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Do you ever get confused on what type of content you must publish on your blog next ?? I’m pretty much sure most of you face this problem. Or even if you are a new blogger, you might still not be knowing of what all you can publish on your blog. So this post is for all new bloggers as well.

So let me start this post with some more questions, do try to answer these in your mind !!

  • Do you just post the same type of articles on your blog ?
  • Do you provide variety in your posts ?
  • What makes your blog roll different from a traditional one ?
  • How many types of content do you post on your blog ?
  • Do you want to do something different by making your blog more interesting ?

I can guess the answers of most you and what I find is, most of you will have the same set of answers !!

This guide will help you in a lot of ways, if you follow this guide you can achieve the following:

  • Increase your Traffic
  • Boost social shares
  • Increase your blog engagement/comments
  • Make your blog interesting and will help you create a brand image.
  • Increase revenue
  • and a lot more !! 😉

I guess I have got your attention ?? umm, so I won’t be teaching you magic here. Just keep on reading !!!

We all blog on various niche, keywords, categories (or whatsoever you say) but one thing that we fail to focus on is variety. We fail to provide variety of posts !! Most of us just keep on posting normal blog posts of a same particular style again and again !! and this can many times make your site boring.

So that’s what we have to change !! But how ??

Some of you must have understood it completely and would feel like closing the tab ( yes you can and I have no exit opt-ins 😉 ) but many of you would still love to know more of it. Right ??

Reading this line ?? Ahh thankfully I have my target readers now (joking) !! So how to do ?? Well first let me list the type of articles that one can post on his blog !! You just have to follow it.

Also note that these are the best types of posts that works !! There can be many more types of posts which you can post, I will be adding those as well in the end. 🙂


Different Types of Blog posts you must know

You must be numbering in your mind of what all types of post you know about ! Let me list now ( and yes, I can miss out many ).

different types of blogs

  1. Step by Step Tutorials
  2. Tips and tricks
  3. List posts 
  4. Reviews (paid, free, personal choices)
  5. Infographics
  6. Round-ups
  7. Interviews
  8. Giveaways
  9. News/Informational articles/Controversial
  10. Personal posts (monthly income reports, vacation trips, business meets)
  11. Complete A-Z Guides
  12. Resource Sharing Posts
  13. Case Studies

Now ask yourself again !!

Do you post such articles on a regular rate ?? or are you stuck with just 2-3 types of posts ?? Think again !! Even I agree here that I fail to cover all types of posts in my blog. But now I am working on it and you must too. 🙂

Let me put some light on each of these.

Step by Step Tutorials

step by step guides

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No matter what niche, people often search for step by step tutorials to solve their issues. Posting such posts in your blog can really help you gain some good traffic with good user engagement provided the post you publish is good.

Some key points that you should know before writing such posts are:

  • Don’t add unnecessary content. Be on point and try to keep it simple.
  • Try to add as many images as you can.
  • Try to add alternate steps as well keeping in mind the problems a user may face.
  • Use simple language, and keep the paragraphs short.
  • Don’t over optimize the article for search engines.

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Tips and Tricks Posts

tricks post

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Now this is something that can really bring huge traffic to your site !! It may not work well for all niches but it’s no doubt one of the best type of post that you can publish on your blog. I don’t think I have to explain this in detail but yes, do have a look at some example tricks posts on iftiSEO:

  1. Trick to get Unlimited Google+ Votes to your link
  2. Best Google Tricks 2016
  3. Top Facebook Tricks that you must try.

So basically such posts attract a lot of audience and can give you huge number of social shares as well. Just make sure  that you only post live tricks that works and also tips that really works.

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List posts (listicles)

list posts

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List posts according to my experience are the ones which gets shared the most. Moreover over 70% of viral niche sites run only with list posts. People always prefer reading multiple listings rather than just reading a single one and due to this very reason you should focus well on such posts. Crafting a list post is always an art, some bloggers prefer posting short list articles while some bloggers (like Neil Patel) make extremely informative list posts.

