Interview 1: Meet Jordan DeLozier – The Man Behind SEOCLERKS

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Interview 1: Meet Jordan DeLozier – The man behind SEOCLERKS


Hi friends, today I’m very excited to bring our first interview. Jordan DeLozier, the owner of world’s biggest online Marketplace I am very glad to him as he gave his valuable time to me for the interview. He is really a person of great caliber and I loved to interview him. So let’s welcome him to IFTISEO.


Jordan Delozier


Firstly, I’m glad to welcome you to IFTISEO.

Thanks, it’s my pleasure.

Tell us about yourself, your background?

I grew up in Hendersonville, NC where I currently reside. I’ve always been interested in computers/technology and was 8 years old when I received my first computer, a Packard Bell 286 with 12Mb of HDD. I’ve worked with computers ever since both professionally and as a scholar. I spend all day at work on them and come home to work on personal projects.  My degree is in computer programming which I’ve done since a very young age.


Tell me about the time you realized you had the power to do something big and meaningful?

I can’t pin it down to one moment in my life but as a programmer I realized that I had the ability to automate things people were doing manually. This is powerful. I created several tools that helped people do their jobs better and more efficiently. This is the idea behind SEOClerks, ListingDock and CodeClerks. A self-serve, automated and secure marketplace to buy and sell.


When and how did the idea of SEOClerks form in your mind?

I was running a forum, (which was sold some time ago) several years ago and I attempted to create a marketplace within the forums. It didn’t work well as it was a just a forum. However, talking with the users it became apparent there was a need for an SEO marketplace that offered people the ability to buy SEO services without being scammed. A lot of the people I hired and the people on the forums that hired other people all had the same issue, being scammed. There was no marketplace dedicated to SEO at the time.


SEOClerks was created to be a safe, secure marketplace that held money in escrow until the job was completed by the seller and signed off on by the buyer. SEOClerks was first promoted via signature links on that forum.


There are many other online marketplaces, how is SEOClerks different from them?

  • We pay instantly via PayPal
  • We pay the fees for your PayPal (and other payment methods) so you get 100% of what you earn.
  • We pay 10% for all affiliate purchases for life, not 3 months or less like many marketplaces.
  • We offer an API that can be used to create your own marketplace entirely of your design.
  • We support several payment methods (PayPal, BitCoin, Credit Card, Payza)
  • We support several pay out methods (PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, MoneyGram)
  • We work with both sellers and buyer for a fair resolution to any dispute. Each ticket is answered by a real person who analyzes the ticket.
  • We constantly add new features with the majority of new features suggested by our community
  • We will be offering 100% earnings for any order of clients you refer to yourself
  • Social Bumps
  • WTB/WTT sections
  • A PM system that resembles email with IM like chat features
  • Follow/Unfollow users for status updates, new service creation and more
  • Recommendations
  • More stats that allow buyers to determine great sellers
  • Shared user system between SEOClerks, ListingDock and


Tell us about Ionicware. What is it actually ?

Ionicware is the company that owns all of the marketplaces. The company is Ionicware Inc. and is an s-corporation in NC. I’ve had the company name since I was a teenager when I sold reading software to help dyslexic students.


How much time did it take for you to setup this network (Ionicware )?



Any other project you are working on?

Currently we are working on, and (a rank tracker).


Have you achieved your goals?

My personal and business goals are always changing. As I reach one, a new one is formed. Without goals, we are aimless.


Anything else you would like to add? Your words to our readers and other SEO professionals?

Thanks for the interview and thank you (readers) for reading. If you are an SEO professional or in need of SEO, we welcome you to SEOClerks. If you sell code, check out and for everything else, feel free to join ListingDock.


I hope Guys you liked the interview. Please comment below your SEOCLERKS experiences.
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  1. Wow that’s quite a powerful and interesting story Iftekhar by Jordan. Thanks for interviewing him so we could see and learn about his success story. I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Jordan on SEOClerks and find him to be a really good, genuine guy who I’d trust with anything!



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