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List of Top 10 Best Search Engines on the Internet

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Many of you after reading the title will be like “Okay Google is number 1”. Well yes it is and will be the top search engine for many more years to come. So why this post of best search engines in the world?? Well as a blogger and an SEO Analyst its always important to keep track of the things around you, specially the things which have a direct impact on you and your work.

I would also like to include stats from one of my website for which I even haven’t even done Google Webmasters !! But know what !! I am making 1000$ every month from that site and all of the traffic is organic !! Not from Google but from 2-3 other search engines.

Now don’t ask me why not Google !!! 😛 I will still answer it.

  • Because the Competition on Google is really high and it’s not easy !!
  • The search engines I am working on are getting equally good searches for the same keywords.
  • And yes Google is not everything for me.

So… Should I begin with the list ??

Before that I would also would like to give you all a small homework. Once you read this post, do a research on the ranking factors of the different search engines. Yes, some of them will be just based on Google’s factors but I can assure you that few of them are completely different in their working.

Why Should we Know about Google Alternatives ?

“Don’t do Evil” – Google

But !!! Yeah it can be seen that Google has very well started doing many activities that are quite unwell for website owners.

They added various new features to search which resulted in a huge decline in traffic of numerous websites. The introduction of Google Knowledge Graph is something that many of the webmasters are angry at.

And as it looks, Google is trying to give answers to all user queries in the knowledge graph itself which ultimately leads to lesser number of clicks from search. Here’s an example:

Google knowledge graph

There are many more reasons that explains this anger of webmasters and online business owners.

Best Search Engines List: Top 10

Again let me tell you that apart from Google, other search-engines also provide millions of queries to users daily. So there are plenty of search engines out there which can serve you both as a user or as a webmaster ( in terms of generating traffic+revenue)

Here’s the list of best and most popular search engines (as of 2016).

1. Google

To be honest, Google search engine is the best and the most advanced search engine. Over 70% of online searches are done via Google which clearly shows its dominance in the industry.

google search engine

It has many advanced options and features that helps users to get their desired result at the earliest. Features like calculator, calendar, flight tracking, currency convertors, stock market numbers, Sporting schedules etc on the result page itself gives users the best searching experience.

2. Youtube

Believe it or not,  Youtube is the second largest search engine !! Well yes I have listed it here, Youtube gets searches more than the combined of Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

youtube search engine

As per the report on socially stacked, YouTube processes over 3 billion queries a month which is more than Yahoo, Bing, ask and Aol combined.

By this one thing is clear, Engaging and visual content will always be the top preference of internet users worldwide.  So if you are planning to start a blog on something, pause for a moment and think of starting a youtube channel. Do think of it. 😉

3. Bing

Although Google rules the industry of online searches, Bing still has a good hold in the market. Around 10-15% of searches from United States are performed on BING search Engine.

bing search engine

Talking about Bing’s homepage, it changes daily with super high quality pictures. Also like Google, Bing also started giving direct results to multiple type of queries like calculations, conversions, tracking, sporting etc.

4. Yahoo

A portion of online users still prefer using yahoo for their daily search queries. One important reason for this is due to the homepage of Yahoo which itself is a complete news website with daily news, updates and happenings being displayed. This is why many users still use Yahoo !!

yahoo search engine

Another impressive offer by yahoo is its Yahoo answers which provides users answers to all their questions. However since the launch of Quora, there has been a big decline in activity at yahoo answers.


Originally named as Ask Jeeves, is still very much the first choice for a lot of users in the USA. It accounts for 3% of the total search market. The quality of search results are still not well enough to satisfy the user. search engine

It’s more of a question answer based engine where users themselves can answer the questions asked by others.

6. Baidu

Google is still not the dominant force in China as Baidu rules the search industry with over 70% market share. Baidu is ranked 4th in Alexa worldwide and is the number 1 site in China.

baidu search engine


Moreover as per the reports from China internet watch website, Baidu is ranked 2nd in the total net search ad revenue beating Microsoft and Yahoo with a revenue of 7.18 Billion in 2015.



