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Hi guys, so its been really a long time since I posted a guide or a tutorial that may actually help you earn money, so I decided to come up with one such post and here you are reading it!!
Event based Blogging!!! Have you heard this word before?? Well I guess there be anyone especially from Indian blogosphere who haven’t heard about Event Blogging. It’s a trend among the bloggers around the world and its more than a trend out here in India coz I have seen every 2nd blogger leaving their long term blogs behind, to try their hands on Event Based blogging, and yeah it’s quite a natural response one would give after seeing a lot of scope in it.

Scope?? Well I mean Money and that’s what most of you are looking for through your blogs apart from the passion you have.

Event blogging has emerged vastly from the past 1 year after some bloggers started revealing about their success with it. Many people started trying it and frankly speaking 70-80% of them failed completely but still the remaining ones made a good amount and that’s what again motivated the others. I tried my hands on this thing as well for the first time on June 2014, well the event I picked was FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, an event that most of the bloggers would avoid to pick due to the massive competition along with the lack of information. But being a Football fan, I and my event partner Karan worked on it and yes it was a huge success. We made over $5000, and that was something really big for us. So rounding up, event blogging is a really great way to earn thousands of dollars in just no time!!

  • So have you tried Event blogging?
  • Have you failed in it?
  • Do you want to make fast money?
  • Are you interested in Indirect Event Based Blogging?

I guess I can sense the “YES” in your mind, so this post is a simple yet effective and proven tutorial on Indirect Event Based Blogging (well, this is what I call it).

In this post, I will explain you how to make money with event blogging without even making a blog, or you can say without even ranking your blog on any search engine!!

Sound Weird? Right, but wait it works and people make huge amount of money using this trick. I was very much unaware of this trick before a friend of mine messaged me “Thanks bro, I made $100+ in one day from your FIFA blog” and seriously at that time I was like “How!! What the heck is this guy talking about!”

Here’s a snap of our chat, his message is in Urdu which translates as, “I wanted to tell you that Your blog was ranking on World Cup final, and then I commented on your blog with link and earned 100$”

My Chat with the friend who made 100$ with just one comment on my blog.

So not to waste any time let me take you to the trick or I should say the technique.

Well, all we need to do is just “Comment” on the ranked blogs!! A comment is enough to earn you money as it did for my friend. Here’s a complete step by step guide to get success.

Step 1 – Finding an Event

The first thing you need to do is to select a perfect event, but not in a way you would do for Event based blogging. In this type of Indirect Event Based Earning technique your event selection procedure should be slightly different.

Try to choose events that are much bigger in terms of searches as well as wider in terms of geography. Here are the best types of events that go well with this technique.

  • Sports Events 
  • Result Events – Viewers can do anything to get/view result info
  • Movie Release Events
  • Shopping Events – Offers attracts everyone.
  • Worldwide Festivals (Local or country based festivals don’t do much)

Here are some cool events. 🙂


Step 2 – Making a list of Blogs

The second step requires you to make a list of sites that are ranked for your selected keyword. All you have to do is, just search for the main keywords related to your event and make an excel file adding all the ranked domains on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo. These 3 search engines are more than enough. Now this way you will be having a list of all sites that are ranking for the event. Skip all media websites and wiki links while making your list.

Note: As you must be aware of the fact that ranking changes pretty fast and many times you can see authority sites visible in the search results one night before the event. Due to the same reason its recommended that you make your list only 1-2 days before the event so that your list contains only the ranked websites.

You can have as many websites as you want but make sure to select only sites that are ranking on various top searched keywords.

Step 3 – Creating a Blog

This method does not require you to rank your domain/blog for the keywords, but still you have to have something where you can place your ads and earn money.

So to do that; make a blog on blogger platform. No need to buy any custom domain (Its your choice).

Add a good Adsense optimized template and publish 3-5 posts. Your blog is now ready and the only thing which will be left is adsense ads, which you will be adding on the event day.


Step 4 – Place ads on your Blog

Before we move on to get traffic we need to get our blog ready with adsense ads. So place your ads on your homepage as well as within the posts. But make sure you follow the policies mentioned by AdSense.

I won’t be explaining much about the placements, just place it as per your experience. Moreover you can also try other ad networks along with AdSense.

Step 5 – Commenting

So by now you are ready with your blog and your list. It must have hardly took 3 hours. So now its time for you to start commenting.

Now on the event day open your list and start commenting on each and every single site that you had in your list. Some sites may not have comment system, simply ignore those sites.

You might be thinking of what to comment? Right?

Its pretty simple again, just comment anything that might attract the site visitor. Write any good comment and add your blog link which you made earlier. You can shorten the url if you want to track the clicks from each site.


Step 6– Enjoy Traffic & $$$

Well you have done your part, you will now be getting a good amount of traffic through which you can earn a considerable income with just few hours of work.

Important Points

Let me also add the point that, this trick works great but not for all. Everything depends on event selection. You must be thinking How this process works ? Right ?? 

Well this works only and mostly when the ranked pages fails to provide value to the searcher. For example, if someone is looking for HD wallpapers of any event but fails to find it on the ranked page !!! What will he do ?? He will simply close it !! But wait, he still needs wallpapers !! So if he see’s your comment on the ranked site like “Hey, I got the best pics from” then he would simply try that too.

Similarly for results niche. If a ranked site fails to provide value or content, then the links in comments helps !!! I hope you got the concept, do try it once and it will surely help you learn more about it.

There’s not much to explain about this, have a try and share your experience. 

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Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed is the owner of and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging etc. He has worked on many blogs and also works as an SEO Analyst.

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    Really Very ultimate guide waiting for this article from such a long time. Very helpfull about Event Base Blogging for new as me. Absolutely fantastic.

    Covered everything about event blogging. I am newbie and tried to use google keyword planner. Which is showing range for keywords. Which is not helpful at all. Can you please guide on this.

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