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You might have the talent, but you are scared to tread the path of a writer because you know that it is not easy. Instead, it might be countless number of years before you can really make it big. This is what many natural writers out there think who have the talent in them, but not the financial strength that is required to convert the write up into a book. It all sounds complicated, but not anymore, because now with the emergence of eBooks, things have become real easy, at least easier than the regular book publishing. So here I am with a complete newbie guide to start making ebooks and earn money from it.


eBooks Adding the Charm

Many writers upload their stories for free just to get the reaction from the audience, but the funny thing is that now with eBooks, you have the potential to earn your living, provided you do it right. It is time consuming, but you don’t need to spend fortune behind getting your book published. So, after doing all the hard work of compiling a story for your audience, you can easily spend some time to promote it and get in touch with your real audience.


Making the eBook readers aware of your presence is important, so you need to take the help of various social networking sites and blogs to promote your books, or even learn some basic Blogging and start a new blog and promote it over there. Adding a hint of marketing strategy to your eBook, you will be able to sell your eBook successfully and if you have got what the audiences love, then you can spin some good amount of money out of it as well.


It all Starts from the Scratch

You might have read that by selling an eBook, one has become a millionaire and that’s the reason you are trying your hands too, well this a completely wrong approach. You need to write properly and your content must be great in order to see audience coming in. If you do not have the content right, then no matter how cheap you sell, your eBook will go unnoticed. Price matters only when your content is good, otherwise nobody will give it a second thought. Kindle and iPads have made it easier for the self published writers to get their own niche out here. Publishing an eBook to thousands of potential audience out there is some kind of a thrill that even a novice writer can experience these days.


There are millions of writers who are publishing their work worldwide and once you are in there you will see thousands of titles waiting to be taken up by a new writer. So, out there you are spoilt with choices, you just have to pick up a title and you will be good to go.


You have to decide whether you want to work on fiction or you are more comfortable with non – fiction. Once you have decided on that you can then take the help of a tutorial or some kind of a guide, which will assist you in coming up with a great piece of work. Crime thrillers, paranormal romance or fantasy world works just fine for the audience. Actually these are the genres that are quite popular and you will get enough audience for this niche. So, if you are comfortable with this genre, then you already have huge audience ready to explore your work.


While writing you must keep in mind that your work must not be filled with grammatical errors because when your audience is paying for your book, then they must get the best. In order to become a successful eBook publisher, then you must not work in haste, instead you must take your time to proof-read your work properly.


Length and Cover Matters

Most eBooks are short because when you are reading on your Smartphone, then it is easy to get distracted and sometimes it is tough to go through a huge novel out there. Therefore, if you keep it short, then it will be easier for your users to go through it without any major hitches. The readers here mostly go through the books while on a go, so you must keep that in mind while writing your book. This will help you in keeping your story short and sweet.


In here, the cover also matters a lot because when you go online, the thumbnails are on display, so if you have an attractive cover display, then it will be easier for you to attract the audience to your book. You can buy stock photos for the cover or if you prefer it for free, you can take up a DSLR and shoot pictures related to your eBook and use it as a cover. I was planning to buy Nikon D3300, but after the rumors of Nikon D5500, I paused my purchase.If you are not good at designing the cover, then you can hire someone who is good at this. It will cost you, but if you want to sell your book online, then you have to take it seriously and work towards presenting it in the right manner, else how you can imagine it selling several copies!


Set the Price

Now the next step is to upload the book with a suitable price. But, before you do that you will have to come up with a small description of around 4000 characters. This will help the audience to get an overview of your story. You don’t have to give out the twist and turns of your story, instead you can provide some sample.


If you are not sure how to go about the uploading process, then you can go through the video tutorials to make your work simple and easy. So, if you are done with the uploading, then it is time to set a suitable price for that. Amazon charges 70% of cover price, in case, your book is priced over £1 and if you have it priced at 75p, then you will have to give 35% for the titles. So, as a novice, it is better to keep the price to minimum.

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Spreading the Word

You are all set with your book, but how would you make people out there aware of your book?


You will have to spread the word through social networking sites and if you do not have a website of your own, then it is high time that you create one for yourself because it will come out handy for you in promoting your book. Your friends and family members will be a great support too. Explore all fields of promotion for your book.


If you have done your job perfectly, then it is a matter of time before money starts rolling in. Don’t start thinking that your very first piece will make you a millionaire, instead take your time and gather the experience to make yourself a better writer and in case you are good at writing, then you will surely make it big in here. For more articles, visit the author’s site: ExceptNothing.


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