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The trend appears to be catching on! In past few years, the way affiliate marketing has grown really commendable and this can be established by the fact that close to 80% advertisers rely on affiliate network to find and approach publishers. Here in this article, I will be introducing to you a CPA Affiliate Network, which in the current generation is no less than a revolution – admitad!


admitad Review

But before we take a look at the benefits of admitad and how you can use them as a publisher and advertiser, it will be only fair if we first know what admitad is, and how this network can help you do wonders.

How admitad started? – Things you should know about admitad

admitad is an international CPA that is a cost per action network of about 530000 publishers and over 1300 advertisers whose headquarters are in Germany. It was founded in 2009 but was officially launched in 2010 and now has 7 offices worldwide.

It has expanded its services to several countries while the strongest geo by volume includes Russia, US, Western Europe, Ukraine, and India. This CPA based network of online marketing optimizes the online marketing campaign and pays for the particular actions of website visitors.

admitad has worldwide traffic working with international offers and gives unparalleled benefits giving different options to monetize the traffic. Working globally, admitad has now become a recognized brand the revenue growth of which has exceeded 100%.

Some of the major network collaborators of admitad are AliExpress,, Citibank, eBay, Target Microsoft, etc. The companies introduce a wide range of offers through admitad covers such as areas of trade and services as e-commerce.

This huge success of admitad lies in its innovative full-service client-oriented approach that is beneficial to both publishers and advertisers increasing their profits. Now, talking about the business model and payment method- the current admitad network offers payment modes like PayPal, e-Payments and wire transfer. Here you can actually find their TOP 10 offers for the USA geo.

Features of admitad Worth Mentioning 

  • admitad has direct advertiser relations so as to avail the publisher’s highest payouts on all the campaigns.
  • You get up to date banners in the form of a dashboard.
  • You get affiliated tools such as Word Press Plug-ins which proves to be digital magic.
  • For payment options, it is only 20$ to get your first payout from admitad.

Time to know the Benefits to Publishers and Advertisers

Now comes the time, for which you very specially waiting for.  Let me skip everything else and jump right to the benefits of admitad, which it provides to you both as a publisher and advertiser.

As said, admitad unites the publishers and advertisers on one platform and gives then an entry in the global market. This secures and increases their revenues helping them to optimize their marketing strategies with the available tools for both of the groups. It helps to create a clear system of analytics and anti-fraud that comes with online marketing.  

admitad as an affiliate marketing program provide offers that represent a win-win situation, where the publisher earns a commission if he/she refers to the right converting traffic successfully.

On the other hand, the profit is also earned by the advertiser when it gets the targeted customer as desired. Hence it is a win-win situation to earn as much as possible. Also as a full-scale service, transparent reports and statistics are always available on time to both advertisers and publishers. For both advertisers and publishers, some pricing models have been prepared by admitad which are constructed in a way to fit all the needs and circumstances.

Variety of benefits offered to Publishers

  • Opportunity to earn money by performing target action like purchase, application or sign-up with affiliate program ads published on your website.
  • Opportunity to make serious money with great offers like high conversion rate and attractive advertiser deals.
  • Liberty to use unique stats and analytics tools to track effective traffic channels, improve your conversion rate and boosting revenue.
  • Access to benefits like domain parking, obtaining sub-ID, a link checker tool, ad server, postback URL, admitad API, etc.

Benefits offered to Advertisers

  • Being an admitad advertiser, you advertise the product or mobile app worldwide to perspective customers.
  • You get some great opportunities to meet the top publishers.
  • You also meet the account managers and colleague advertisers through regular meetings.

What all Tools will you get from admitad??

Well, there are many technical advantages that come with this CPA network for publishers and advertisers that help to expand and optimize the e-business. These tools provide attractive online services, and their benefits come in the form of boosted revenues in their sales. No matter what is the size of your business admitad always selects the best program with the tools to provide you professional and personal benefits. The some of the tools included are fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, powerful anti fraud technologies, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, advertiser toolbox, etc.

  • Retag – This is a “container” on the advertiser’s website that allows integrating your services like a banner or e-mailing retargeting.
  • Recommendations – This is proved to boost sales. The tool shows similar products, accessories, components and popular items on the site and services. It also simplifies navigation and increases the visit duration and number of pages viewed.
  •  Product feeds – It gives the current product feeds which publishers can easily embed on their respective websites, including pictures, product names, and prices, which in turn are all updated automatically.
  • Cart tracking – Use this tool to learn which products are being ordered by customers
  • VeChat -This tool is an automated chat agent that appears when a user tries to leave the website. It relies on artificial intelligence when interacting with visitors.
  • Coupons & Deals- These are great tools that are a great way to increase the value of goods and get customers interested in them

Okay!! All these benefits and tools, but on which campaign should you use it up?