Its upto you and also on the topics that you cover in your list post. I have also written some list posts on this blog, have a look:

Umm, should I explain how to write List posts ?? I will surely on a different post. 😉 For now just check up some list posts of top sites under your niche. You will get a good idea on how to post some great list posts.

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Reviews – Paid/Free

review articles

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Reviews gets searched a lot !!! So, are you posting reviews regularly or do you just wait for paid review opportunities ?? Let’s be honest here, we most of the times post reviews only when we get paid for it. Otherwise we don’t even think of it !!! But let me try to change your minds by adding some key benefits of posting reviews regularly on your blog.

  • Can bring you a lot of affiliate sales.
  • Can bring huge traffic if you rank your reviews.
  • Having good number of reviews on your site will attract paid opportunities.
  • You can even get linked back by some big authorities.

You will find out many reviews posted regularly on some big blogs and believe me, most of them are not paid posts. Enstine Muki is doing a great job with his blog, you will find a lot of reviews being posted regularly on his blog.  But you have to be careful with this, since a lot of review posts can hurt your SEO, user engagement, readership, authority etc. So here are some quick tips !! 🙂

  • Don’t post short reviews, it doesn’t help much. Rather write detailed reviews with lots of images and information.
  • Always post reviews of products under your niche. Don’t go irrelevant for some extra bucks.
  • Don’t just keep on posting reviews, 1-3 a month is fine (assuming you publish 15 articles a month).

By the way, are you still struggling to get paid reviews/sponsored posts for your blog ?? If yes, then I guess you haven’t read my guide. 😛

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Infographics – I just Love it !!


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This is my favorite of all (maybe 😛 ) !! Infographics are something everyone loves to read and share. But at the same time it requires a lot of hard work in creating one. Many of you must have embedded infographics from various sources on your blog and it might have helped you. But having one built yourself for your own blog is something really cool. With just a single infographic you can get lots of benefits like:

  • Social shares (in high numbers) and mentions.
  • Lots of backlinks.
  • Authority and brand awareness.

Even I’m not good in designing infographics but I did try making a few of them !! by the way you can also outsource it by hiring a designer for making an infographic (yes it costs high). Or you can just do all by yourself !! My brother posted an awesome guide on his blog, do have a read. I am sure, you will be able to make one after implementing the steps given out there.

From now onwards, try to at least work on making infographics. Posting 1 in every 3-4 months will really keep your blog in a good state. 🙂 Will you be following this ??

Let’s move on to the next one.

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You can never know the importance of round-up posts until you publish one. I can bet you on that !! 🙂

expert roundup posts

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Posting round-up articles can boost your blog traffic and can help you reach new readers. And it’s really easy to post such articles !! Just get a topic (a really good one and I mean it), make a list of some questions and mail them to some of the industry greats.

Round up posts prove to be a win-win situation for both you and the round up participant. Moreover many bloggers love to get featured among other bloggers, so it’s quite easy to get a YES from them.

Guess what, I will be doing one round up soon !! Do you have any topic suggestion for me ?? Let me know in comments.

So, talking more of round-up posts !! I recently messaged Harleena Singh (Aha-Now) asking for the importance of Round-up posts and here’s what she said. 🙂

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Thanks for the message, though honestly speaking, I’ve not conducted any roundups as such, but been a part of many. To answer your questions – here are my answers below.

