My Success Story At SEOCLERKS

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My success story at SEOCLERKS.



Hello friends, today I will be sharing my success story at SEOCLERKS.
Since my school days or I should say my childhood days, I had great interest in online earning, website making, hacking and many other such activities. I kept on searching and scrubbing the so called internet for various methods of making online money. In the beginning I thought that money can’t be made online. But I still kept on searching, in between I made many websites from free website builders and implemented various methods to earn through them but I failed. Then one day, I remember it was July 2013, while watching some online video tutorials on YouTube I came across to a video showing how easy it is to make money from SEOCLERKS. I joined the site, as I was very excited even though everything was new to me on SEOCLERKS.


I was new to SEO, social marketing and other such activities. I went across the complete site to understand everything and how everything works on SEOCLERKS.


I made my very first services on SEOCLERKS related to Google AdSense, Back linking and SEO Bots. Many days passed and none of my service got any order. I was disappointed but I continued. I started giving more importance to people’s requests known as WTB (Want to buy) on SEOCLERKS. I started bidding on various WTBs. One day I saw a WTB stating that “I Need 20 Reviews for my site “. I placed a bid on it and that person ordered 20 reviews from me and each review gave me 1$. So in this way I made my first earning on SEOCLERKS. I was really excited and carried on.


I started receiving orders for my bids as well as some of my services also started getting orders. Within 1 month of joining, that is in August I made around 50$. Though it was not a big amount but as it was my first online earning I was really very happy of this achievement. It’s been nearly 6 months now after joining SEOCLERKS I made more than 300$ (I can’t say my exact earnings)




I would point out some highlights of SEOCLERKS as compared to other freelancing SEO sites (Naming is not necessary). 
1. They have a great interface and it’s really easy to communicate with buyers or sellers


2. WTB section is very useful in getting some extra orders, besides the services that we make.


3. There is a special section called WTT named Want to Trade which allows users to trade their services or any other service.


4. There are 3-4 payment modes and minimum payment threshold is just 10$.


5. There are various services available for as low as 1$.


I hope you also get inspired by this and try SEOCLERKS. I guarantee that this site can help you earn money. Share this story with your friends or other people who are looking for some online income.
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