10 Overlooked Techniques for Generating High Quality Traffic to your Blog

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Traffic is something that every website owner worry about. But what is traffic for you? Well, let me clear that it’s not just numbers.

“Traffic is not just numbers, it’s the measure of success of your blog”

Well I’m not eliminating the fact that traffic is the number of visits you get on your site. But In a broader sense it’s the measure of success of your site or blog. It shows that more people are aware of your business which is a cool sign for you. 

10+ Overlooked Techniques for Generating High Quality Traffic to your Blog

Getting traffic to your site is not an easy process and requires a lot of effort from you.

So what to do? 
The answer is quite simple, make more people notice your site. This can be done easily be following some rapid methods shared below. We have shared some methods that have the max potential and you have always overlooked them.

So get a move on and get started.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: 

Getting noticed and publishing advertisements are very much inter-related. Advertising can easily bring traffic to your site and this can be done through PPC advertising.

All you have to do is just start a campaign with any PPC advertising network by spending some money and the results are all positive provided you did a good research before starting the campaign.

Your Ads will be appearing in 2 ways, either on search engines, whenever a user searches for a related term or on other sites receiving high volumes of traffic through AdSense or any other ad publishing network the site have been using.

Some of the best PPC providers are listed as follows:

Forum Marketing: 

Many top Forums easily gets over a millions views daily thus making it a great source of traffic and yes some potential customers as well. The best part is no matter what niche you are working on you will never be short of forums related to it.

However it’s a bit trickier as you have to post helpful information without any promotion. You can also just reply in different threads and get some likes. Over time you will get noticed by the members and your ranks in the forum will raise. You then will have the opportunity to place your links in your signature that will surely get you
huge traffic.

This method is really the best unless and until you follow all the rules strictly, otherwise it will lead
to a ban on your account

Some Top Forums:

Offline Promotions:

Have you ever thought of offline marketing? Well it’s time to think over it.

In Fact, this is the best way to get some extra traffic to your blog/site. Though people spend most of their times online but still life has not moved completely on the web. Offline marketing is guaranteed to give good results if used properly.

You now may be thinking “Ok, but how to do this offline promotions?”
Well there are plenty of ways to promote your blog or site offline.

  • You can have your link printed on your business cards
  • You can also promote by giving away free stuff like giving coupons for local events etc.
  • You can have your T-shirts, mugs etc. printed with your brand name.
  • You can conduct seminars in colleges/high school under your brand name

So as you have seen there are a whole lot of methods for offline promotions and it can easily bring in
positive results.

Sponsored Content: 

In easy words, this involves paying for any kind of content published on the net. This means tweets, mentions, reviews, blog posts etc. In other words if you are paying to get noticed you are sponsoring content.

For example, you can pay people with very high number of followers to tweet your link. This way you get noticed by his followers and ultimately it will results in good traffic.
Site’s to get Sponsored Reviews 

Social Advertising: 

It’s already known to us that social networks have the highest power of generating traffic and leads. But from the past few years, apart from sharing content you can also place ads on them.

You may have noticed the ads appearing on your facebook home page as well as other pages, they are all paid ads and this is what you can also do to gain exposure.

No matter which network you choose, they all will work in pretty much the same manner. It basically works on PPC model and the rates are quite affordable.

Some top networks to choose from are:

List Building Services: 

This is indeed the best way to get targeted traffic though it requires a lot of effort and time.

It all starts with building lists, which can be done in many ways. You can conduct giveaways or offer freebies to increase your lists. Once you have a good list of subscribers you can start with the next step which involves frequent emailing of your new posts or product to your subscribers.

InInbox is one such service which I chose for email marketing. Do read my review of InInbox.

Contest marketing: 

This is the best method to get huge traffic on your blog. You can come up with different contests like giving away hosting for 1 year or some SEO plugins or template or if you can afford you can even host a contest of iPhone giveaway.

There are a lot of sites where you can submit your giveaway and get links back to your original site.

PunchTab and Rafflecopter are my favorites for hosting a giveaway as they come with a whole lot of features allowing you to get more social exposure.

Video Marketing:

It is usually a process of selling your services or products with the help of videos. This is a great way to reach out those sections of the audiences who would otherwise have missed it.

This can again be done in many ways, either by embedding your ads between the related videos or just uploading the ads as standalone videos or just placing text ads in the video.

MakeWebVideo is the service I usually use since it offers a lot of professional templates that I can use in my videos.


I know you may have heard of this thing a lot of times but do you know about it lately?? I don’t think so!!

Well a podcast/netcast is an audio or a video file available online for syndication and the users can easily
download a new podcast as soon as it is released.

One of the best thing about it is that anyone can get into it. Grab a microphone and a software and you’re ready to go.

But what should you do with podcasts? Well make it simple and informative, the topic may of any niche that you are familiar with. Keep it long, around 20 to 60 minutes would do great. And yes upload them regularly to build some reputation and hold on your listeners. Add these podcasts into RSS feeds to get much wider exposure.
Some sites where you can host your podcasts are:

eBook Distribution: 

Blog posts cannot contain the whole information, They are only limited to about 500-2000 words. So here comes the eBook part. You can simply go for long how-to guides or pack your ebook with different strategies. Make sure to add your own bio and your links.

How you want to give it is your choice. However I would recommend you to giveaway freely as it will build trust which inturn will help you get more traffic or even sales if you have any product. Submit your ebooks to different directories and get high exposure.

Some directories are:


So these were 10 best traffic building methods that are often overlooked by us.

Hmm what do you think about it?
Will you be trying any of them or will you again leave it as many of us have been doing?

It’s all up to you, I have come up with this and now it’s your turn to implement and get results. Share your thoughts about it in the comments and do help us by sharing this article onto your networks.
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