Top 50 Most Funny, Weirdest And Interesting Websites

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Here’s an interesting list of the best Funny, Weirdest and Strange Websites. 

So if you are in stressed, tensed or in kind of problem or if your mind is not fresh, then this post is surely for you. This list of Top 50 Most Funny, Interesting and Strange Weird Sites will surely freshen up your mind.

It took me around 3 hours to compile this list and believe me these sites are worth visiting once. 😉

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Top  10 Weird Websites

Let me first start with some of the top 10 weirdest websites on the Internet.

  • Staggering Beauty

When you open this web page, you will see a single animated wiggly worm. You’ll be instructed to “shake vigorously” meaning to shuffle/move your mouse around the screen. And then see what happens, we will not say what happens next. Enjoy!

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Visit Now:Staggering Beauty


  • SnapBubbles

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself? Now you can snap them all day long! Enjoy, as you pop virtual bubbles. Snap Away!

Seriously I popped over 50 bubbles, I mean the virtual ones. Pop some yourself as well.

Pop Now: SnapBubbles

  • ZoomQuilt

One of the best illusions I’ve ever seen online. ZoomQuilt is an endless infinite zoom illusion created with flash. This is indeed one of the best art on the internet. You will be really amazed by the way it goes on.

Visit Now: ZoomQuilt


  • Pointer Pointer

This site requires you to move your cursor (pointer) to any point on your computer screen. Once your pointer is still, a photo of a person pointing at your pointer appears. Move your cursor, and another pic will be displayed showing pointing at your new pointer location. The photos are pretty random. Well, it’s a good site to do some time pass.

Visit Now: Pointer Pointer



By far the weirdest and the most pointless website available on the internet. If the name wasn’t weird enough, the application when opened shows a homepage full of a black background with green coding done all over with strange symbols. It is as if an alien wrote the code for humans to crack.

Link to visit:  WWWWWWWWW.Jodi


  • Falling Falling

Falling falling is possibly one of the weirdest websites available on the internet right now. The website shows an object which keeps falling down in an endless loop and never reaches its end, it just keeps falling down.

Link to visit: Falling Falling


  • Eel Slap

A hilarious website which allows users to slap a man on the screen by an eel’s hand via their computer mice. The quicker the user moves their mouse the faster the eel slaps the man. The website besides this has nothing to offer but is definitely something people who are getting bored should consider.

Link to visit: Eel Slap 


  • Patience is a Virtue

It is good to be patient. I’m not adding anymore here. Just visit it yourself and you will find that Patience is indeed a virtue. Stand by, please.

Visit Now:Patience is a Virtue


  • Zombo

Welcome to Zombocom. This is Zombocom, anything is possible at Zombocom. You can do anything at Zombo, the only limit is yourself.

You will understand the above lines once you open the website.

Visit Now: Zombo


  • r33b

ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD. A toad will try to hypnotize you. The site has absolutely nothing but still has a high PR and gets good traffic as well.

Visit now: r33b


  • Tane

A bizarre little flash site under the name of “Tane”. This site even have a subreddit on reddit.

Tane Now: Tane


List of Most Interesting Websites

Let’s now have a list of best top 10 interesting websites.

  • Clever Bot

This one’s my favorite! Cleverbot uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to have conversations with humans. (from WikiPedia). Just start chatting with the application, you will be amazed by the answers of the application. You can go chatting with him for hours without getting bored.

Visit now: Clever Bot


  • Feed The Head

A Must Visit Site, Do various, strange things with head, eyes, ears etc. Ultimately you have to make it disappear. This is really a wonderful but a tough game to win. You will get addicted to it.

Here’s a guide on “How to finish FEED THE HEAD game

Feed Now: Feed The HEAD


  • Buzzfeed

An American media website which is now available in most of the countries in the world. Buzzfeed manipulates their website posts as per the user’s residence country that is shows the user content relevant to them. It contains various kinds of memes, videos and news content.

