10 Overlooked On-Page SEO Factors to Boost your Rankings

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We are in an era where overlooking a single SEO factor can stop your posts to rank better than others. With ON-PAGE SEO at a very advanced level one must not overlook any factor and must always ensure that he follows everything well within the rules of SEO. 

10 Overlooked On-Page SEO Factors

So in this post I listed out 10 Overlooked On-Page SEO Factors to Boost your Rankings. Hope this guide will help you to master in ON-Page SEO tactics so now its time for you to read this post patiently and implement these strategies, rank your blog posts on SERP and  “BOOM” passive organic traffic coming ahead.

#1. Organizing content (Above the Fold)

Organizing content (above the fold)
  • Place atleast 2 sitewide links pointing to homepage that ensures equal & proper pass of link juice flow. I suggest you to place 1 link from your logo and another from your navigation header menu (or) else place 1 link from your logo and another 1 from your footer
  • Add necessary pages and categories in the header navigation menu.
  • Ensure nofollow link attribute is placed on all banner ads, it saves the link juice and gets utilized in the properly.

#2. Linking blog posts in sidebar (internal sitewide links)

Linking blog posts in sidebar
  • Listing out 10 posts on sidebar works as charm, it passes link juice to your posts and boost your SERP results
  • Remember its a sitewide link, its damn powerful and internal sitewide links are seo-friendly when we do interlinking of our pages like this one.
  • You can either list out 10 selective posts on sidebar which you wanna rank on or you can easily list 10 posts by placing Popular post widget.
  • Interlinking blog posts will also boost domain authority.

#3. Interlinking blog posts (below the posts)

Interlinking blog posts
  • Add related post widget below the post
  • Adding related post widget will make your visitor engaged on your blog and keep him read other articles which you published on your blog !
  • We are currently using linkwithin related post widget which carries 5 posts
  • Question: How this related post widget able to showcases your related articles ?

Answer; Its pretty simple it showcases posts same in labels

#4. Categorize your blog posts properly

Categorize your blog posts properly
  • Add proper labels for your blog posts
  • Adding labels for blog posts which acts as a category page and it will list all your posts in a label in a separate page (for example :  etc..)

#5. Balancing dofollow & nofollow links ratio (inside the post)

Balancing dofollow & nofollow links ratio
  • Balance dofollow and nofollow link ratio, which helps in saving and utilizing link juice.
  • I personally make outgoing links as nofollow for blogs/website which are not related to my niche or not good at DA. These are the two factors which I personally follow while giving out backlinks.
  • Remember giving dofollow backlinks for low quality sites will surely kill your blog interms of SEO.

#6. Make sure all links in comments are nofollow

Make sure all links in comments are nofollow
  • Giving Do-follow links through comments section is an open invitation for spammers who will just come and comment on your site for the sake of backlinks. This again can ruin your On-Page SEO. So avoid giving dofollow links through comments section. We have added a code that makes all of our comment links as No-Follow.

If you use intense debate comment system, then you must follow this guide to make your comments no-follow.

#7. Add proper Title Tag & ALT Tag for blog post images

Add Title Tag & ALT Tag for blog post images
  • Adding proper title tag and alt tag for images will help you in driving traffic from google images.
  • Adding title tag and alt tag for image will be beneficial interms of on-page seo.

#8. Remove link behind images and save link juice

Remove link behind images and save link juice
  • Remove unwanted links to save the link juice. Its 100% waste to give a dofollow backlink to the raw image.
  • Its pretty hard to explain how link juice works, hmm…but here you go with my simple unethical definition just made for newbies to understand: Link juice of a page will be spread equally to each dofollow links placed on it. Try googling “how link juice works”

#9. Configure your post settings properly

Configure your post settings properly
  • Coming to one of the main SERP factor. Configure the below mentioned settings which plays a massive role on SERP.
#1. Add proper Meta tags:

Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. It is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters. Adding proper meta description will result in ranking for many keywords and higher CTR.
#2. Must sort out proper labels:  
Helps to categorize your blog.
#3. Scheduling posts: 
Does play a role when it comes to Alexa ranking.
#4.Add Proper Permalink:
Add your important keywords in permalink which help in ranking as well as CTR.
#5.Other Settings:
I recommend you to leave other setting as it is.

#10. Last but not least “Making High Quality Killer Content”

Making High Quality Killer Content (on-page seo)
  • Bold out your keywords in the post.
  • Do interlinking articles.
  • Sort out big paragraphs as important points to read.
  • Try to use all H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 tags in the same post and repeat your keywords to rank easily.
  • While repeating keywords do take care of keyword density.
  • On-page seo works as charm if your domain has the strength, if you don’t have an authority blog, manually create backlinks few high quality backlinks for your desired keywords.

Wrapping it up:

Here I’M gonna list out some widgets which help you to make your visitor spend more time on your blog and interlinks your blog which helps a lot on SERP.
  • Popular post widget (recommended spot to place them on: Sidebar)
  • Related post widget (recommended spot to place them on: Below posts)
  • Subscription opt-in form (recommended spot to place them on: Above the fold)
  • Search box (As simple as its name allows your readers to surf on)
Content length and perfect on page SEO plays a vital role in ranking your blog posts on SERP. There are many more factors to be added in this post but since it already looks pretty I don’t wanna add more content and bore you, thanks for reading till the end patiently hope its a useful post worth a share. do give your suggestions and blast your seo related questions in the comment section.
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