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Now a days, owning a blog or starting a blog is nothing great, but earning from a blog is something big. So, today I am going to concentrate on the different ways that you can monetize your blog for higher profits. Many newbies are aware of adsense only, but there are lot of opportunities out there.

Blogging is nothing but creating your own opportunities. So,why to stop with adsense? Just explore other options and alternatives. I have seen many people who stopped blogging after their adsense account got disabled.

To be frank, many probloggers are not earning huge from adsense. In a practical view, if I am writing about the blog tips, then obviously my visitors are bloggers. So, they know why the ads are getting displayed and what happens if they click on the ads. So,stop looking at adsense approvals and customizing your blog for adsense. There are many people out there who will keep on customizing templates,changing templates and removing some links for adsense approval. For those people, stop trying and start reading this.

Affliate Programs:

I hope these are the best programs through which we can earn more money from. Affliates are nothing but displaying an advertisement and asking visitors for a sale or signup. Just research on the companies in your niche and contact them about the business and set a deal with them like “I will bring more registrations for you and I will charge $2 per registration”.

There are many ways to get affiliates on your blog and this is one of them, Try something new and one day you will stand at the top.

For example, consider problogger Imran, he is not depending much on adsense, he is mainly targeting on affiliates, if you see his blog, there will be a hard disk advertisement which is bringing him more profits. So, start it out today.

If you are in tech niche, yes obviously you have a better edge than others.

How To Start:

Just go through some famous network networks like maxbounty, commission junction and register your website. Once you get your account setup, find differect products under your niche that you can promote on your blog and potentially make some sales.


  1. No need to make your blog loaded with advertisements
  2. Your blog’s design will be good without the ads
  3. Your blog loading time will be reduced
  4. The main point is your users will never get irked by the advertisements
  5. One single advertisement with good CTR can make more money than adsense- I can Gaurentee This


  1. You may not find more clicks on your advertisements.
  2. Your CTR will be very low,for this switch ads from one place to another place on your blog and try it out

Sponsored Reviews:

There are many new products coming up daily. Many people will try to read some reviews before going to buy them. So,there are many products which will pay for writing a review. If you don’t want to contact any company or services, try to join in some networks like sponsored reviews and weblogads. This is also one of the best way to make money.

How To Start:-

You can read the Complete Guide on Sponsored Posts to learn how to attract different advertisers and earn money. 


  1. No need of placing ads on your blog.
  2. One review can make handful of income.
  3. Your client will also promote your review and post, so ultimately you are going to be blessed with traffic too.


  1. OftenVery difficult to find sponsors.
  2. Sponsored Posts must be of high quality and with Do-follow links.

Offer Services:

“If you are good at anything, Never do it for free.”  Yes, you read it right,why you should do it for free?

Sell your knowledge and make some money out of it. There are many people who are trying to learn, find them, teach them and charge them. Offering services will even bring you more clients to your blog.Try this service by just adding a page of services on your blog.

How To Start:-

Just add an attractive page to your blog explaining your services and promote that page on facebook and other social media sites.


  1. Very easy to start, just create a page and leave it.
  2. Handful of income for the same work


  1. Hard to get clients
  2. Heavy competition as they are many probloggers offering same services. So, add some extra features and bonuses to your services which will attract more clients


There are many ad networks which can and will work for you. In this one, you need to just paste the code in your blog and leave it. Adnetworks will work for you and display advertisements relavent to your blog. This is the most outstanding option for many bloggers. During inital days of blogging, this will be a better option for you.

The best adnetwork I suggest you is google adsense, but the approval for this network is bit difficult.

Try this out and earn more.

How To Start:-

Just sign up for ad networks like adsense, media ads or any other famous networks, get approved and place the ad code on your blog. You will earn according to your traffic and many more factors.


  1. Have many methods like Cost per click (CPC), Cost per mile (CPM), etc.
  2. Shows an advertisement relavent to your site and niche.
  3. Very easy to set up.


  1. Very low earnings,if you don’t get good CTR and if you have low traffic
  2. Earnings may vary day to day. So,you can’t completely depend on these.

Direct Ad Sales:-

Direct advertisements are the ad deals you set with the company or advertiser. In this method, you are going to benefit a lot by avoiding the commissions for networks like adsense, mediaads.

There are many ways to approach advertisers, but the best suggested method is shoot up a mail regarding your blog and service you are offering.

How To Start:-

Just type your keywords in google and find relavent advertisements on the side bar and top bar.Visit their website and contact them through the contact form. Read our previous posts to know more.


  1. Pays more than adsense and other ad networks.
  2. You can cut a deal on your desired price and they will sign for 3 months or 5 months.


  1. Very hard to get approval,unless your blog has good alexa and traffic
  2. Need some good CTR rate for their continued interest in your blog

Auction Your Blog/ Selling Blogs:

There are many people who create blogs for selling. Popularise your blog and sell it for huge profits. Make a good authority of your blog, maintain a consistent traffic and then you can easily sell your blog at good rates.

How To Sell:-

There are many networks like Flippa which will sell for you. Register your domain in their network and they will intimate you if they are any good offers


  1. You can invest $ on your blog and sell it for $$.
  2. Huge income at a time can be used as an investment for some other businesses.


  1. Takes lot of time for beginners to popularise a blog.
  2. Your blog should be very much attractive and contain some great quality posts


Whatever you do, do it with all your might. Affiliates, Sponsored reviews and Blog services are the most amazing features apart from ad networks. Try all these and don’t get disappointed if you didn’t get one, try for another option. There are many options waiting for you, just go and grab them.
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