8 tips to run effective social media campaigns

8 Key Tips to Run Effective Social Media Campaigns

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In the era when the Internet dictates the tempo of people’s lives, the success of every business is practically dependent upon its online reputation. More precisely, the reputation is based on social media presence. That’s why even well-established brands are hiring social media experts to build the strategy for this aspect of marketing.

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When a company decides to invest in specialized social media marketing, the difference is immediately noticeable. Australian Writings Pty Ltd is a successful example: when the company hired a marketing expert to develop its social media campaign, their sales were boosted for 35%. This is a strategy that always works: promotion of high-quality blog articles, direct communication with the target audience, and placement of clear information through properly timed social media updates.

8 Key Tips to Run Effective Social Media Campaigns

So how exactly can you develop such a social media campaign? These 8 tricks will lead you to success.

  1. Don’t Copy Industry Leaders! Innovate!

How are you going to present your creativity if you don’t convey it through the campaign that promotes you in front of a huge audience?

dont copy

The process of developing a social media promotion strategy starts with a research of the competition. You should always examine the trends in the particular niche, so you can come up with something different and better in a result. A marketer should never be afraid to experiment!

When you offer something different, you’ll distinguish yourself from the competitors. It’s not hard to achieve brand recognition through social media!

  1. Build a Personal Connection

Promote the team that stands behind your brand. This approach will establish the company’s identity on social media. Each member of your team has unique personality, so you can turn some of them into page administrators and give them the liberty to post updates and respond to comments. Instruct them to sign their name under the updates they post.


You’ll soon notice how the fans and followers become more active on your profile. They will ask questions and expect answers from their favorite administrators.

  1. Set Clear Goals. Have a Plan!

The real work starts after you make a plan. Without a proper strategy, you’ll end up with messy online presence that does nothing for your brand. When you let your company’s primary and secondary goals to guide you, the social media presence will make sense.

set goals and have a plan

There are online tools that can help you plan the campaign and commit to smooth activities that will work to your brand’s advantage. You can try Hootsuite, Editorial Calendar, Buffer, and similar tools that make social media management easy.

  1. Be Active and Consistent

You can’t publish 20 status updates in a single day, and then disappear for months. When you use social media for the sake of your business, you can’t approach it as a pastime activity. Keep your audience informed about the services and products you offer. Tell them about your achievements, and make sure to ask for their feedback.

You can establish a personal connection only when you prove you’re always available for your customers.

  1. Intrigue Your Audience

Social media marketing experts agree upon one fact: the easiest way to attract the interest of your audience is through giveaways and competitions. If you intrigue them with a mysterious price, you’ll trigger even greater participation. For example, if an online bookstore decides to give out a $100 voucher to the winner of the contest, the social media campaign may give hints of the prize, but the final announcement should come as a total surprise. After that, more people will start following its social media pages to find out what the next surprise will be.

Video content is another great way to intrigue your followers. You will achieve great success by promoting professionally-looking videos that accompany your blog posts. When the readers receive a brief visual presentation of the text, they will be convinced that you have something smart to say and they will read the content you serve. Ask questions in the video and give hints for the most interesting parts of the post.

  1. Benefit from Influencers

When a trusted blogger, YouTuber or social media user publishes a positive opinion about your brand, his authoritative voice will attract plenty of potential customers your way. Make sure to discover all influencers in your niche. Then, reach out to them and offer free products and services in return for their honest review. If you gain the support of an influencer, you can rest assured that your brand will establish a stronger presence on social media.

  1. Know Everything About Your Audience

The key for effective social media marketing is focus. You can’t disperse yourself across all platforms; the maintenance of multiple profiles would consume more time than you have. Examine the interests of your target audience and see where they hang out. If most of your potential customers are likely to be found on LinkedIn, then you may consider sharing blog posts on this platform instead of filming YouTube videos.

When you locate your target consumers, do everything to make them feel appreciated. Give them gift cards and discounts for their birthdays, and congratulate all holidays. When you show your appreciation, you’ll get their loyalty in return.

  1. Find the Connection Between Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

Your followers and fans will be more willing to promote your brand if they get something in return. You can achieve great results if you infiltrate affiliate marketing into your social media presence. For example, you can ask your fans to rate your profile, provide their email address, or share your page to get a unique discount code.

Business Success as a Result of Social Media Appeal


Social media marketing is not simple at all. You have to do your best to attract your audience through promotions, fun updates, contests, and giveaways, but you shouldn’t leave an impression that you’re trying too hard. Follow the trends in the industry, but you should not copy anyone! Clearly, you need a strategic approach that will bring your brand closer to the target audience present on social media pages.

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