Link to visit: Buzzfeed


  • Eat This Much

Eat This Much is a virtual dietician application website on the internet. It makes the user fill a form with field like the amount of calories the user wants to consume in a particular amount of meals and also asks for the type of food the user would like results for. The app then generates a meal plan for the user. This website is a really useful one for people who are health conscious.

Link to visit: Eat This Much


  • Is It Normal?

As the name suggests, the website enables users to ask other users questions about their situations or incidents to get their perceptions on it in what basically is a forum format. Most of the users there pop in weird questions and are actively replied with weird answers which make the website really intriguing to visit.

Link to visit: Is It Normal?


  • 9Gag

Over the years, 9Gag has established itself as the number one meme application, website and Facebook page in the world. They have over 35 million Facebook followers. Their website offers a mixture of videos, meme images, hilarious ongoing news of the world and much more. Most of its content is uploaded by its logged in users and the best ones are published and get a share on their Facebook page.

Link to visit: 9Gag


  • Chesscademy

A highly interactive website which in a tutorial format explains the user the basic of the game of Chess. It first asks the user whether they are a newbie or an intermediate level player, once the user has selected their input, it arranges video tutorials and interactive gameplay techniques for them to enhance their Chess skills.

Link to visit: Chesscademy


  • Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

A really productive application website which allows the user to crosscheck whether a particular internet website they are unable to open on their devices is only down for them or if it’s a worldwide issue. This website helps solve a lot of problems for people who come across issues of these kinds and want to know what the problem behind them is.

Link to visit: Down For Everyone Or Just Me?  


  • A good movie to watch

A good movie to watch is a very useful app for people who are looking to run a movie marathon or people who are indecisive of what movie they should be watching. The website offers heavy search filtering and has various sections on offer like “Mood”, “Genres” and “Latest” for users to find a movie that they would love watching.

Link to visit:  A good movie to watch


  • What The Font?

What the font is an application website which allows the user to fetch the name of a particular font they see on a website. The user here just has to upload a screenshot of the font on the website. The website then runs a script and displays the name of the font on the result section for the user. It also displays external details like the size, color of the fonts used in the screenshot.

Link to visit: What The Font?


  • Pinterest

A highly acclaimed image website, Pinterest contains a variety of image sections. It has sections like autocorrect fails, Siri answers, top Facebook comments, funny WhatsApp replies and much more. Basically, a go to place for users to browse for memes and funny content.

Link to visit:  Pinterest


  • Quora

Quora contains questioned asked by its users which can be answered by all of its registered users regardless of their website experience. It covers questions of all of the mainstream niches in the world like Education, Technology, Politics, Health and much more. The user can here enhance their knowledge by asking more questions and browsing answers of questions they think are interesting and will help them grow.

Link to visit: Quora


  • Rotten Tomatoes

A movie knowledge enhancer, Rotten Tomatoes contains a plethora of movie news, reviews, ratings, celebrity conspiracies etcetera. It is the ultimate hub for movie geeks. They upload latest movie trailers, preview and TV projects on their website for viewers. They also have a lot of sections like recent Top 10, highest rated movies of all time and much more for viewers to browse on.

Link to visit:  Rotten Tomatoes


  • This is why I’m broke

This is why I’m broke is a website created for people who like to buy unique products online for their use. The website mostly contains dual products which are used for two completely different tasks. It has close to no products which an average person would not use. It contains products like Camera Lenses which also work as a container (mug) for your coffee and target practice alarm clock which works both as an alarm clock and as a paintball gun for practicing targets.

Link to visit: This is why I’m broke


  • Sort By Dislikes

Sort by dislikes is a website which offers filter searching of the most disliked videos on YouTube. They have various other sections too. Some of its sections are “The most hated channels in the world”, “video types that usually get a lot of dislikes.” It is definitely something that would help you kill some time and also enhance your YouTube knowledge. It is a very useful tool for aspiring YouTubers.

