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Poptm Review: Top Pop-Under Ad Network

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Well let’s move ahead with another ad network !! This time it’s very much targeted to a specific set of bloggers. You will know about it as you read this review.

What is PopTM Ad network?

pop under ad network

So Poptm is yet another famous pop under advertising network platform based in India where the publishers can make an attempt to increase their revenue by upto 75%. Poptm provides you with some high quality top advertisements from renowned advertisers to give you better output. Poptm is open for all niche websites even that include content websites and all traffic as far as they have legal content along with clean traffic.

Not only publishers but advertisers can also reach the targeted audience and customers by advertising with the help of their highly advanced and potentially strong platform as it is fully loaded with attractive and advanced features.

Moreover It is one such ad network that claims bypassing more than 90% of adblocker extensions. Yes you read it right 🙂

Pop-Under Ad Network for Both Publishers & Advertisers

Yes, with such great features it is one of the best pop under ad networks for both advertisers and publishers at the same time. Here are some features that you can enjoy once you join Poptm.

ad network

Feature 1: Bypassing AdBlockers 

Usually AdBlock works by blocking an Ad simply by the domain of the ad network so that it can get a large database of blacklisted domains and when pop up ad appears the domain of the Ad network is automatically added to the AdBlock plugins.

Another method is to prevent auto-play of Flash animation or image loading on Windows.

Poptm does this job by using an advanced Rotating Code Techniques. In this an ad code is linked to series of dummy sub-domains generated by the poptm server which is then automatically linked to encrypted file in the server letting site open under your domain-name.

Rotating code is an encrypted php script including script for interchanging dummy sub-domains which are generated by poptm server so that AdBlock will never be able to block your Ad Codes in any way. Poptm assures 99.9% of profit through bypassing Ad-Block plug-ins. You are free to work freely.

Feature 2: Choose to Bid Minimum

You know what the best part is, you can actually decide the bid as it is you who choose the rate and this gives you an advantage to choose the minimal bid you accept. According to its bidding system you will get the highest possible rates possible for inventory and allows to share 95% revenue with publishers. It offers extra 10% if visitors have OS and Alexa tool bar already installed.

Apart from this you can also get real time and zone based statistics of your advertisements on the dashboard as it allows you to advertise globally choosing in which country your ads will get open with Poptm. The stats are updated based on real time so that you can monitor campaigns.

Feature 3: Easy to Pay and Refund

Besides all these another attractive feature includes prompt payments on the daily basis, weekly or even monthly with minimum payout being $10 via Paypal. Though Paypal is only the current payment mode but soon Paxum and Wire Transfer will be made available.

There is also a refund policy in case you feel that campaign is not going so well and are free to ask for payout more than five times in just a day per user which is a profitable job.

The traffic rates are much cheaper as Poptm offers low cost advertising. The cost per visitor with minimum rates is 0.001$. Apart from that the minimum deposit is only 10$ which makes this as its best part which allows one to promote their ad at cheaper rates. The payment that Poptm makes is on daily basis ranging from 3 to 24 hrs making it advantageous.

Feature 4: Revenue Sharing

What makes this Poptm network interesting is that by adding pop ups to the site one can easily boost up the revenue. It allows you to have 95% of revenue being shared. Also its payouts are not valid for the fraud attempts.

The signup and approval for Poptm too is an easy task as it just requires you to fill a registration form and submit. The campaigns have easy approval that too within 1 hour to advertisers. You will nowhere get such a good referral commission program with 10% rates to offer making it highest one in the market.

So this user friendly interface with highly effective features is what is needed today in the high tech advertisement world. Go try out the Poptm which newly designed ad network ready to serve worldwide for an excellent experience!!

A Quick Look at Advertiser Features

 poptm review 2

poptm review


A Quick Look at Publisher Features

poptm review - bypass adblock poptm review 3

So what are you waiting for ?? If you have started a business or app or service, just go over to Poptm and start promoting your business !! While on the other hand if you are looking to earn more from your website, sign up as publisher and enjoy the revenue. 🙂

Here is a snap of one of my friend’s account, who is one of the oldest members of Poptm.

poptm proofs

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About The Author
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed is the owner of iftiSEO.com and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging etc. He has worked on many blogs and also works as an SEO Analyst.

15 Responses

  1. Be careful guys Poptm is out of business and they have stopped paying for over 3 months now, I switched to Globaladmedia.com and they paying very good rate right now and I am getting payment daily, I would suggest give them a try

  2. my expiriance with this ad network is very bad.
    i have earned 15$ from it but when i try to payout then thay said that my traffic is paid.
    but my all traffic of my blog http://ddfreedishnews.com is organic.
    my sujestion for bloggers is don’t use this ad network.
    iftekhar please sujest any other ad network thank you.

  3. sharing final experience:

    -: poptm.com is scam Ad Network :-

    Don’t trust poptm.com – A Pop-Under Adnetwork for bypass adblock users. When i earn 36$ then they reject mypayment and tell a folish resons that i have no traffic source. They told give them admin access in google analysist account, then give them admin access but no replay recieve. so, i remove adcode from my site and then recieve a message that place ad code in site for analysis better and it’ll help verification team. then i reagain place ad code in my site and now balance 42$+ but 7 days gone my payment still not process. I share that problem with many online friends and they also tell that poptm.com is scam that way digital forum ban them and through google analysis admin access they stelling site information like: keyword and most popular topic name, high traffic keyword etc. Actually that site runing by 1 person and using 3 name as staff : Pream, Raja and Servesh. They are big scammer and doing marketing base on Adnetwork for bypass adblock users.

    Scam proof:


    If you are blogger then you will know earning 42$ online is very dificult and need how much hard work. so, don’t waste your hard work and money with poptm. share this message to every blogger and it’ll be very helpful to all. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for this informative article that is very useful for all publishers who want earn extra revenue from adblock users. This month i use on my blog: http://www.karan.mobi and earning is only 36.08$ and it’s eCPM basically 0.5$-1$ max only. When i request for withdraw they reject my request and send a email that i have no traffic from proper source, that way i create a ticket and send google analytics report but still no replay received from poptm. In earlier day poptm provide 24×7 online customer support but recently they stop online support. Now just waiting for replay from poptm. Let’s see it is fake or genuine……

  5. It can be great alternative of adsense. But i have one question – Can we use poptm with adsense ?
    I use adsense on my site, so is there any danger of getting my adsense acc banned if i use poptm ? Tell me please.

  6. Yo, I’ve tested PopTM and it really isn’t that great at all. The only ads coming up were adult content (even tho I disallowed them) and I’ve had many complaints from people being sucked on child pornography websites or stuff like that.

    I know some people don’t give a f*** about it and are/plan using it on “darker” sites. But IMO even if you are managing porn sites or whatever, having that kind of ads/pop ups is simply unprofessional and scary to a lot of peeps.

    Anyway, love your blog man, I’ve been coming here from time to time for the past year. Keep it up!

  7. Hello Iftekhar,
    Thanks for introducing with such high paying ad network. I think it’s a good alternate of Adsense in case of event blogging.

    Happy blogging and making money!

  8. Hi Ahmed,
    First of all awesome review bro and I’m follower of your blog too.
    I’m going to make an IPL event blog, but in a webinar you said that “Live streaming Ad” will lead to high CTR and ban of adsense account.
    Is there any solution or alternative for that problem without banning account.
    Please Reply Bro. I need your help. Thank you 🙂

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