How to Earn Money by URL Shortening

earn money from url shorteners

Usually I write for bloggers but today I’m writing this piece for all those who are looking for simple ways to earn money online. Not everyone can be a blogger, SEO or a marketer, many of you are just random guys who spend their fun time browsing the internet.

Wait a sec !!! Don’t worry if you are a blogger 😛 this post is for all, and being a blogger will be an advantage for you. Thumbs up !!

So many of you guys might be spending hours daily on the internet doing absolutely nothing. You might be scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed for hours or maybe you are very much into watching youtube videos or maybe just chatting !! No matter what you do, everyone must agree to the fact that, we all spend atleast an hour online doing nothing.

Now what if I say that you can earn money during that time. I’m not asking you to write articles or fill survey or click on ads or any such stuff. Rather I will be sharing something that you will enjoy doing and once the money starts rolling in, you will never look behind.

Being a blogger I didn’t try this for long, but still managed to earn around 25-30$ by doing nothing but a small setup which took me 6 minutes at max.

Enough of Intro !! By now I might have captured your attention!! Didn’t I ? 😉 – Earn Money by Shortening URL

Shortening links and making money has always been a method to earn online, many guys just follow this and earn upto 100$ a day. Quite impressive !!

You can do the same if you follow this guide. is a european based link shortening tool that allows us to shorten any link and then pays us for each visit that we get on our shortened link. You must be thinking Why am I writing about from so many shortners available !! Well for me its by far the Best URL shortener. Here are few reasons:

  • Best Rates as compared to others. As high as 12$ per 1000 views for some countries.
  • 5$ minimum payout threshold.
  • Multiple withdraw options Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer.
  • Ads are always of high quality. No sensitive ads.
  • Dedicated social share widget for blogs and websites.
  • Many more tools to maximise your income through your blogs and websites.
  • FREE API !!! are you a developer ?? If yes, then you can understand its importance. 😉 payout rates

Payout rates per 1000 views

How to Make Money using ?

Use the best URL shortener & make money by shortening links. Here’s the Complete guide to make money by url shortening using – best link shortening site.

Well the big question is how to start making money by using this simple online tool. So !! Firstly all you need to do is signup at Once you get your account created, you can start shortening links.

Once logged in, this is how your dashboard will look like. review

Now its all yours, copy and paste any link that you want to share with your friends or bloggers. Click on shorten link button. Once you do so, you will be getting a shortened URL of your link.

Use the shortened link and share it with friends, you will get paid for each visit. guide

Simple right ?? Want some more tips ?? Okay fine !!! 😛


Smart Tips to Make 10$ a day by shortening URLs

Now to make it sound simple let me divide this part into 2 categories, one for bloggers/marketers and other for non-bloggers. Here are some smart tips to earn money by shortening URL 

For Bloggers & Marketers 

Well if you are a blogger or an affiliate/internet marketer you must be very well aware of how this system works and how to maximize revenue from it. Let me add some more cool tips 😉

  • Replace your social widget with social share widget. All the links share through the buttons will be shortened under your account and you will be paid for each visit. So no matter who shares your article, you will be paid. Isn’t it cool ??
  • If you are using blogspot comments then shorte has another awesome script for you. You can find the script under the tool tab in your dashboard. This simple script will shorten all the links shared in comments section and again each click will pay you. You have to do nothing but just a one time 2-minute script copy paste.
  • If you own a site which gets huge clicks within your site, then you can convert all of your internal links to shortened links using a simple script. By this everytime a user clicks on a link on your website, you will be paid.  All these options are available under website monetization.
  • Do you share your articles on your social media accounts ?? Well stupid of me, everyone does !! So why not share a shortened link everywhere 😛 you can make a hell lot of money if you are having a good social reach.
  • You also might be doing affiliate marketing on facebook through groups and pages !! Again use short links, you will make money if you don’t make a sale 😛 Atleast Better than nothing.
  • But being a blogger make sure that you don’t overdo this !! It can be annoying sometimes, specially when your target audience is a serious one.
  • Well I’m writing this in a hurry so I might miss some points, do comment some more. Still want more ?? Also read the non-bloggers section !! 😛


For Non-Bloggers / Part-timers 

Well this post is for you guys only and believe me, if you take this seriously you can make a hell lot of money. Though it can take some time for you to get the best ways working. Here are some tips !!

  • Join large active facebook groups and start posting interesting offers, images, videos under your shortened links. Use catchy descriptions and captions to get maximum clicks.
  • Do you share links on whatsapp ? Now start shortening those URLs and then share.
  • If you own some active facebook pages then instead of sharing normal links, try to share short links.


So, these are some tips for non-bloggers. You have the platform and system ready. All you have to do is, just use your brain in a smart way. 😉 Umm, no need to make this article cross more words, see you in comments !! 

