TerraLeads CPA Hub Review: Meet The First in its Kind

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It’s been months now since I jumped into the world of CPA, and to be honest, there’s still a lot to learn. However, every new campaign and every new offer add some experience to my knowledge.

Well, today, I am going to share about one CPA market player that I recently joined. And yeah it’s not like other networks which are built on CAKE or any other platform. The affiliate program I am going to share is a lot different in terms of offers and also in terms of the whole process involved.

If you join them, you will really enjoy it !!

Let me jump right into the network now.

Terraleads Review: A Complete CPA Hub

Yes, a complete HUB and you’ll know very soon.

So, Terraleads started in January 2017, is the first personal CPA hub specializing in various traffic monetization models under various verticals or categories.

The best thing is, they themselves are the advertisers. This means higher payouts since no intermediates are in between you and the advertiser.

This is truly something every CPA marketer would want.

Apart from this, they offer a lot more options that will help you scale up your business. This is provided by them with the help of multiple resources and consultation. Once you are inside the system, you can find all these educations resources.

Well, that’s all about the overview.

Let me take you inside the hub so that you can understand more about Terraleads !!

CPA Hub – What is it Exactly?

Before I start, let me tell you that TerraLeads is the first and the only CPA Hub !! And the reason why they call themselves a hub is that they align the three main constituents – the merchant, the network, and the publisher all in one.

  • As a merchant, they offer the products of their own production that pass all clinical tests and meet all European standards.
  • As a network, they offer cooperation with experienced partners only, those, who can prove their successful previous experience in affiliate marketing.
  • And As a publisher, they have their own arbitrage team, who are responsible for creating educational material for the partners, to help them boost revenue.

The features that you can find are:

  • Discounts on popular services and products. Better Offers.
  • Multiple tools for boosting conversions. Multiple landing page options.
  • API Feature for webmasters.
  • Domain parking
  • Deep and detailed statistics of your promotion activities.

Terraleads is expanding really fast and is now having operations in the following countries:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • France
  • Portugal
  • România
  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Bulgaria

So, you can find offers from these countries. But do you know the best part?

They have their warehouses in all of these countries which means the product gets delivered to the user in just 4 working days.

Apart from this, the call centers have native speakers for each country, so that every lead you bring can be converted more efficiently. Due to this reason, the approval rates of offers are much higher compared to others.

How to Join Terra leads?

To become a member, you have to first Register yourself on their site.

After registering, an account manager will contact you for a short interview. You will have to answer some basic questions and let them know about your previous experience in CPA or in Affiliate Marketing.

You may even have to send a few screenshots proving your past success.

Apart from that, the manager may ask you about how to plan to work on Terra Leads. You may be asked about what GEOs you plan to target, what verticals you prefer, how many leads you can bring and also about how you plan to bring traffic.

Once you manage to convince the manager, your account will be instantly approved and you can start running offers from the network.

Understanding Terraleads Network – The interface

Unlike other CPA networks, the entire interface of Terraleads is quite unique, attractive and very easy to access. 🙂

Here’s how it looks once you log into your account.

You have 3 basic options, either you can jump right into the offers section to check the offers that you can promote or you can create your streams or generate API files for the offers.

However, keeping it simple, I will talk about what matters the most. And that is the offers section…

Under this, you can find the offers listed with all the details like GEO, payout amount, product cost (the amount a buyer will get charged for the product).

Also, there are some more details that you can make use of…

Since most of the offers these days are COD offers in which a lead is captured and credited once the purchase is confirmed on call. So to make it easier and efficient for the affiliates, terraleads shows the approval percentage of each offer. This metric will help you pick the best offer that converts.

Here’s a quick snap of the offers section;

As you can see, the interface is quite friendly and you can easily select any offer by clicking on Create stream.

Once you click on create stream, you will see a new page with all the details from where you can select the landing page and the pre-lander (if required)

Also, with this, you can additional tools and options by which you can specify your PIXELS, UTM codes, sub-parameters etc.

You can check your stats easily and instantly as Terraleads uses an inbuilt tracker. With this, you can also see details like the number of calls made, operator’s comments and the customer feedback. I don’t think any other network provide this much of detailed information.

That’s how it all works. But Terraleads has got more for you.

T-Coins – Earn Extra Prizes and Gifts

Apart from the unique features I mentioned above, there’s still a lot more that this CPA Hub provides.

Since this network focuses on building professional relationships with the partners, they have introduced a new concept in the form of T-Coins.

T-coins or Terra coins are something that you will earn regularly based on your performances. It’s basically a bonus system introduced first time in a CPA network through which you can earn some bonuses in the form of T-Coins.

So, you might be wondering what this T-coins can be used for?

Well, you can get a BMW out of it !!


The T-Coins can be redeemed at the Terra Store for various items like BMW I3, Toyota Prius Prime Plus, Nissan LEAF, Apple Macbook, LED Tv, Powerbanks, headphones, drones etc.

There’s a lot more…

All this is an extra bonus that you can get apart from your earnings.

Here’s a look at the Terra store…


Isn’t it amazing 🙂

Features of Terraleads Network

I’ve covered a lot regarding the features, but here’s a quick overview of the features that terraleads provides you with.

  • High Conversion Rates as they regularly leverage cutting edge UI/UX technologies and CTA Features with A/B testings and constant metric analysis.
  • High Approval Rates with Call centers located in all the countries with native speakers.
  • High Payouts as there is not intermediate between you and the producer.
  • Landing Pages are ready to use and they have all passed by Adwords and Facebook.
  • Every partner has his own account manager who is available 24/7. Multilingual support 24/7.
  • Possibility to order an individual product line.
  • Offers and products are all clinically tested and meet all the European standards. So, this means you are not promoting something that is fake or not tested.
  • They employ a “Quick Lead” System – (User Fills form – Call Center Calls the user – Order approved – Affiliate gets Paid).
  • Payments can be withdrawn instantly.
  • Multiple Payment options like Wire, Paxum, e-payments, WebMoney, PayPal.

Interesting right??

I myself find them to be the first network with so many exciting features.

Final Words from Terraleads

How does TerraLeads see the future of affiliate marketing? Where is your place in it?

  • 40% of marketing professionals say affiliate marketing is the most desired digital skill.
  • 80% of brands utilize affiliate marketing and consider it an integral part of their business.

TerraLeads understands that the competition in the field of affiliate marketing is going to be tough very soon that’s why we are trying to predict all possible trends that are approaching in the next couple of years in order to be capable of offering its partners the best working conditions.

We do also care about the quality of the products our end-users get, so our products pass all clinical tests and maintain all European standards.

Currently, we are looking for strong partners who can prove to be good in CPA marketing as we plan on expanding to other continents. By the end of the year, we plan to cover all European countries and starting from 2018 we plan to reach the borders of Asia and Latin America. Consequently, we need really strong experienced market players to join our team and grow the business together.

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    However, Affiliate support is very awesome and TerraLeads guys quickly reply to your query on IM and they also gonna give you huge discounts ion Affiliate conferences and event tickets..

    1. Thank you all for your comments about TerraLeads. Every your good word makes us more inspired and motivated to create even better conditions for our partners.
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