it.

The main keywords to target will be;

  • Product Name
  • What is “Product Name”
  • “Product Name” Coupon
  • “Product Name” Review
  • “Product Name” Discount
  • Buy “Product Name”
  • “Product Name” Bonus

Apart from these, try to include some long tail keywords that describes the product or it features.

Make sure to treat your website as a Long Term Blog and don’t be in a hurry to build backlinks.

Start slow, build some quality Profile Backlinks in the first month. This should help you get some trustworthy links and authority. In the meantime, keep on adding articles of various products.

Talking about other backlinks, you need to create a good backlinks for your homepage as that’s where we need the authority. Do not make backlinks in bulk for your articles. It will not help much on a long run.

The entire idea is to build authority of the domain such that after 2-3 months whenever you post product launch reviews, your article ranks on Google.

Also, note that the lifespan of most of the products is very small. Only the best products gets good searches after a month, otherwise each launch lasts for less than a month.

That’s the reason timing matters the most. Pick products that will be launched in the coming months and publish articles much prior to the launch. If you one of the first ones to publish a review article about the product, it is very easy to maintain ranking.

Apart from all this, you can build backlinks via

  1. Guest Posts
  2. Comment Backlinks
  3. Forum Links (Comments/Discussions in Threads)
  4. Buy Links
  5. Press Release

And so on!!

There’s no fixed procedure for all this as SEO is about 100s of factors.

Once you start ranking, you can literally make good commission every week.

Also, Make sure to put Email optin forms on your website. Most of these products gets sold by affiliates through email marketing. You can also send regular Emails about upcoming launches to your Email list. This will be helpful in a long run and you can make a passive income once you have a good email list.

What is the Competition?

No doubt there is competition but it is easy compared to other affiliate keywords/niches. 

Moreover, most of the competitors are not very much into SEO. You will find many aspects where they lack in SEO.

Many blogs don’t even have on-page optimized articles.

So there is a huge space out there. Do a proper research and start your own Launch Jacking Blog/Blogs.

Final Words

So that’s all about Launch Jacking.

In short, the steps are;

  1. Find an Upcoming Product
  2. Study about the Product
  3. Create a Website (new) or Use Existing Blog
  4. Publish Review article with Incentives (Bonuses)
  5. Earn Commissions for Each Sale.
  6. Rinse and Repeat

You may find people doing this but there is a good amount of space for many others to enter. Compared to event blogging or Amazon Niche sites, this can be much easier and can help you make equally good amout of money.

So, when are you starting??

If you have any questions or if you would like to add more about Launch Jacking, use the comment sections below.

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