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36 thoughts on “How to Earn Money by URL Shortening”

  1. Hello Iftekhar,

    I’m new in the SEO field, as you are a SEO Analyst I want to knew more about this field in detail.

  2. Hi, Ifti

    As, you told above that the non-blogger can also earn money through shortening URL. But I am confused regarding the URL, that the non-blogger have to share, it the url of that website we have to share to promote it or we can share any random url of any blog, which even don’t belong to us.
    Plz explain it.

  3. Thanks! I created an account and look forward to using it. Just like you pointed out, I won’t overdo it. I will just occasionally use it instead of my other shortened URLs on Twitter or social media. What a neat idea for a new form of monetization.

  4. A quite interesting article from your side. This is mine’s first article from your blog which i read with full of concentration and after thinking a lot, I come to the decision that It is one of the best ideas to earn money.

    I am blogger and when i search articles related to making money online, I simply got survey, form filling and many more tricks but this is the coolest way to earn money.


  5. hii sir,
    i don’t have blog or website.
    am interested your article.but i don’t have no more experience in this.i will try sir.
    And sir tell me more earn money internet ways like ads view etc…

  6. Nice bro.. i have heard about it a long but haven’t implemented .. Now as per i come to know about payouts it seems interesting now. But i have 1 doubt in this article, i did not understand this “Replace your social widget with social share widget.”

    1. Hi,

      Yes do try it once.

      Well instead of using any other social sharing plugin, you can try the plugin. This plugin will convert all the links shared to short links. Check more about it on


  7. First of all i can say that is nice written post Thank you for that…
    But i just have a question for you that dont you thing it will decrease the interest of my users in y blog…..???

    1. Hi,

      Yes it can, therefore its recommended to use only for blogs that don’t have many returning users. Like for example use it for download or music related blogs.

  8. It’s very annoying for users from 1st few days I’m also using this but lost many terrific. so i thing it’s best for download blog. and for normal blog you can earn by refer only.. as you doing here..

  9. Jaswinder Bhatia

    As per my thinking shortening url`s is really not a smart thing
    Problem You Will face are:-
    Site reputation will be lost
    Significant decrease in visitors
    Bad SERPS

  10. riyazmoin shaik

    i saw you are using this method in your fifa blog, i don’t understand why ifti is using this???. now i get to know the secret behind this. by the way how much you made with this 😉

  11. Hey bro, very nice article posted by you but as a blogger I can’t agree on using scripts to convert links or social share widget with shortest links. It will disturb our readers and also make them to loose interest. They might think that we are working only for money if they start finding everywhere shortest links. Also it is not better for SEO of blogs. And also if we try to post link on social sites then It may sometime considered as spam by owners and moderators of groups and pages. Specially if we are doing this so much then It will be the reason of being banned from our social accounts. So according toe if anybody is planning for this then they must own a page or group to post these type of links. Because getting banned for some penny’s is not a good idea. Or one should join the sites or group which are specially designed for sharing links only. One can easily found these type of groups by searching in social sites on which they want to post that url, whether that is facebook or google+..
    Hope my suggestion will beneficial for you.

    Suresh Kumar

  12. Wonderful post. I know about but these tricks I don’t know. I like the way of your explanation. It is very useful to all as by just creating a short link can earn money. Thanks for sharing

  13. Ohh Yeah! Shorten links and rape your users, rape the user experience and rape the daily traffic you were getting.

    What I am writing below is my first hand experience. You start implementing url shorteners in your website, and you will notice gradual improvement of “TRAFFIC REDUCTION” to your site. Every users hates to wait, naturally the blog that uses them gets less interest from users. Gradually they will skip your site.

    If you post shortened links on facebook, then firstly you will miss a lot of daily customers and get notified by fellow members as a “spammer”, and secondly, the level of comments you will receive there is enough to demotivate you further.

    The only case where link shorteners works successfully is Blogs with Downloads Niche. (Paid wordpress themes for free download etc) You know your visitor direly needs to get the file and have arrived at your site for that purpose only, as an organic visitor. In that case, it will work and yeah you can earn truly well.

    Lastly, this link shortening is truly NOT a good way to earn! If it was, then you would find every blogs using it for their income. In real, we only find some low quality blogs using that or some download niche blogs.

    I hope everyone understands this properly before blindly starting them.

  14. Hi bro,

    I have already used it and Sent to my friends for the referral. This works only for Blogs, which Have huge Traffic and for Non-Bloggers, this takes a Huge Work.

    I have used this for 2 Months But Haven’t used those tips which you Have given. Now I’ll try Once with the Smart Tips your Given.

    Anyways Thanks for the Post.

  15. hey there,

    that’s another great article from your side. loved it. but i think you could have given more methods to explore.


    1. Will be updating this post with some more methods !! Till then have a try with what’s mentioned 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

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