7. Aol

A US based company with a search engine market share of 0.15% according to netmarketshare. Here’s a look homepage.

aol search engine

8. Yandex

We have seen a Chinese search engine (Baidu), now this is a Russian founded search engine. Yandex has become quite popular search engine in Russia and in many parts of Europe. It has a 55-65% market share in the Russian Search market.

Yandex search engine

9. DuckDuckGo

I really love this one !! Well many reasons, firstly it has a very clean interface !! Something which Google is not very good at.

Moreover DuckDuckgo never tracks you or your activities !! yes surf anonymously !! 😀 Moreover you don’t have to move onto other pages, duckduckgo offers infinite scrolling in a very user friendly manner.

duckduckgo search engine


10. WayBack Machine

This again is not really a search engine, it’s rather an engine that allows you to look over the history of any page on the internet. It claims to contain the history of over 480 billion pages on the internet.

I have added this into the list because as a SEO person this site is something we all visit to learn about the history of pages.

Here’s how it shows for

wayback machine

Moreover for your future reference, it also allows you to save your page at any particular instant of time.

11. Lycos

One of the oldest search engines which was founded in 1994 and was quite common in the past. It currently has only 0.01% desktop search engine market share.

Here’s a snap from the search engine:

lycos search engine

Other Search Engines List

So we have already shared 11 search engines above, but it still doesn’t cover a lot of engine. Here are few more search engines that you must be knowing about.

So I have added plenty of top, best and popular search engines of 2016. But I guess you still will be using the same Google 😉 Right !! Do comment on any more search engines that you wish to get added in this list.

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  1. I am actually quite shocked why Gopit Search Engine isn’t listed on here. I think it’s one of the better search engines out there. It also has a pretty awesome app…

  2. Hi, Iftekhar
    all the ten search engines were awesome and effective. The way you explained about search engines was pretty much impressive. Please keep writing.
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  5. Bing is in no.3? wow…i never thought of using this search engine till now. Now I see I have to use it. By the way thanks for the list.

  6. Thanks Iftekhar Bhai for the List of top 10 SE.

    Before reading this article, I had only knowledge about Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu. I got Something to discover from here 🙂

    Thanks once again 🙂

  7. No doubt that Google is still unbeatable even though webmasters are mad on Google’s knowledge graph. However, Bing is the 2nd best choice of mine after Google. Yet, gotta try out all the stuffs you have mentioned in the list. 🙂

  8. I thought that Yahoo would be at the top 3 but it seem that I was wrong. Thank you for the update and also for such an excellent article. It is really an informational article.

  9. I just use google and bing. S’time using duckduckgo.. for lt of SE, i think google still better than the other.

  10. These may not be in the top 10 search engines, but there are many others. The search engines below deserve to be better known:
    1. Startpage
    2. Qwant
    3. Oscobo
    4. Carrot2

  11. Hi,
    Thank you for letting us know about the top search engines on the web. There are may be tons of search engines but Google is always my favorite search engine and the most popular too.

  12. Hello Iftekhar,

    Thank you for sharing the list of Top Search engines. Really, Some of them I was not even aware about.
    After reading this article, I can understand how important it is to know about other search engines also.
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  14. The reason Google is loved by webmasters is covers up to 70 percent of market and is undisputed king. The other search engines you mentioned are also good. Way back machine was is not a search engine though but the reason you have mentioned here is worthful so I agree with you. Thanks for letting us know the information.

  15. Hello Iftekhar brother,

    Inspired by your earning from the organic traffic of other search engines. It’s true the 99% SEOs and bloggers only focus on Google. This is how we are making this field so much saturated. Thanks for your mind diverting idea.

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    Happy blogging 🙂

  16. If you want to search something Google is the option all are have in mind but we do have some other search engines like you listed above. Thanks for sharing the list.

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    1. Well, that’s your misconception buddy. Normal Internet users prefer google, the paranoid ones use Duckduckgo or other anonymous services. The intelligent marketers know Google ain’t the only thing 😉

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    I was shocked to see the Youtube at #2 😀 Before reading the post, I was thinking that Google and Bing would be on top.
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