How to Convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers

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Everyone tells you that you should grow your email list for marketing. So, by following them you enable subscription box for your visitors and then you wait, wait and wait, but no one comes.

How to Convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers

After some time you would start getting irritating and shout why no one is subscribing? So, Are you capable of converting your visitors into readers? Visitors are not fools who just subscribe your blog just by looking your blog, you must also have to give them a strong reason to become a reader. So here it is How to Convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers

WHY Readers?

Visitors are like U.F.O that appears for some time and then disappears after reading your blog once. It depends on you how you convert that U.F.O into a reader.

A reader is the one who reads almost every post of your’s and loves to comment and share your stuff.  If you are a long time blogger then readers helps you a lot in offline and online promoting.

Here are several factors when attempting to convert Search Engine Visitors into Readers.

Be Bold, Be Unique

Always be unique with your content. Don’t just chase the crowd and don’t just publish the article that has been already published 1000 of times on other blogs. It’s okay to say that what others are saying is relevant but express that idea in your own way. Always try to keep on the lookout for something for your blog or niche that you can pass to your readers.

 Do it first or do it different.

Be unique by expressing yourself, you are giving a strong reason to your visitors to rely on you for new and important information that affects them.

Give them an offer

Everyone wants something for free, isn’t it? A free Ebook with catchy title or a giveaway with some good offer can catch your visitors attention to subscribe your blog. You must have to promise your readers to teach them something new, unique and that really matters to them.

Write for humans not for Bots

You know that Humans reads your blog not bots. So, next time when you sit down to write a post, think what your readers want from you and what are you giving them.
Write for Humans and then read it like a visitor. If it appears stilted and overfilled with keywords then rewrite it to look that you love to read as a visitor.

Keep regularity with posts

Consistency with posts helps to setup a strong connection with your visitors. Think someone visits your blog twice and when he/she sees some fresh content. It gives him a positive view towards your blog and he/she will visit your again to see something new. Regularity with posts gives your visitors a strong reason to visit again and again.

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Enable a visitor friendly Subscription Box

Make sure your visitors are reaching you through your subscription box easily. Enable a subscription box on the landing page to subscribe interested visitors to your blog. You can also enable a good looking pop-up subscription box.

Enable an RSS Link

Think you have get a visitor that doesn’t want to share his email with you or have not yet been convinced to follow your blog then this RSS link can give them an opportunity to remain their trust towards your blog.
RSS link gives them an opportunity to keep in tough with you without sharing his personal information. So, make sure to enable RSS link

Setup a relationship with your visitors

If you want to convert search engine visitors into readers then communicate with them. Respond their emails, answer their comments. Use some auto responder to thank them after subscribing your email or to give him a free gift.

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Over to you

If you want to take your blog to the next level and want to promote for marketing then you should grow your email list. These are my some simple and effective ways to boost your email list. Always remember that Reader is worth 10 times to visitors that has no connection with your blog.

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