Link to visit:  Sort By Dislikes


List of Best Strange yet Funny Websites

We have the weirdest, we have the most interesting, now let us see some bizarre strange but funny websites. 🙂

  • Bored Button

A pointless website on the internet, Bored Button displays a big red button on its homepage which once the user clicks randomly generate and opens another page to uplift the mood of the user. It shows fancy card tricks, riddles to follow and much more for the user to view.

Link to visit:  Bored Button


  • Experience Mount Everest

Everyone in the world after knowing about the mountain has thought of reaching the peak heights of Mount Everest. Well, here is an application website which displays a 3D overview of the mountain with a trekking like atmosphere.

Link to visit:  Experience Mount Everest


  • Reasons My Son Is Crying

As its name suggests, reasons my son is crying is a forum website which contains images and videos sent by parents to show why their children are crying. This is very useful for new parents struggling to figure out what is wrong with their children and how to fix them. The website accepts posts from everyone in the world as long as the content fulfils the topic of the actual website.

Link to visit:  Reasons My Son Is Crying


  • Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos as the name suggests is a meme website which gathers up real life family photos which look as awkward and weird as they could. Their content is mostly submitted by its members and uploaded on the website after proof checking done by its owners.

Link to visit: Awkward Family Photos


  • The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a website made to fix people’s boredom. The website when displays the message “Take me to another useless website PLEASE.” Now, the user has to click on the highlighted word “PLEASE” and will be then redirected to a random useless website The Useless Web generates for them. The Useless Web generates a new website every time the user clicks on please.

Link to visit: The Useless Web


  • Jim Carrey

One of the greatest Hollywood actors and comedians, Jim Carrey is at it again with his weird website. The website as anyone would expect should have an official look to it with news, media, merchandises and articles related to Mr. Carrey. But when opened, the site hilariously pops up with a message “Please come back later.” This has been going on for years now and the message has stayed the same since the website first began to show.

Link to visit: Jim Carrey


  • WWW Dot Com

Possibly the most used term while explaining the characteristic of the internet to a newbie. Hilariously though, there is an actual website by this name which when opened show just a single sentence which reads “Add parameter to the URL”, the website contains no other sub links or topics. The sentence along with a white background is all it has to offer.

Link to visit: WWW Dot Com


  • I Look Like Barack Obama

I look like Barack Obama is an interesting and at the same time a weird website on the internet. It is about a man named Trevor who in the website homepage admits that he looks like the ex US president Barack Obama and also claims to have been stopped by people on the streets for tax questions etcetera – but in reality, he has no resemblance to Obama. This sarcasm showed by the man is rather weird.

Link to visit: I Look Like Barack Obama


  • Corndog on Corndog

A really way-out website which shows a photo of two corndogs lay down on a plate with a bit of mayonnaise alongside on its homepage. The app also comes with an annoying but funny background for the users to listen to while watching those mouth-watering corndogs.

Link to visit: Corndog on Corndog


  • 100,000 Stars

A website loaded with deep thoughts and realization. It works on the idea of graphically representing the universe and shows how small the part of the universe is that we live in by using stellar data. The website lightens the burden on the people who are stressed out by showing them how small their problem can become if they think about it in the right way.

Link to visit: 100,000 Stars



  • Do Not Go On

Everyone makes mistake. You just clicked on a place you shouldn’t click on. Please go back peacefully.

Confused?? Well yes you must be. Visit the site and you will know the reason.

Visit Now: Do not Go On or Just click the button below


  • BoohBah Zone

Interactive entertainment for pre-schoolers based on Ragdoll’s Boohbah television show. This site doesn’t make any sense. It offers many Cute Games for Toddlers so I recommend you not to visit it 😛

Visit Now: BoohBah


  • Nicest Place on the Internet

Just take a break for a second. Feeling sad or low or down? Need some love? Welcome to the nicest place on the Internet!!!

A website with the sole purpose of cheering you up with music and hugs from people who really care. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Visit Now:Nicest Place on the Internet

So, did you like this epic list of 50+ best weird websites that are fun and interesting to visit?. 🙂

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