  1. Benefits of round-up posts – The biggest benefit of roundup posts is that they help you boost your authority. Also, roundup posts attract lots of traffic, especially when the invited experts share the posts with their circle of social followers. Roundup posts are also the best way to build relationships with influencers. Pick up a good question that your audience wants to know the answer to – bigger the problem, the bigger will be the potential interest.
  1. How to approach the candidates? – Email the potential candidates, preferably influencers, by heading over to their site and looking for their contact form. If you know them well, even contacting them on social media can work, though email is a better way to go about it.Sometimes, you can find the email on their social media links as well. So, be brief and to the point, as most experts are busy people. Let them know the reason for emailing them, the question you’d like them to answer, and the length of answer required, which is essential. Include a reason why they might like to participate, and let them know the deadline for submission.
  1. Things to keep in mind – You need to find experts for your roundup posts, especially those who have contributed earlier to roundups because they’d likely to contribute to yours as well. Such a list comes handy even later. Also, select recognizable names who have a history of creating and sharing wonderful content. Sometimes a mixture of well-known and lesser-known experts works well, as it produces variety of answers, and gives the smaller names in the industry a chance to shine as well.
  1. Extra Tip – If you can prepare a Google Doc with the person’s name, site URL, and when you contacted them, it would help you in the future to keep track of who replied and who couldn’t make it. If you link to their site, do up their bios, which you should, they are most likely to share your post with their followers, though not always. However, if they don’t, please don’t harass them to share the content! Just don’t wait for their promotions, after all, it’s your blog post, so share it all over for maximum exposure.


I guess she answered most of the questions that you were having in your mind !! So what are you waiting for ?? Should I accept a round up post invite from you ?? haha!!

1-2 Round up posts every month can really help you grow your long-term blog. And yes, a good detailed guide will be published soon. So what’s next ??

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Publishing interviews of experts can be very helpful for your long term blogs. The benefits include, increase in traffic, shares and reach. However posting many interviews will not be beneficial for your long-term blog. Only take interviews of experts and make sure to ask and provide some thing unique from your interview post. Most of the interviews posted online are lacking in quality.


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Here are some tips that I personally would like to add:

  • Don’t stick with the same old questions, ask something new and valuable.
  • You are the interviewer, don’t show yourself weak or small.
  • Try to take interviews of people who are not very well-known to your readers (it helps).
  • Don’t publish too many interviews. 1-2 interviews in 3 months is fine !!

If you still have some questions or if you are looking for more information on how to conduct and post interviews, here are a few useful resources:

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One of the best ways to revive or make your blog alive again is by conducting some cool giveaways. Now this can be done in 2 ways, either you get a sponsor who conducts the giveaway or you can sponsor it yourself. All up to you..

Having such posts once or twice in 3 months can really make your audience happy and will also help you get a boost in social shares. You can get a lot by posting a giveaway.

Recently SEMCompass conducted a 1 week-long giveaway on iftiSEO and here’s a breakdown of all that I got from it.

  • Around 200 people took part in it.
  • 200+ Facebook shares
  • 200+ Tweets.
  • 60+ Comments
  • 200+ Instagram  Followers (yeah I added an option for it)
  • 5-15 Backlinks (good ones)
  • And an increase in traffic.

Now if you do this 1-2 times every 3 months then you can really keep the wheels running. By the way do you know the best sources to conduct such giveaways ?? Let me list my top 2 !

Also read: How to Run a Successful Blogger Giveaway

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News/Informational/Controversial articles

news articles

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Posting informational or news articles has always been a good practice to keep your readers updated with the latest from your niche/industry. You might be confused on how many such posts you should publish on your blog, let me tell you it totally depends on the niche. Just make sure of one thing, make sure you keep posting regular articles as well on your blog.

The benefits of news articles are again very much powerful, you can get good number of social shares, huge engagement through comments and your news/info posts might end up gaining quite a few backlinks.

Moreover Controversial articles can also you. However I still don’t prefer posting such as it can lead to differences !!!

Good enough ?? So keep this type in mind and whenever you feel you have some news, post it right away !! The early you post, the better the results get.

Lets move on now !!

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Personal Posts (monthly income reports, vacation trips, business meets)

Aha !! this is what I love to read. You may thing the opposite but its true that people love to read about you, your personal experiences and your income. This is the very reason some bloggers take is serious and post such articles on a very regular basis.

Now this category again includes a lot of types. Let me explain all of them. 🙂

  • Monthly Income Reports

income reports

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Have you ever read any blog/blogger income reports online ?? What are your first thoughts ?? Do you like reading them ?? Do you get to find new sources of income from such reports ?? Does such posts motivates you ??

For me the answer to all the questions above is a BIG YES. I simply love them !!

