For over 6 years, iftiSEO has been the hotspot for many aspiring bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. The goal of iftiSEO is to provide you with help at any stage of your online endeavors.


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The Man Behind iftiSEO

Writing an Article is easy but Ranking it on Google is always a challenging task. 

I took this same challenge and started iftiSEO in 2014. With the aim of learning SEO by testing it myself, I started experimenting different strategies and wrote guides around my finding on this blog. 

Since then, I have been writing detailed guides around SEO and Blogging on this blog. 

On, you will find guides written in a way that even a newbie or a starter can understand and implement the strategies. And this is one of the core reasons why people love reading blog posts on iftiSEO. 

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