15 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogging is one of those fields where there is no unemployment. But being a successful blogger is not an easy task. Not tough either if you implement your strategies in a genuine way. Being a blogger, you don’t have to do publish great posts, but you need implement simple posts in a great manner. Success is not so far if you follow these tips.

15 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

If you are a blogger and do blogging as a full time, this post is precisely for you. Although there are way too many tips, these are some basic things that every blogger should know. I call them ridiculous, as they are truly ridiculous, but the results after implementing them won’t ridicule you. 😛 

15 Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Hmm, so have a look at this short yet powerful post with 15 great tips to improve the overall efficiency of your blog.

1. Give a new layout makeover every so often

15 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

This is something like updating your blog layout very often. Changing it a little bit, like tweaking it here and there will help you to freshen up your blog for your users. This is one of the ways to keep your regular viewers stick to your blog.

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2. Make sure that about page represents exactly what you are and what you

15 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger

An about page for a blog/site is where every reader of your blog lands after reading an amazing post in it. Usually every blogger presents about himself and his strategies regarding the blog niche. Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in mentioning about you, because making spelling mistakes here will take you down in the view of your reader. So represent your skills in an effective manner with what you exactly do.

3. Organizing your blog labels to find the content easily

Label blogging tip

Your blog would probably have too many labels if it’s an old blog. The age of the blog is proportional to the labels created. How about dividing the content into major categories and combine the sub categories, which makes a reader to find the related topic. This will helpful for the reader and make the blog label less, which won’t be an issue for you as well as for the reader.

4. Make sure readers are commenting regularly on your blog.

blog commenting


Needless to say how important blog commenting is. It is very important in the view of blog marketing as well as to find out the opinions of the readers. So, always encourage your readers to comment by poking questions at the end of your post. Make a line for it in every blog post.

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5. Commenting on other’s blogs to engage and to get noticed.

blog commenting on others blog

Commenting is a very good habit which is encouraged by everyone. By commenting on other’s blogs, not only the blog writer, but also the fellow bloggers will notice your opinion in the comment section. Since the blogging community is very strong one, you can find the genuine pals to make friendship in this community.

6. Don’t be a blogger burnout

keep calm and blog

If you’re one of those guys blogging from home, you can be comfortable in the beginning, but it becomes overwhelming for you due to the improper timings of work schedule. Make a good plan and timetable to work. Don’t keep scrolling the social media sites all time, instead find something to read that inspires you.

7. Learn Photoshop to get blogger glow on all of your photos

blogging images role


Photoshop is what makes a medium photo into an amazing picture with just few simple steps. Remember, photos are the trademark for your blog posts.

8. Be careful of your blog photos and names

content theif

Giving names for your blog images helps you to recognize in the search engines. Not just here, but also it helps for the purpose of Pinterest as the description is included with the name of the image. It will be more helpful when someone pins the picture on Pinterest.

9. Know when to use someone else’s photo on your blog.

blog post copyright


Every other blogger would like to have the credits for his belongings, same with his blog images too. Always give credits to the owner as he deserve.

10. Know how to handle someone when they stole your images

blog images copied

If you realize that someone has stolen your photo to post in their blog post, then you can approach and question them, and have the proper communication to take the image back or give the credits.

11. Brand your social media effectively

social media branding


Needless to say how social media is helpful for your blog reputation. It is important to make the use of social media to expand your readership. Maintaining consistent handles on all the platforms, and using the constant profile image and an interesting bio with your blog link in it, these things help you to grow your social media audience for the blog.

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12. Ensure active engagement with your readers by offering an effective

blogging readers and subscribers

Once you gain the readership, you can make the use of newsletter to update the readers on what’s all been going on in the blog and the exciting things that are coming up in the near future on your blog, and also to build a good relationship with the readers on a personal level.

13. Figure out how blogging hobby can be turned into a paid job

Passion and blogging

There are numerous ways to create income from your blog like sponsored posts, affiliate programs and advertising on your blog and much more. If you could first focus on how to develop your blog with good content, then all these things will be a cake walk in the prospect of creating income.

14. Don’t forget about taxes

tax and blogging

If you are sure that you’re generating an income of $400 per month, then think about ways to pay the tax from your self-employed income. Paying taxes will keep you within the laws and you will prepare yourself for the upcoming professional life of your’s

15. Brush your blogging skills regularly

improve your skill in blogging


If you have interest, then you can find way too many e-courses online for bloggers to learn the new things that are adding up day to day. You can choose any of the courses to learn and brush the skills related to blogging. Also don’t forget to teach what you’ve learnt. 

Rounding up

So these were some 15 tips that should be followed by each one of you to keep your self on the correct track. Well, I listed only 15 and feel that there are many more SMALL tips that can be added in here ?
What say ?? Any tip from your end for all of us?? Do comment below.
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