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AdPixo Ad Network Review: Features and Payment Proof

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Are you a publisher who is looking for a good pop-under advertising network to monetize your website traffic?

Are you an advertiser who want more control over ads with quality publisher’s sites?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes, then read on…!!!

I am here with AdPixo ad network review today. AdPixo is a pop-under advertising network which is dedicated to quality publisher and advertisers.

AdPixo is ad network for both publisher and advertiser. So if you are a publisher, you can place ads on your site and make money out of it and if you are an advertiser, you can run your ad campaign effectively and drive people towards your product or site.

Let me give you more details about AdPixo now…

AdPixo Review

AdPixo HomePage

AdPixo is a new but very innovative advertising network which is built to work with premium pop under ads. AdPixo provides clean and high quality of ads having 100% fill rate. They are new in the ad market but they are having stunning features that can attract lots of advertisers and publishers towards them.

AdPixo works great for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will get a chance to get high quality and clean traffic from publishers and publishers will get a chance to make money via their sites. So we can say, it is a win-win situation for advertisers and publishers with AdPixo advertising network.

Let me now show you some of the best reasons to work with AdPixo…

Top Reasons to Choose AdPixo

Why to Choose AdPixo

1. Easy and User-Friendly Dashboard


A dashboard of any system should be easy to use and user friendly. If ad network is providing very confusing options or dashboard, it will be hard to understand it for publisher and advertiser. So AdPixo provides super easy to use and user-friendly dashboard for all advertisers and publishers. Any non-technical person can understand various options easily inside the dashboard.

2. Real-Time Stats

Things are moving very fast and if you cannot analyze them in real time, you cannot get enough success in the online world. AdPixo gives you all real time stats which you need. As an advertiser, you will get real time stats related to your campaigns and as a publisher, you will have an access to your revenue. You can check real time stats and make your next move to increase your profit.

3. 24*7 Friendly Support

You need support for any service or product you use or buy. There are times when you get any issue, you should have instant support. AdPixo is having quality support ready for you. You will get dedicated account manager for yourself. Apart from that, you will have 24*7 live chat support, email support and skype support. They will help you with your questions and issues very fast.

4. Referral System

Each one of us need extra money. AdPixo provides an option to make some more money with their easy to use referral system. You can make $20 for each and every valid referral. Your referral payment will be processed within 7 days only which is quite great for an affiliate marketer.

5. Own Ad Server Solution

AdPixo is using powerful ad server solution which is completely developed by them. By this ad server solution, they provide guarantee for your success with partnership of their pop under network.

Let me quickly show you benefits for advertiser and publishers with AdPixo…

Why to Join AdPixo as a Publisher? (Publisher’s Benefits)

Benefits for Publishers

1. 85% Revenue Share

AdPixo provides 85% revenue share to each publisher. This is awesome chance for any publisher to monetize his quality traffic with pop-under ads. If you see other ad networks, you will find low-quality ads and less revenue but AdPixo stands out here with high revenue share.

2. Quick Domain Approval

The publisher needs faster domain approval and AdPixo provides that too…!!! Unlike other strict ad networks which don’t provide approval quickly, AdPixo provides instant approval to each publisher. There is no restriction on site content too. If a publisher is having an adult site then also he can get approval as AdPixo pop under network is working for non-adult and adult sites.

3. 100% Clean and Safe Ads

Quality of ads matters a lot in the success of any site. If your site is having low-quality ads then you will surely lose many of your site visitors. AdPixo provides 100% clean and safe ads for each site. Such ads are not much annoying to users.

4.  Range of Payment Options

AdPixo is having range of payment options too. You can get paid via PayPal, Payza or bitcoin. You can choose one of them as the payment option. There is no restriction on when you get paid. You can get paid once you have minimum $10 on your account.

Why to Join AdPixo as an Advertiser? (Advertiser’s Benefits)

Benefits for Advertisers

1. Direct Traffic from Publishers

Any Advertiser needs quality traffic for better conversion. AdPixo provides quality traffic directly from publishers. Unlike some other ad network, they are not buying traffic from any other network. They are having programs for publishers too so that advertiser get direct traffic from publishers.

2. Faster Campaign Approval and More Control

AdPixo provides instant approval for your ad campaigns. Advertiser is having total control over campaign too. You can do any changes anytime on your campaigns to get more profit.

3. Conversion Tracking

As an advertiser, you need various options to trace your progress. You can target by categories, countries, operating systems and browsers with AdPixo. Your dashboard provides each and every detail you want to track your conversion.

4. Fraud Traffic Detection

AdPixo is using many great tools which eliminates fake traffic so that advertiser can get better conversion and ROI. They directly work with publishers for this purpose only.

Let me show you payment proof of mine which from AdPixo:

Payment Proof

Here’s a payment proof collected from a user of AdPixo;

Final Words on AdPixo Pop-Under Advertising Network

There are many pop-under ad network available today in the market. Not every network is trustworthy. There are many networks where you get scammed and they even don’t provide timely payment. In the world full of such network, AdPixo is quite reliable pop-under ad network.

AdPixo works like charm for advertiser and publisher. Due to the quality of ads, payment options, quick approval, and revenue share, many publishers are joining them. On the other hand, due to faster campaign approval and more control, good conversion tracking system with fraud detection enabled, many new advertisers are joining them too.

So what are you waiting for? Join them NOW either as a publisher or as an advertiser to take your online marketing journey to next level.

Let me know your experience with them via comment box below.

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