Your readers will always love to know more on how you make money from your blog and this is something you should start caring of. Posting such income reports is never a tough task. You just have to collect some of your monthly blog stats with some images and write a simple article listing all the stats in a good manner. Or you can start off by posting reports every 3 months !! This can give you a good confidence.

Still confused ?? Let me show you income reports of 5 different bloggers. (Feb/March 2016 reports)

I’m pretty sure that you must have checked all these reports. Right ?? Indeed they are interesting and we really love to read them every month.

You must have also noticed another thing from the reports I shared !! Any guesses ??

You can see the earning reports from $150k to $150. Now this indicates a lot of things, many people know the importance of sharing such reports and they therefore share it every month even if they aren’t making much.

Same is expected from you ?? Will you be doing the same ? Well atleast from today, I am expecting a few more income reports from you guys. 🙂

  • Vacation/Holiday – Experience Sharing Posts

travel posts

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Bloggers have a lot of freedom to travel around different places, meet new people and have some great adventures. Most of us travel a lot !! So why not sharing your travel experiences with your readers. Trust me, your followers and readers will love to check out your travel posts.

Many of the bloggers follow the principle of sharing such experiences on their blogs, let me share a few examples and then you will get to know the exact meaning of such posts.

Got the idea ?? Easy ?? Get some cool images and make your post interesting. You don’t have to write a long post, just highlight the main experiences/moments you had with some good images and your readers will love it. 🙂

  • Posts on Different Events/Meets/launches/summits you attend 

business meet

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One more perk of being a blogger is that you get to attend a lot of meets and events. A lot can be gained from such meets; you get to meet new people, you get the opportunity to network with other brands, you get to learn new things and even you can easily brand yourself.

Even Many of you must have attended various meets/ summits/ product launches recently, but have you posted about it on your blogs ?? I don’t see much !!

Posting images and details on social media is a good thing and most of us do that, but posting the same on your blog can help in many ways.

As I said before, readers love such posts !! You get engagement and social shares plus you can also get a hike in readership as such posts shows a lot of about you and your brand. It will make the readers trust you more and can indirectly help you get more sales.

I attended a meet last year, BNLF 2015. Though I couldn’t post about it separately but I did mention it on one of my post.

Before posting such articles, it’s always good to see how others are doing with such type of posts. Have a look:

Assuming you understood all this 😛 let’s move on to the next ones.

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Complete A-Z Guides/Techniques


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If you are seriously looking to make a lasting impression on your readers, then this is something you should focus on. Guide have always worked out to be the best for most of the top bloggers. Even I got a good readership just because of some complete guides I posted on iftiSEO.

And guess what, it also helps in getting good backlinks ! Sometimes even from the big authority sites. I got some from NeilPatel.com 🙂 for my Pogo Sticking Post.

Another example is of Sweet Steal Technique“or “Advanced Web 2.0 Guide“. These posts have also done really great for me both in terms of traffic and backlinks.

I guess seeing my stats made you accept the fact that such posts are really an important part of your blog roll. Let me share some tips that will surely help out in posting some biggies like this 😉

  • Try to make Complete guides for each topic that you are an expert of, irrespective of the fact that such posts are already out there online.
  • Such posts tends to go long, write it in a manner that the readers reads till the end. Use as many facts, images and Stats to make it visually attractive as well.
  • Don’t hesitate to link out to other resources. Be open and link out to any post that you find relevant.
  • Try to use some plugins, pagination, add-ons to make it more appealing and easy to access. (see some great examples in the guides I listed below)

Have a look at the guides given below. These are some of the best guides both in terms of content quality and presentation.

Any doubts on this ?? Well I guess you pretty much understood the whole concept and idea behind posting such guides.

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Resource/Link Sharing Posts

Resource/Link Sharing Posts


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Ever heard of it ?? Do you have any idea of it ?? Let me not waste any time and keep it simple.

So to get links, traffic and social shares, bloggers from all around the world opt for various techniques and this is one of them. Such posts are the ones that themselves doesn’t contain much content but instead links back to various other online resources that cover the topic.