Advertisers and Publishers, presenting to you – Hot Summer Rally by admitad and AliExpress

I am sure by now you have understood and gained confidence in the network, and now you can’t just wait to start. Don’t worry; I know the feeling. So here is a campaign for you –

Hot Summer Rally gives you a unique opportunity to earn with admitad. All the publishers and advertisers, who wish to join admitad, can take part in the Ali Express Hot Summer Rally 2017 from admitad. Well, it is a great chance where one can earn some real quick money and a huge jackpot of about $30000.

And to your notice, the rally has already started on 15 June 2017 and will last until 15 September 2017. This time the Hot Summer Rally has three stages of races where each is for one calendar month. The third final stage has a Grand Prix of $5000.

This is the second time when admitad and AliExpress have joined hands for this venture. To add, AliExpress is an online retailer that is specific for selling of products made in China. You get a vast range of products that are shipped globally. The main aim of this venture is to drum up the sales as high as possible, the motivation of which comes with a chance that lets you earn few dollars for your efforts that is much beyond regular commissions.

Know the Terms and Conditions before you shake hands

This AliExpress Hot Summer Rally 2017 is divided into three stages where each stage lasts for one month. You earn a point for every dollar that you earn through this AliExpress affiliate program.

At the end of each stage, the reward points you have received by far are reset to zero. Hence, for forthcoming stages, you start from zero again and have a chance to get to the highest points.

The winners are selected randomly at the end of each stage and are announced on air. There takes place three live broadcasts that are one after each stage to announce the winners. The stats of the scores earned are updated after every two hours, and the list of top 5 leaders of the Hot Summer Rally change after every two hours depending upon the points. To become leader all you need to do is move to a new class and earn more and more.

The three stages of the rally organized where each lasts for one month are –

  • The 1st stage begins from June 15 until July 14, and the 5 winners that is one from each class will receive prize of $1000 each
  • The 2nd stage will last from July 15 to August 14, and as the emotions run high, the prize in the 1st class is $3000. On the other hand 2nd class has a prize of $2500, while the 3rd class is competing for $2000, the 4th class for $1500 and the 5th class fights for $1000.
  • The last one that is 3rd stage lasts from August 15 until September 15. The GRAND PRIX Hot Aliexpress Summer Rally 2017 raises the maximum winnings in classes up to $ 5000, $ 4000, $ 3000, $ 2000 and $ 1000 respectively.

Well, this makes the AliExpress Hot Summer Rally 2017 as the most favorable period for making sales and deals online. The first Hot Summer rally held in January 2016 earned the highest revenues for AliExpress. The basic commission structure here ranges from 3.5% to 10.5% depending on the geo and the product category where you get the offers of all new advertising materials. Therefore in this unique rally, the top 5 participants in each class will be rewarded at the end of the next stage the revenue as follows-

  • Class 5 – an increase of 0.5% of your current compensation
  • Class 4 – an increase of 0.4% of your current compensation
  • Class 3 – an increase of 0.3% of your current compensation
  • Class 2 – an increase of 0.2% of your current compensation
  • Class 1 – an increase of 0.1% of your current compensation

So participate in the Hot Summer rally as in this rally there are no losers and everyone here is the winner as it is best suited for the ones who want to earn money.

How to start up with admitad?

You simply have to follow the four basic steps to start up with the admitad as a publisher-

  1. Sign up using the site
  2. Now if you wish to work as a publisher, then in the right hand side click on “Sign up to be a publisher”. This will lead to the registration page.

  1. Fill in all the details like your introduction, Email id, password, country etc. Tick the checkbox to agree to all terms and conditions of admitad program.

  1. The next step is to Add the space. Here you can join the affiliate program by selecting the advertisers that match to your needs.
  1. Once you are done with the process the activating link will be sent to your Email. Sign in using the link-
  1. Since now you are affiliated with admitad as the publisher you can now distribute ads using various advertising materials.
  2. Get the royalties in the form of money every time one of your users logs in and follows the advertiser’s.

If you want to be a part of admitad as an advertiser then begin with these steps-

  1. Sign up as an Advertiser from here

  1. This requires filling up all the personal details.
  2. After when you have filled in the details send a request. Here you Sign an agreement with admitad after being approved 
    by the moderator.
  3. The staff from the admitad will help you choose the best rates and traffic patterns. It will also acquaint you with a diverse set of tools so that you can easily promote your affiliate program.
  4. Once you have successfully launched your affiliate program the team of Admitad will run a promotional campaign for it.


No doubt that admitad offers ample of advantages to both advertisers and publishers. admitad has proved, that it has always stayed close to its clients by providing the best support at any time. As expected in general the affiliate marketing is all set to shape the future of marketing campaigns for different sectors and companies so as to raise the revenues and efficiency in this age of IT.

With admitad publishers and advertisers get access to huge range of tools that increase program performance and also use cutting-edge technologies helping its partners to become successful in this campaign. So wait no more, as it is the time to raise your bar and be the part of admitad team whose perspective and ultimate aim is to raise the Internet business with the growing of funds, business advice, and marketing sources to convert into a more successful business.

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