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Contentmart Review
A Great portal to try out, well balanced both for writers and clients.
4.5 Stars

Ever stuck while searching content writers online? or do find difficulties in selling your writing services?

Well, today I have a review of Contentmart that happens to be one great website that can solve all your content needs.

So, Contentmart is one of the established portals which provide individuals’ platform to earn by showcasing their talents to the people in need. If you are good at writing amazing content on any niche, this place is something you can use to earn a good sum at the end of the month. In a few minutes, we’ll discuss why Contentmart is an amazing place to engage survival to the passion sustaining the earnings as well.


Contentmart review: What is it? 

This digital portal provides free services to its buyers to hire quality content creators for their Content based requirements. It simply, is a content service provider which with its simplest of the services keeps the talented content creators tuned and available for the hiring purposes. Unlike other similar websites, it specifically deals in trading only the content with the buyers in need.

How it works?

Contentmart is actually easy to handle even if you are a new user. You simply need to go through a series of steps to finally register yourself as a content creator or a buyer to hire for work. How it actually works can be explained in a more filtered format. Just keep reading.


For using this portal to fulfill your needs, you have to first register yourself to the site. Being a registered user is mandatory, but this has never been a hard thing, especially for the Contentmart. Just provide your common details like the first name, last name, DOB, mail account, etc. and you’ll be taken through a wonderful experience of earning with your never bounding talent of writing.

Making a Profile

It is easier to gain trust over the online network, but still many fail in achieving an identity/ reputation. This is because incomplete profiles are never able to convince to rely upon. Same is with the Contentmart. You have to make a presentable profile before finally starting here. Uploading a profile picture, your residence address, TAX/PAN number (for billing), your contact details, signature and fixing your rate per word is a part of the overall profile completion which you would have to do in any case if you want to earn big in real time.

Just keep your profile updated and filled completely to become a verified content creator or to become a trusted buyer and leave rest everything on the Contentmart.

You can edit details by simply going to your profile and editing them there.

Start Bidding

Bidding is the most significant step you are needed to follow while working at the Contentmart. Bidding means showcasing your services and talents to the buyers for some specific orders posted by them. You, for example, can affix your deadline, rate or can also provide samples to the buyers to smoothen their decision making.

Start Working once you are Awarded

If the buyer finds your bid impressive and worthy to be relied upon, he/she would simply award that specific order (you placed your bid for) to you. After this, you can simply start working on the topic at the same place by reaching to the mail which you will receive after being awarded.

Submitting the Result:

After you have written everything about the requirements, you can simply submit the results for assessment to the buyer. You’ll be reassigned the content if the buyer finds the content to be corrected for something.

Get your Payment after Acceptance:

If the buyer gets satisfied with your work, he would release your payment with a review about your work as well. You can unlock this money by simply rating the client and leaving a review (about how you felt working with the client) for him/her. Tadaa! It’s all done.

Advantages of Working through Contentmart

Working with the Contentmart is always a fun for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Use: Contentmart, unlike other sites is free from any kind of hassle. Moreover, its way of presenting the requirements or its website is extraordinarily simple. Just placing bids can give you the most suitable orders. Profile making also does not need anything more than just the basic details.
  • Easy Payment: You can withdraw your money from the wallet once it has reached the mark of $50. The money is credited directly to your Paypal account (whose details you’ve shared with the Contentmart).
  • Highly Secured: Contentmart is exceptionally well in keeping safe the money and other personal details of the creator as well as the buyer. It never shares the contact details of any of its members and the defaulters are banned for a period of 30 days or so which is a much- needed action in today’s world.

The Verdict: Final Contentmart review

So on a final conclusion, Contentmart has been doing great ever since and has helped a lot of content creators as well as buyers in accomplishing whatever they want. There are no doubts that one day it’ll be among the leading sites dealing with the content requirements. Have you ever tried Contentmart? If yes, do not forget to share your views about it in the comment box and if not, just give it a try!


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  1. Hi Iftekhar Ahmed, wonderful one more new knowledge shared. So many people are asking for content writing jobs and so many are searching for writers as well it will be very useful and safe. Thanks for sharing.


    Pardeep singh

  2. Hello Iftekhar,

    Contentmart is really doing good jobs my personally view for contentmart is 10 out of 10 so there is no negative view of about this thanks for sharing such a informative info.Hope you will post more article here soon.

  3. Hi Iftekhar Ahmed, wonderful one more new knowledge shared. So many people are asking for content writing jobs and so many are searching for writers as well it will be very useful and safe. Thanks for sharing.

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