Have a look at these examples:

Composing such list of resources is not always an easy task !! It all depends on how much you care for the quality. One can easily compose a list of resources by simply adding any article that matches the title, but the whole benefit lies in compiling a list of the best resources and adding it in your post.

There is no direct trick or method to find such valuable resources but you can always try out various tools and techniques to find out the best ones. Buzzsumo, ahrefs, along with some manual factors can be checked to see the value of a particular post. Once you start doing it, you will never find a difficulty in collecting quality resources for your post.  Also note that such posts are good to publish only once in a while !!

Just a quick one !! Did you read this post completely ?? Thanks for the yes 😛

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Case Studies

Ahh !! I almost forgot this. Case Studies again has a big role in the blogging industry. Posting case studies is not an easy task as it requires plenty of data, experiments and results. There is no rule of how a case study should be made, you can always bring in your concept and make a case study. Just write openly and try to provide uniqueness in your case studies.

case studies

[mks_separator style=”solid” height=”4″]

Now many of you may wonder the topics for writing case studies. Well let me list up some ideas. You can write case studies on:

  • On your Experiments (Amazon niche sites etc)
  • Various Techniques you’ve worked on. (Like you can write a “Skyscraper technique case study”)
  • On your social media or paid campaigns.
  • On your site growth/SEO/Branding.
  • On link building or any other SEO factor.

Well by seeing the list it must be clear that a case study can be pretty much written on any topic. It all depends on how you write and how you present it to your readers.

Just make sure that your case study clears explains everything step by step to the readers. The more you are clear with your data, figures and results the better the case study.

One method to learn the art of crafting good case studies is to read case studies posted by other bloggers. Once you read around 8-12 case studies, you will almost get to know everything on how you yourself can post one such gem on your blog.

You will hit the jackpot if you manage to publish a masterpiece !! Backlinks, Traffic, Social Mentions, Subscribers, Sales !!! Everything comes with it.

Are you still waiting ??? Or do you have something in mind ?? Let me link out to some of the best case studies online so that you can read them right now and start writing one for your own blog.

  1. How we made $1 million for Moz using landing page optimization and email marketing
  2. How I Built A Niche Site That Ranked #1 in Google and Made $93.32 in 38 days
  3. Case Study – How I Made $400 With Facebook Ads In One Week

I guess from my side this much are enough. You can always explore and read more case studies online. So, I guess you got the point !! Will you be posting one soon ??? Well let me know if you will, I will always love to read it.

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Note: We took snapshots of various websites. Kindly don’t reuse the same snaps without permission.

7 More Types of Blog Posts to Boost your Blog Traffic


The one I explained above are more than enough to run a successful blog. If you rinse and repeat those types of blog posts you will definitely see a good result in your blog statistics. However if you still want more 😛 then check these as well.

  1. Checklist Posts (and Cheatsheets)
  2. Comparison Posts (Kind of Reviews)
  3. Video Posts (with transcript or explanation if needed)
  4. Podcasts
  5. Story Posts (inspirational/motivational etc)
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) post
  7. Republish, Update and Reinvent Old Posts

I can seriously add more. If you Google the same title you will get to know 50-70 more types of blog posts. But if being honest, most of them can easily fit into the topics you read above. Moreover the type of posts discussed in this article are more than enough to work on.

Ahh, aren’t you thinking to close the tab now ??

Well no more types now. Don’t worry. That’s all I have for you in this post.


That’s it Amigo !!

Here are some key points !! Not all 😛 (You have to read the post for that)

iftiseo post takeaways

So what else ?? I’m pretty sure everything’s covered now. Or do you remember any ?? Do comment below and I will update it here. And yes I will be sending some cool stuffs to all my subscribers after a month. So make sure you are subscribed. You will never get annoying mails !!! I promise that.

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    I personally love to read list posts and step by step tutorials. Case studies are also important to find some tried and tested tips.
    But things are changing by the time. People now love to watch visual things. Thats why I think infographics and videos are the future.
    What do you think.
    Anyway one more great article and thanks for sharing.

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    1. I think – it does apply only for intermediate level and beginner blogs because high authority blogs give follow links to all.

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