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With the passing time, we are witnessing more and more smartphones being used and sold all round the world. Likewise, almost a synonym for Smartphones is whirling here and around, and that is Android Phone. To the majority of the world, both these words are used almost interchangeably. Now when one thinks about Android, the first thought being processes is- its wonderful world of Apps! We get Apps of almost every kind, every genre and every category! But if you are searching for a word called Google Play Store, you might not find that here!

MoboMarket Splash

Coz here I am, introducing you with yet another App Store- MoboMarket! Well I’m kinda sure, you might have heard the word MoboMarket here and there, but now is the time when you actually should start considering it! Why? Well here I tell you!

MoboMarket Key Features- Things you won’t find else where

MoboMarket Cleaner

MoboMarket is in the field of Android Development from year 2012, and since past three years, they have not left any stone unturned to satisfy their customers. As a result of which, earlier this month MoboMarket has launched a brand new version, making some incredible additions in the existing features. Let’s have a look.

MoboMarket Package Manager

An Awesome User Interface

It’s a common notion that one gets bored easily with same graphics, seeing again and again and AGAIN! But you gotta love what MoboMarket has to present you with. With newly designed enriched graphics, the UI is more elegant and beautiful then ever, providing you with an all new Experience!

MoboMarket Wallpaper Screen

Apps based on your Region and Locality- aint that awesome

Personally one of my favorite feature! Thus making this market definitely above the Google Play store and that is, Apps and Games on the basis of the locality or the region you are living! Now the thing is obvious that between 800,000 Apps you can’t go and choose one by one, what you want and what you don’t want- which one will suit you and which will not! But what if I told you that there is a way that you can get a recommendation on which App you should choose, on the basis of your native language, the region you are living! Will you want the same, well MoboMarker provides you with the same- you can get the best picks of Apps, Games and Wallpapers with awesome content quality! That is Awesome no, Like I Said 😉

Here comes An all new Account System and Point Mall

Making the App Store friendlier than ever seems to be MoboMarket’s top priority! And taking the right step, MoboMarket have introduced a new build-in user account system and point mall facility where users can own private accounts, log in events more easily, and redeem prizes with points. Do you want some??

 MoboMarket Transfer

And you can communicate with fellow Users

Yet another feature of the New MoboMarket Version- A user forum/community! A venue where you can discuss with your fellow mates and can share your thoughts, on which App to install and purchase or the related problems you might be witnessing! Surely a Divine Deed for guys like me, who are always confused between this and that! 😛

Daily picks and recommendations- just for you

Too much aint always too good! And that’s a very common problem often seen. And here comes one of the most exciting feature of MoboMarket into play and that is daily picks for you- Apps & Games, recommended individually to every user!

MoboMarket Discover Screen

MoboMarket- My Recommendation as Its Not just an App Store

By now, I’m sure why you need to think over having a new play store ahead of Google! But if you are taking MoboMarket as just an App store then trust me, you might be committing a grave mistake!  Along with the it’s App & Game Download, MoboMarket acts as a device manager offering you complete control over your Android phones. All files will be easy to access with MoboMarket. You can keep backups of your contacts, get access to all the files and folders and what not?

MoboMarket Games Screen

MoboMarket just happens to be your one and only stop, which can provide and fulfill all your Android Phone related needs- be it as an App Store or as a Device Manager! Guess what, it’s the MoboMarket which will actually make you SmartPhone, SMARTER!


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