Top 21 Events for Event Based Blogging [Infographic]

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Event Based Blogging!! Have you heard about it before? Well I’m sure Indian bloggers know about this and many of them have even had tried their hands on it.

Don’t know about event based blogging? Read my previous post where I explained the basics of event based blogging.

So, it’s really a quick way to generate some huge chunks of cash, depending on the event you picked. I am also working on some upcoming events and I will surely share my experience after I get finished with it.

I guess you all are also excited to start one?? Well I can hear your yes to it.
Top 21 Events for Event Based Blogging [Infographic]
Top 21 Events for Event Based Blogging [Infographic]

So to start with one such blog you should first open up the calendar and look for the events that you can work on. Event picking is a very important task, and make sure to do a deep research on the event that you will work on. Keyword planner and Google are my favorites for doing research on any keyword or event.

Still if you can’t find a good event to work on then you must look upon this simple infographic where I have listed some top events that are all tested by my friends and other bloggers. All 21 events are very much popular and have around 1000k+ daily searches throughout the event.
You can embed the infographic on your blog too but make sure to give proper credits to avoid any copyright issues.
Infographic by IftiSEOHere are all 21 events listed with some extra details: 

New Year Event: This is one of the best event for event based blogging though the competition is much higher. Though it’s just a single day event but the number of searches this event gets is around 1000+k. My friend Imran from AllTechBuzz made around 2000+$ with this event. In fact he was ranked 1st position in google with the keyword “Happy New year 2014”.

Exam Results: You can target over 100 different results under this which makes this event huge. You can target JEE Main results, CBSE 10th class results, CBSE 12th Class Results, State Board results or any other board exam results held in your country.

Olympics: Though this event comes once in every 4 years but you can still make a whole lot of money with this. You can easily target different sports and rank your posts higher. This events long run of around 10-18 days makes it big.

FIFA World Cup:
Football is the biggest sport around the world and when it comes to world cup everyone follows it. So this event again is a 1 month event which gives you many opportunities to earn money. I have already seen many bloggers preparing on this event.

IPL:  One of the biggest cricketing event with a large number of followers. You can easily rank and earn with your IPL based blog throughout the event.

Elections: May it be of any country but believe me it is quite huge. I came across its power after seeing many blogs earn big through it.
Cricket World Cup: Biggest cricketing event that gets huge number of searches.
Christmas: A very big festival with very high number of searches especially from US and thus if you get your Christmas blog ranked on top, you will be earning huge since the average CPC from US is very high as compared to India and other countries.
Super Bowl
Americans favorite!! It becomes the most trending event across the social networks and television media and receives millions of searches. I have seen someone earn 1000+$ with a single video during super bowl. So this event also works well for YouTube uploaders too.
Valentine’s Day:
This event gets the highest number of searches from India. You can make posts for all the 7 days (Rose Day, Teddy day etc.) and rank it on google.
Diwali: One of the biggest Hindu festival called the festival of lights. This event again gets thousands of searches
hourly especially for Diwali wallpapers and messages.
Video Game
Release (VGR) Event:
This is the most widespread event and there is 70% chance of earning huge through it. For example, GTA is one of the most popular video game in the industry so you can make a blog for its upcoming game like for example GTA6 and rank it on the top keywords. This is quite lengthy but still the best events to work on for money as you have thousands of games to make blogs of.
Oscar Awards:
This event is the highest level of honor for the film industry and I have listed it in this list as this event gets huge number of searches for different keywords and the competition is really low. This event is really worth trying.
Holi: Another Hindu festival, called the festival of colors. This event gets huge internet searches for around 50+ keywords. Though the competition is high as almost every Indian blogger known to event based blogging will try it but it’s still worth having a try.
Halloween: This event again is very popular among the Americans. US based events gives a high earning due to their high CPC and hence I recommend this to try.
Friendship day: It’s not a huge event but if you get ranked with the main keywords you can easily get a 1000$ out of it.
WWE WrestleMania: It is the biggest event of WWE and if you are a fan of WWE you can easily make a WWE WrestleMania blog. The competion is quite low and you can get good results from it as well.
Ramadan And Eid: Biggest festival of Muslims. If you are a Muslim then making an Eid blog will be very easy task for you.
EL CLASICO: Only a football fan will be knowing about this. The match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Club De Futbol is called EL CLASICO. This match is played around 2-4 times a year and you can easily make a blog for it. You can choose your domain name as and rank your posts on top. I have tried this event  on YouTube some 2 years back and the results were really amazing. The sad part was, my channel was not monetized at that time.
Grammy Awards: The biggest Music awards that again gets very much trending across Google USA. YouTube can also get you huge money outta this event.
Mother’s Day: Last but not the least it’s mother’s day. This event is quite small in terms of the searches it gets on google but still you can give it a try since the competition is quite low.

So these were some 21 events that I found interesting and can be worked upon. Event based blogging is not an easy task as it involves ranking your posts on top of google in just a short span of time. And all this requires huge link building. I recommend you buy links for event based blogging only if you can’t do link building on your own. You can contact us for such cheap/ free services.
Do share your thoughts on it through comments and add any event if I missed any. 
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