7+ Effortless Ways to Skyrocket Facebook Fan Engagement

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Are you holding a Facebook Page with huge likes but is your fan engagement sinking like the great white star liner, The Titanic?

OMG ! Are You falling into the watery grave ?

Do you want to skyrocket your social reach via Facebook and get things back working within the bounds and realms of possibility ?
Claps J  You’ve landed at the right place. I believe I can save you from drowning.


As you all know, Facebook Reach is dramatically decreasing and will end up with some negative results if you don’t look at it with an eagle eye.


The most important question when it comes to exposure is ;


How many would catch the sight of the content that you share ? 
Are you getting the required exposure comparing the time and hard work you’ve put in ? 


Well, today I’ve got some interesting yet effortless techniques that can multiply your Facebook Fan Engagement as easy as taking a candy from a baby. Haha !


Is Facebook Still an Effective Marketing Tool ?

Facebook marketing is important for every company but for budding websites and blogs, it’s even more important. If used effectively, Facebook can become the window to your website or brand. What people see here will be an instrumental to your success. A well-crafted Facebook page can drive up the speed of the traffic and earnings of your blog .


The first thing you should realize is that, people around Facebook or rather Social Media in the whole are not aware of every single thing that happens. You and I see different feeds and come across different articles and images.


Facebook was once a place just for keeping tabs on friends and posting images. But, now the trend has changed and Facebook is now bracketed as the most effective business tool. It is an unparalleled space for marketing your products, landing gigs and connecting with your customers.


As I said earlier , Facebook reach is dramatically decreasing and it’s now far from an effective tool. It’s high time that you realize that posting bare-boned links with some wordings doesn’t get your good results unless you have a highly authentic page with huge fan base. So, it is very important to craft your social media post in such a manner that it gets the maximum exposure.


The famous American Author , Seth Godin said –


[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”750″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#ffffff”]“One option is to struggle to be heard whenever you’re in the room. Another is to be the sort of person who is missed when you’re not. The first involves making noise. The second involves making a difference.”[/mks_pullquote]


So folks, do you want to upsurge the reach of your Facebook page ?


The first thing to do is to produce unique and quality content. Anything with a difference is accepted by all. They are spotted even through the tiniest holes.


So, before making your first move make sure that you have the best quality content. It needn’t be yours, share every great piece of content that snatches your eyes.It would indeed help you build a healthy and warm relationship with your fans and competitors.


Let’s Roll !

7+ Effortless Ways to Skyrocket Your Facebook Fan Engagement


skyrocket facebook engagement
Let’s get back on work , baby !

7. It’s not about Likes , It’s about Engagement

Building a Facebook pages with lots of likes doesn’t bring the deal on. You may have seen a metric on Facebook pages called “People Talking About This”. Have to ever tried to increase “People Talking About This” rather than trying to increase the page likes ?
After all, a few engaged followers are much more useful than thousands of people who turn up, like , leave and is never to be seen again. Don’t run behind pooling such bunch of likes into your page. Make use of your small community and activate your action to success 🙂


6. Sense of humour

This is the trickiest but one which has big dividends. We are not persisting you to post some Cat Memes. (unless your page is about cats) Nobody likes to stay serious reading all those big stuff happening around your niche. Try to keep your fans and readers entertained with some funny stuff that is related to your page niche. As you all know , people love to see trolls and funny posts.


Warning: Don’t share a lot of humour, only use it sparingly. After all, it’s always important to keep your dignity in front.


5. Create hype

Creating a Poll or asking questions is a good example. This is a great way of learning what your audience likes or dislikes.
For instance, if your Facebook Page is about Movies then conducting a Poll about ‘ The Best Movie of 2015 ‘ would really create a great hike. Similarly, you can ask questions. This not only increases your likes and engagement but also helps you build a better interactive relationship with your audience.

4. Hold fan contest

This is the best thing you can do on Facebook . Showing a bit of appreciation and love to your fans won’t even hurt you a bit in the big run. Social Contests are a great way to increase your likes, engagement, reach and leads. Moreover, contest & giveaways are the fun way to get your audience to participate on your Page.

3. Fan of the Week

You use Facebook for business but the business runs because you have customers or rather fans. Your fans loved to be recognized for the love they share. So it’s always great to show off a bit of appreciation via any ‘Fan of the Week ‘ app. Always think of a different yet creative way to get people engaged.

2. Add value

The most important point to remember is that unlike advertisements in television or print media the people have total control in Facebook over what they want to see and what they don’t want to .So your Facebook page should be good enough to add value to your fans and above all, it must be interesting and should offer vital information about your topic.


1. Understand the audience

Keep notes on what kind of post has got the most likes and the least likes. Keep an eye on your page insights and then SHOOT the goal. This would keep your fans engaged and happy.

Anything More ?

These are some tips that worked great for the people around Facebook. Here are some other tiny tips to add up to the value :-
1. Fill in the Blank posts
2. Post Mixture of Pictures and Videos
3. Use Call To Action words
4. Facebook Ads
5. Frequency Of Posting

Wrap Up !

Are these worth enough to try when it comes to – increasing your engagement with your customers and prospects on Facebook ? Do you think these tips would work for you ?

What tactics have worked for you ? I’d like to know’em J

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